37 Replies to “Strange Alien Creature Caught On Security Camera!”

  1. Kritiko says:

    E.T out here hitting a fat woah

  2. mateo801 says:

    Fake as hell and stupid as fuck. Just someone trying to get a viral video. You can see the the shadow of someone else putting something on the kid and pushing it off as if it were going to the school bus stop

  3. Looks like a kid with an underpant on his head….

  4. mr cactus says:

    I say ALEIN !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Я ночью на кухню примерно также иду

  6. Nihilius says:

    Ein Kind mit Shorts auf dem Kopf. Und jetzt?

  7. Alesandra B. says:

    that is someone's child airing out there privates, with their shirt over their head and beats dancing to Dame tu cosita.🤣🤣

  8. NaꞰKiRa says:

    lmaooooooooo. 😂😂😂

  9. Look close, you can see the persons hair, wearing flip flops. The bright light shining on them caused camera to not show detailed features. It's a trick by a human not a creature. There are real entities with us but that's not one

  10. Vaultteam6 says:

    Sheesh people, stop with the disability comments. haha.

  11. Its a person that has a disability. Sheesh

  12. buurmanP says:

    That's a kid, doing a funny dance.

  13. Sam Gallaway says:

    So many easily fooled people smh

  14. Looks like the aliens in the famous Kelly- Hopkinsville encounter.

  15. Big Banana says:

    Thanks guys thanks for all the views. I made this using my Doobie the Elf puppet. I took alot of work and hours to do this so all this. But from the attention my video got i know it was worth it.

  16. islandnites says:

    a young girl with a ponytail and white leotard outfit acting kinda funny. nothing more than that folks.

  17. THATS JUST A SKINNY METH head Tweeker, not a house elf! SMH! Lol

  18. Martin Tobin says:

    A kid wearing flip flops, walking funny, with underwear on theie head.

  19. claudia says:

    here's the video, its BS fake as all get out…Costume. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1LLAeKBo0E you all have been HOODWINKED. wait til the REAL entities start manifesting; won't be no joke then to these ppl posting this fake stuff

  20. fruitswillis says:

    This video is awesome. The alien is funny but the best part is the low-effort theme music at the end that cuts off prematurely. This brought momentary joy to my otherwise hollow life.

  21. Did you ughhh…fall for this?

  22. I think it knows it's on camera which is why it did a dance.

  23. Susan H. says:

    More BS. Clearly a kid wearing a costume.

  24. Glenn A. says:

    I cannot get over how stupid and gullible people are these days, to actually believe that this is real!!!!

  25. That's a real Creature Idc what anyone says

  26. Slant Back says:


  27. Theres no time stamp.

  28. KT WGDKT says:

    Idk but I already kno that mf ugly as shit

  29. Jake Fuller says:

    Shadow of door opening / closing, camera stops when it gets out of range … It wants chicken apparently.

  30. PancakeYT says:

    This comes from a fb profile that actually recorded this from garage camera footage.

  31. Anthony Vega says:

    That's one board skinny kid with too much cannabis

  32. ({απ:◷◴◵◶◓◒◐◑}[κ◷ν◒ξ◓ξ◓ξ◑])

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