Superior SDS Protection in Action

November 22, 2019 posted by

Valmeyer, Illinois is known as one of the
nation’s best SDS sites. It’s had SDS here for decades, and that’s
one of the reasons why Syngenta tests here. CruiserMaxx Vibrance has no sudden death syndrome
protection at all and that’s why we use it as a check here, and you can see that sudden
death syndrome is really taking these two rows very rapidly. However, just right next to it, you’ve got
two rows of CruiserMaxx Vibrance plus Saltro. So, you can see between these two treatments
the amount of protection that Saltro offers. It’s really outstanding and that’s why we’re
so excited about this new solution. ILeVO plus CruiserMaxx Vibrance, and while
it’s better than the check, it’s certainly not offering the protection that we saw just
a moment ago with Saltro. What we saw in the Saltro plot was virtually
no SDS whatsoever, and it certainly offered much more protection than the ILeVO here in
this plot. So in summary, Saltro really offers the U.S.
soybean grower a superior SDS and nematode solution.

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