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Matt: When it comes to setting up your roof
for your fall protection, you have to set up the anchors in ways that prevent your swing,
your pendulum swing. So, typically on a residential roof, you’re
going to have more than one set of anchors installed because you can’t put one 40 feet
away and then be working over here because if you swing, if you fall, all of a sudden
your rope is way too long, and you’re hitting the ground. So, you set up multiple anchor points so that
you can adjust your rope, again, to have it at the proper length for what you’re working
on. Jeff: So, as I start to walk 20 feet over
there, what am I doing? I’m starting to walk up towards the peak again,
because I only have so much rope. Right? So, what do they do? We know what they do. They grab the old rope grab and payout 20
more feet of rope. Then, they get over there and they fall. I don’t care who you pray to in the morning,
I don’t care what you eat for breakfast, you ain’t staying. You know why? Gravity. Gravity never stops. So what’s it going to do? It’s going to bring you right back to where? It has to bring you back to zero. It has to bring you to zero, there’s no question. Okay. The only problem is, the second biggest word
I know, inertia. You started at A. You got to B. Do you think
you stop? No. You got to C, and you go back. We call it the pendulum effect. Happens all the time. Why? Because they don’t want to move their anchor. It’s too much of a hassle. So what we come up with, is a couple of ideas. By the way if you go 20 this way, and 20 that
way, you’re 40. And if you’re only 30 feet off the ground,
you have more rope than you got air, so you’re going to hit the ground. We call that the splat factor. When you’re up on a roof, if you’re not going
to put a rat line up, or a horizontal lifeline up, take four or five anchors and put them
up there, all the way across the roof. Hook off to this first anchor. That’s your anchor point, right? But, I need to work over on this side, and
it’s out of my swing fall. Because we give you 30 degrees, from zero
we give you 8 to 10 feet. So, put another anchor, 20 feet. Got 10 from this one, 10 from that one, right. Then, walk over to that anchor, pull a carabiner
out of your pocket, put it in the anchor, and put your rope through it. Where’s your new anchor? Right here. You can do that as far as you got rope, and
then you just come back. But you’re always tied off. And it gives them freedom, especially guys
doing tear off. So, it gives them freedom.

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