30 Replies to “Surveillance camera captures Russian plane crash”

  1. Dr Teeth says:

    Wish Trump was on that plane

  2. sanchesseli says:

    The pilots forgot to switch on heating of airspeed measuring tubes (Pitot-tubes). It get frozen and showed wrong airspeed (zero speed at Captain's display and normal speed at first officer's display). Captain tried to gain more speed by pushing steering column down and didn't noticed they got yaw about -30 deg towards land. When they got out off clouds and reliased they were flying into earth it was too late to pull up.
    (It is official info based upon flight recorders data)

  3. Korddad Aal Al-Mahdi says:

    O the People Of Russian and The World.The Answer That You are looking for has been revealed about the Russian Flight 9268.Turkey are the one who behind this with the CIA.CHECK IT OUT IN THE LINK FOR MORE INFORMATIONS.


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  4. Maryann Davey says:

    Judgement is here!

  5. cipher88101 says:

    LOL funny that Fox News is the womb for conspiracy theorists

  6. Kelley Manning says:

    Too bad Putin wasn't a passenger.

  7. catchus1 says:

    Clinton murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lance Winslow says:

    Let's look at the passenger list – that will give us clues as to why it was brought down.

  9. maxing must says:

    Isnfox apart of the deep state for not publicizing the info on uranium one passengers?

  10. Frank Smiggs says:

    fuck yourselves

  11. Wango Bango says:

    Time for trumptards to get off opioids, get off their parents computers and go get jobs.

  12. tabaks says:

    Seems like someone was doing business with US Republicans.

  13. David P says:

    Clinton behind this is Uranium One exec on board

  14. Donald Powers says:

    there is another post from CNN wonder what posts they will have in the comments

  15. Benjamin Barron says:

    The Globalist Socialists (Showdow leaders of the democratic party) are getting mad at Putin's push back, aswell Trump's (UNRELATED).

    They are desperate to initiate the war that would allow the Military Industrial Complex to induce the implementation of Global Marxist Governance.

    Trump wasn't supposed to win.

    He was paid to loose.

    But he chose to WIN and recapture America, for patriotic, liberty loving capitalists.

    Wake up.

  16. REALIZTRICK says:

    Cause of Crash unknown, I call B.S. Deep State CIA… Uranium One… Again find out who was on board and you will know the truth…

  17. REALIZTRICK says:

    Find out who was on board… Uranium One… Blew up in mid air…

  18. Justin McLoughlin says:


  19. Rix Pix says:

    Boom! Political assassination.

  20. grida says:

    This was the deep state. The assassinated the members of the uranium one leadership so they would not testify against contend and the pay for play Russian uranium scandal.

  21. Michiel Roskam says:

    1-1 putin, never forget mh17 little bitch…. we fuck back nigga

  22. Zeb Fross says:

    "Difficult to look at." Wow, the internet has jaded me :/

  23. betterdays when says:


  24. Clear sky Over the lake says:

    Thank you Fox News. I am a Troll but in a world full of Trolls, the conspiracy nuts are eating this ill fated flight like candy.
    "The mechanic on board? how convenient.".
    Thanks for having a soul and saying Prayers and sympathy to the families

  25. Ricky Seymour says:

    Passenger #32 was a Uranium One Witness to provide evidence. MURDER!🇺🇸

  26. Jeremy Parsons says:

    Hitlery clinton must be freaking out because she knows she might be next.

  27. Norm Cullen says:

    Passengers Killed on Crashed Russian Plane Include CFO of Rosatom/UraniumOne and Russian Source for Christopher Steele's "Dossier" against Trump

  28. Jimi Henrod says:

    71 murders added to the Clinton=Deep State hit list. There were children aboard that plan, they'll pay for this in the end.

  29. Wango Bango says:

    More of Putin’s tricks.

  30. Kerry Walker says:

    That plane obviously was brought down fast.. As if something brought it down…

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