Synology Surveillance Station Setup Up Email Notifications

August 13, 2019 posted by

Hello in this video I want to go over the process of setting up notifications on the Synology NAS surveillance station I have a previous video where I talked about setting up Notifications in general and you probably need to complete that before you do this But for this instance, what we want to do is go up to this we are I’m logged into surveillance station We want to go to the main menu up here and then we want to click on notification and That will bring up the notification configuration So this will say that It says you can enable dsm notification and edited settings in surveillance station and it will merge the B Email SMS push service of the DSM and surveillance station and it’s asking if I want to enable that and I’ll say yes So what it has done here is copied over the configuration from the DSM to the surveillance station So I have the recipient which is an email address The subject prefix is DS 718 so you can call this whatever, you know You can change that or leave it as is and then for the email server it is Gmail so I set this up on the DSM So if you watch that other video you can see all I did that and then it says attach an event snapshot So this will attach a picture and it says enable email interval limit So if you hit that, it says minimum interval between message so this you can set to how many minutes you want between Emails it sends so you could set this to 10 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes, whatever. I’ll set it to 30 This can be useful if like it’s a windy day and you have a tree branch blowing around and it sends you a notification Although there are other things you can do to you know, keep that from happening But you can do this so you don’t get too many emails because you will get a lot of emails on this if your cameras in an active area So I’ll hit save on this and then I can hit send a test email and that would send it to my email address That’s that’s how you set a email, which is what I use you can also setup SMS if you hit enable SMS Notifications you can use one of these service providers. There’s clickatell Clickatell2017 and send in blue and then there’s push service and that says this enable this notification service to receive Notification messages via so knowledge ez mail server and mobile devices when notification events occur so you can set this up here And then these are some other settings for notifications. I’m not going to go over every single one of them But so these are the basics for setting up notifications and you want to set up notifications If you’re you want to do event detection on a camera So if an event is triggered that can email you to tell you there is activity I want to make this video first in my next video. I will talk about setting up event detection on a camera So stay tuned for that. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments If you like this video, please click like if you haven’t subscribed in my channel, I would appreciate that and thanks for watching. Goodbye

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