Strangers Find Comfort and Safety on a Blind Date | {THE AND} Gresida & Leah

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– How do you think your parents would react if you brought me home as your partner. (both laughing) – Oh my god. – Wow!
– That’s funny. – That. I was not expecting that. (cards flipping) (mouse clicking) (mouse clicking) (blindfold fabric slipping off) – In five words, describe what you think being intimate with me would be like. – Why did I feel like that was gonna be the
– (laughs) first question? I think it would be.. I think it would be sweet, caring, but also kinda fiery – Oh. (soft laugh) – A little.. A little spicy, but then also really comfortable. – I would say loud (laughs) and I don’t mean loud like the amplification of our voices. I mean, like, loud and big and, like, full. Bold and new. I think that was fine. Your turn. – What’s something you genuinely think I should know about you. – (big sigh) – Spill.
– Oh. Oh no. Okay I guess we’ll get a little bit, like, intense and deep. – Only if you want to. – Oh no. It’s fine, so if you were to search
my name on the internet, the first thing that would come up is some of the work that I’ve done, and it all is rooted back
to my source of trauma, which is the fact that
when I was a young teen, I was like 14 or 15 years old, someone posted nude pictures
of me on the internet without my consent, and those nude pictures
stayed up on the internet for about five, six years without my ability to get them taken down, and I ended up really using that as a
springboard for my own work as, you know, someone fighting in justice, and I ended up starting
an organization that combats revenge porn
or cyber sexual assault through holding protest marches in different cities nationwide and worldwide, so it’s something that is a deeply rooted part of who I am, because it happened to me so long ago, and it really established how I built myself as a person, and I’m still, you know, traumatized about a lot of things, because of what happened to me, but I think that that’s.. It’s just something important
that you need to know about me before anything, because it kinda explains
why I do what I do, why I say what I say, and how I what I feel. I think that’s why I
wanted to be here today, because I wanted to practice vulnerability in a way that was safe and comfortable and not use the Internet as a weapon, as it’s been used
against me so many times. – I love that.
– (soft laugh) – Well thank you for being here. – Oh! Of course! – I’m glad you’re here with me – Me too! – And we’re being vulnerable together
– What.. What.. I’ll ask the question to you again. What is the thing you think
I should know about you? – (soft laugh) I can be complicated sometimes. I have my moments. I… Well, okay. One thing definitely, I guess it’s pretty important, my family’s very interesting. They’re kinda crazy. They are not the most
supportive people in the world, but I still love them to death, even though they drive me absolutely nuts, like up a wall. I come from this culture that’s pretty homophobic, and kinda like racist, and they’re very more so saying like “You gotta be with a person who also comes from the same culture.”, and growing up here in New York and being really open and exposed to different types of people has made made me who I am and made me want to be open and, like, expose myself to
different types of people, so it’s.. I would say that’s an important thing that I was just like I don’t know if I want to spill it on the second question
– (laughs) – Or the eighth, but hey. – Well, it seems like your really willing to joke about it, but I can imagine that it still eats away at you to some degree. – Yeah. It does. – Yeah. – It’s kind of like my way of trying to like tell them, but then not necessarily
be serious about it, and then when I do want to
have serious conversations, they’re like “Are you joking around?” and I’m like No. I’m being serious – (laughs)
– I’m being serious, but I always like tend
to joke around with them, cause I just can’t have serious
conversations with them. It’s really hard for me to have a serious conversation with them. – Do you think it’s like a coping mechanism to some degree? – Probably. – Sorry. Not to psychoanalyze you.
– No! – But I think.
– No. I try and psychoanalyze myself too. I’m like why am I doing what I’m doing? It’s cause of my family, but yeah. – I’m sorry. – It’s okay. – Is it my turn? – I was gonna ask what your name is. – Please! Oh!
– I wanted to ask you in the beginning, and I totally forgot, and then you said “If
you look up my name”, I was like I don’t know what your name is.
– Oh yeah. My name is Leah. – Leah. Okay.
– What’s your name? – My name is Gresida. – Gresida.
