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Welcome to StarForce
e-Document protection service. It protects papers and books
against copying and illegal distribution. The procedure of protection is
performed within a workspace. A workspace can be
compared with a folder where you collect
relevant documents. For readers to open a protected the document it’s necessary to provide
a serial number. It’s a kind of confirmation for the
right to use the document. StarForce workspace allows
to protect unlimited number of documents in
different formats. Serial numbers also refer
to a workspace. What does it mean? Let’s imagine that you have
several independent projects. Name them Project 1,
Project 2 and so on. One project is
one workspace. You cannot use
a serial number from project one to open a protected
document from project 2. But any serial number
from project one can open every document
in project one. A serial number
has parameters that can be selected a generation
and edited afterwards For example you can select
a very short period of lifetime for demo purposes. And after document
purchasing you can prolong the lifetime
of the serial number Let’s see how StarForce
protection works. A publisher has
unique content that he wants to protect
with sfcontent site. As a result the publisher gets
a protected file and serial numbers. Then the publisher
distributes the content and serial numbers
among readers When the protected file is
opened for the first time it is necessary to activate
a serial number Data is transferred
to sfcontent site and if everything is okay in return
an activation key comes. The publisher receives access
to activation reports. The benefits of StarForce
service are: – No limits for the quantity of document
protections during the subscription. – Reliable protection against
copying and piracy. – ‘The more you take the less
you pay’ pricing policy. – Free usage of protected documents
after the subscription ends. – Free access to ‘My account’ to view statistics
and manage serial numbers. The site uses
a subscription model. The start package includes
a workspace available for 30 days
and 10 serial numbers. Prolongation is cheaper than
the start package. If you want to buy a year subscription
please contact our sales team. When your subscription
is stopped you will not able to protect
new documents. But you still can: – Use protected documents
without limits. – Buy serial numbers
if necessary. – Change the parameters
of serial numbers. – View activation reports
and other statistics. Serial numbers can be
purchased separately any time and
in any quantity. On the site we offer packages
per 10, 100 and 1000 serial numbers. Payments via Paypal, Share it
and bank transfer are available. If you have any questions
or would like to learn more about StarForce e-Document
protection service please join our webinar or contact our sales
and support teams. If you are planning to send
protected document via email we recommend you to visit
our free security email service – And remember: you create – we protect

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