Surveillance video captures complete face-eating attack in Miami

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27 Replies to “Surveillance video captures complete face-eating attack in Miami”

  1. Daniella Lorenzo says:

    He’s not a zombie he’s just so high off of bath salts his brain is literally making him think it’s ok to eat another humans face off🤮🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Sadettin ER says:

    Kaçıncı dakika

  3. GECENÎN KURDU says:

    LQP-79 zombie virus.

  4. Giovanni Quezada says:

    i hate how fucked up people are, first of all why did he go and eat his face, second nobody stops to help they're just like not my problem

  5. Tuba Gürses says:

    Hiç bisey anlamadım ki

  6. GeminisDiablillo says:

    rudy was hot can he fuck me

  7. silverserpants says:

    Yeah don't everyone rush to help papoo or anything, just keep riding,driving,walking by. TWENTY MINUTES later they then very slowly and uncarefuly strap papoo up then cart him off to medical help. Great job Miami pd & emt staff ..oh and citizen passer-bys! Your tax dollars soft at work.

    Papoo's doing well these days now in permanent care due to his injuries. But the fact still remains that our homeless deserve better. Better than the way he was cared for initially, before tv camera's were focused on the PD and looking for a headline. Tho no drugs were found in his attacker system, he was just dismissed. With known prior mental issues could this have been prevented? There were no zombies that day, except for the people who drove by unfazed.

    Thx for your time.
    Blessings and positive energy to all.

  8. asi ve yakışıklı says:

    kaçıncı dakika lan 

  9. Alperen Köseler says:


  10. Kürşad Çakır says:

    hani amk iki saattir bos sokaga bakiyoz

  11. YASİN ÜNAL says:

    hangi dakika amk

  12. Rutdi says:


  13. Berk Yamaner says:


  14. Can Alp says:


  15. Burak Gençoğlu says:


  16. Thee Physically says:

    BU NE AMK ??? 

  17. Elundu says:

    zombie, cannibalism whatever u may call it, if any drug out there can make people wanna eat other people, then it is not good news!, then there is more cannibals like him out there.

  18. Adam Jensen says:

    You even though that I believe.
    What did I do? I though.

    Though is not a verb.
    Shit sentence. Shit grammar. Shit person.
    Have fun believing every fucking thing a tin foil hat wearing 12 year old tells you.

  19. Adam Jensen says:

    It certainly shows.

  20. ARNO MOUDDEN says:

    135 isn't much at all !

  21. ARNO MOUDDEN says:

    135 isn't that much , in fact its shit

  22. Adam Jensen says:

    >How smart I'm
    >you even though that i believe zombies are real, lol

    Yeah, perfect sentence structure. I'd expect no less from someone with an IQ barely above 80.

  23. Adam Jensen says:

    "oh yeah well you're just dumb and too dumb to know that you're dumb to be dumb!"

    Yeah, some 135 IQ. I can pull numbers out of my ass too but that doesn't mean they are true.

  24. Adam Jensen says:

    I could say you're an alien that doesn't know they're an alien.
    Does that mean you are?

  25. idont wobble says:

    A Pseudo-intellectual doesn't know they are a Pseudo-intellectual, so I wouldn't expect you to be any different lol

  26. Adam Jensen says:

    You do realize that a Pseudo-intellectual doesn't actually use logic and facts to point out the fact that the autopsies were released and that chemicals such as those in bath salts were actually found, and not some stupid fucking zombie virus that you children pretend exists?

    Take off your tin-foil hat. This zombie shit isn't real. The Holocaust was real. 9/11 wasn't jews. Conspiracy theories are bullshit.

    Does that sum it up for you, kid?

  27. idont wobble says:

    I refer you back to my original comment.

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