– Yes. – That’s a very pretty name. – Yes. I’ve learned to love my name so – Yeah. Of course. You have to. cause nobody else will love it for you. – That’s true. – (chuckles)
– That’s true. – Okay. When was the last time you lied? – (clears throat) Wow um.. Sheesh. So I guess just maybe lying to myself and trying to convince myself that I’m okay and that whatever is going on, that I can deal with it, but I think that would be one of the.. Yeah, one of the biggest things recently. – Lying to yourself is like
the worst person to lie to, don’t you think?
– I know. Definitely the worst person to lie to, and I feel like I’ve done it so often to myself that it’s become so natural to do. The worst thing you can probably do is just convince yourself
that you’re feeling one way when you’re feeling a complete other way. – It’s impossible not to
lie to yourself sometimes I feel like, because we are just naturally fixers, and we want to make sure that things aren’t as bad as they may appear, but in doing so, we can’t come to terms with
things we might need to fix, so it’s challenging. Love that for us. – Yep. You know, just
good ol’ lying to yourself every now and then.
– Good ol’ lying to yourself.
– Every now and then. – No big deal. – Yep. Normal stuff. – Yep.
– We all do it. – Yep. (chuckles) – Okay. What (chuckles) What do you think are my soft spots, meaning if you had to seduce me, how would you? – Oh. Great. (both giggle) I am guessing that they mean physicality, but I’m not going to take it that way. I feel like one of your soft spots is clearly praise and affirmations, and so telling you that you’re doing well and that you’re comfortable and that you’re safe is probably something
that means a lot to you. Not that that would
necessarily seduce you, but it would make you feel better, and I feel like you
have to feel comfortable in order to be intimate with someone. Maybe, you know, hold your hand. Watch some poetry videos (laughs), so we are both feeling the vibe. (both laughing) I don’t know what that means, but just do intimate things like watch movies, relax, eat some good food until we’re both just really comfortable, and then I feel like other stuff comes along with that. – I like that you said comfortable, because when I think of like being intimate, my past experiences of being
intimate with other people, I’ve kinda like forced myself to be like Okay. You’re comfortable. This is cool, and I feel like we’ve probably
all been in that place every so often, and yeah. I do like those things. I think that’s really nice. You should see my bag, and I have a Button Poetry
sticker on my phone. – (gasps) I have Button
Poetry shirt. (laughs) – Oh! I like that! I don’t have a shirt. I have a tote bag, and I have a bunch of other
books at home too from there. – It’s my dream to be on Button Poetry. I love Button Poetry. (laughs)
– Oh my god. Okay. I freaking love
Button Poetry so much. We could watch a shit ton of Button Poetry.
– Yes! Exactly! Exactly. But that like is what it goes back to, like I feel like it’s
about lying to yourself, lying and saying that you’re comfortable when you’re really not.
– Yep! – And it’s about that honesty, so like obviously, if I was ever gonna seduce you or anyone it would have to be like
– Seduce me by bringing Button Poetry. Just here! – (laughs) Completely consensual, in that like we’re both completely aware that we’re both okay in that moment to do whatever happens, because otherwise it’s like one-sided. – Yep. – What would your ex warn me about being in a relationship with you. – (sighs) I guess.. – Or your last fling. – Yeah, the last fling. Maybe Maybe I’m a little overwhelming, in a sense that like if you kinda need your space, I will try and give you the space, but then I’m kinda like Are you okay? – (giggles) I like I worry. I’m like are you okay? How are you feeling? I can be a little bit overwhelming and maybe a little bit too much, and the reason why that happens
with me is kind of like, I like the person. I like them, and I’m just like I get excited, and I get like happy, and then it becomes a lot for them, and they’re like “Whoa.
You need to relax.”, so it kind of, I guess, maybe annoys them. I don’t know. I guess I can be annoying sometimes, and a little bit overwhelming. – I don’t think you
could ever be too much, like any person, I don’t think.. I think no one could ever be too much of who they are, and if someone tells you
that you’re being too much or implies that you’re being too much, then they’re not the right person for you, because the person who was right for you would never think that… – Yeah. – …what you give is
more than they could take, and if it is, then it’s not the right person. – Yeah. – But…
– It’s definitely something I’m learning about myself too. – Yeah.
– And trying to also tell myself like if they’re meant for you, then the way that you act and the way that you are being which is myself. This is me. Take me as I am. – Yeah! – It shouldn’t be a problem for anybody, and it’s hard to really like convince yourself of that, cause once again, we’re our biggest critics, and we’re always like “No, but you could’ve done this better, and you could’ve done this better, and you could’ve done a
little bit less of that and a little bit more of this.” – Right. – So it’s hard to like
get into that mind space, but definitely working on it, and as far as those last flings go, I’ve established that I’m like “That’s not me.
It was the other person.”, – Of course. – I was like I was being me. I was giving you love. – Exactly!
– You didn’t get… – I didn’t get none of that back, so you know what, screw you. – You didn’t want what I was serving, – Exactly.
– but someone will, – Somebody will.
– and that’s fine. – Exactly.
– Maybe they were a vegetarian and you were serving a
steak. I don’t know. (laughs) – I was. – Exactly. Exactly. What was the question? What would your ex warn you about me?
– Yes. – Should I answer the question? – Yes. If you want. – Okay. Yeah. – No worries. – I’ll answer all the questions. I think similar to the last question. My ex would probably warn you that I have mental health issues. I don’t think anyone should ever take a mental health issue as
something to warn someone about, but I think my ex would have done that. My ex told me when we
were breaking up that I was too broken to be fixed, and I think that they felt like it was their responsibility to fix me, and that responsibility that they felt was so burdensome to them that they couldn’t function in
the relationship anymore, so I acknowledge to be transparent that I have issues that I
am constantly working on, and I am not a fully
fleshed out person yet, but I’m trying so hard every day to do what I have to do. It’s like every day is a challenge for me, and I also want to prove them wrong. That I’m not too broken to be fixed. I’m not broken in any way. I am whole as I am despite the cracks in the surface. You know, what a terrible thing to
say to someone, you know? – I agree. That… I was like “Ouch. That hurts.” – Ouch. Yeah. That hurt. – No. That’s… I’m sorry
that she said that to you and made you feel that way, and even though we just met, I am proud of you – Thank you. – For advocating for yourself, and for knowing that you’re
doing great right now, and you’re doing the best that you can, and you’ll only get better from there. I’m proud of you for that. – Thank you.
– Even though I just met you, but I feel like people
need to hear it more often. Like I know I need to hear it, – Yeah!
– So I’m kind of like I’m gonna tell people I’m proud of them. If I feel like it’s something that they
need to be proud of, I’m gonna say it, because you should be proud of it. It’s super important. – Yeah. Well, I love
affirmations, as do you. – Yes. We do. – So I’m also proud of you for recognizing that no matter what you give, it’s not too much for someone. It’s their fault. Not yours, because that’s just completely true. I wouldn’t ever think anything otherwise. – Cool. (clears throat) Before leaving this space, What’s the last you want
to remember about me? (both laughing) – Definitely, I would remember
your smile physically, because
– That was such a terrible front.
– No. Me too. (both laughing) because it’s very memorable. It was the first thing
I noticed about you, and I hope it’s the last
thing that I remember, and then just how open you are, and how I think forgiving you are to yourself. I think that that’s something
I’d like to take with me and learn from you. That you seem like you’re completely aware of what you have to offer, and if someone doesn’t want to take that, then that’s completely okay with you, and I think that that’s really brave, so I think your bravery is something that I’d like to remember and your smile. – You’re giving such good answers. I’m like
– (laughs) – They’re so like
– Thanks. – Nice and wholesome answers, and I feel like I might be I don’t even know what my answers are sounding like.
– No! You’re great! – Thank you. I appreciate that. – I would say your bravery too. You’ve held marches before. You’ve experienced things that have made you the person that you are, and you’re fucking brave man. Like, that’s awesome just to experience what you’ve experienced and then go out there
and be so open about it, and start movements and
have marches about it, and it’s super important, so I would say you bravery too. – Thanks. – You’re welcome. – Hi guys. Thank you so much for watching. This is Mimi at Skin Deep. If you want be apart of our community If you want to join our movement, you can subscribe to our newsletter at Thank you so much.


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