Taurus July 2019 Psychic ★ Tarot Reading – Protection of your Health + Wealth

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hi Taurus thank you for joining me for your July psychic tarot reading I'm using the spell casters to row I'm obsessed let's see what comes up for you for the month of July I will be uploading the Astro Tarot tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon on the Eclipse thank you for choosing me for your readings let's see what comes up for tours son please watch your ascendant sign and your moon sign as well for a full dose of divination for the month of July Taurus let's see what's here for you first card five of Wands seven of cups I love the card page of Pentacles a page of coins whatever you prefer death transformation change 10 of swords Wow some of you have experienced a loss Taurus and the 5 of cups that you might not have seen coming there you are right at the center of the reading the earth sign Taurus Virgo or Capricorn Wow beautiful star well if you have lost someone in your life please know that they have ascended and reached the next plane heaven or the astral let's oh I'm getting a message that it's it's time to to mourn for some of you who have lost people and they have passed so let us pray let's pray is what I heard wow that sounds like you know a sermon and some of you have anniversaries of people who've passed in this month of July and the retrograde reminds you of who is isn't with you there's a nostalgia to this energy even siblings in your life I'm getting a lot of sibling energy so July is heated and the five of Wands is here to say we have a tremendous fire energy in the month of July Leo Mars will be in Leo the new moon is there at the end of the month Mercury retrograde is there the Sun enters there Venus enters there so the Sun Mercury the new moon Mars and Venus that's five fire energies showing up and it's an assertive and an aggressive time so go quietly into the night is what I'm hearing they want you to tread lightly around the things that can you know push your buttons no need to be defensive right off the top of the month at the first Eclipse on the second there's a lot going on behind the scenes here for Taurus that can affect your emotions and this is the card of the unknown and things happening for a reason but behind the scenes sorry if you hear my my air conditioner goes on in the fan I'm sitting near so that vent is pretty loud but I hope it doesn't disturb it too much there's a lot happening behind the scenes in life and for tourists your goal and priority for the month is to protect your health and wealth I know people around you you've lost and people if dynamics have changed some people have let you down and there's also actual people who have passed in your life that you are remembering and you are healing from their loss have hope that you can get out of what has ended and some of this can be relationship endings because I know not all of you have experienced the same loss if this is a general reading to get a specific reading for you we have to connect in a personal session so I'm including all the different ways that this can impact Taurus and Taurus rising or Taurus moon and to have hope and faith as the star card suggests and maintain some kind of balance in your practice of prayer or ritual that protects the health and well-being and the loss might not feel as poignant you are coming out of maybe even a depression or something that made you unhappy sad longing for the past a little bit let's see what else is here for you tourists two of coins focus on your work and stability and some of you have a choice or an opportunity to leave one position and start another Wow ten of coins I'll say focus on property you have your home environment how you're earning some of you are working from home and reporting to work there's two boats here and I feel like you have a handle on a double occupation Wow ending on the magician the magician you have all of the tools that you need already to manifest and create and to align your life manifestation creation some of you are birthing new projects new home projects and new work projects from your home and if you're unhappy in a defensive or aggressive career position it's time to put an end to that you could be eclipsed out of that picture and choose to focus on something bigger and better if you're feeling oppressed or if you were let go terminated move forward willingly trust the reason why trust the magic behind that because what I'm getting is that it's a shear it's a shear blessing that you don't have to report there anymore and the vision I see is a smile of happiness so there's pressure removed from you if you if you left a job or if you were terminated smile be grateful because there's something better to choose from it's magic and everything is purposeful I wouldn't be an astrologer if I didn't believe that everything is so divinely time to trust the timing of your life and that these are messages that I am flowing as a medium right now I hear this this verbage coming through the top of my head and out of my mouth but it's it's not coming from me it is but it isn't so I want to say this because in my own life I felt like such a hypocrite this week as I give advice to people naturally it's a calling but in my own life nothing is is perfect I have to practice this as well and I don't know why I'm sharing that it just felt right so maybe some of you are identifying with that term or something in your life where there's a double standard or you're trying to address practice what you preach and do so with peace and ease Taurus I know July is a rocky month just because we have two eclipses on the second and the sixteenth and both of them are ensconced ensconcing a Mercury retrograde so there is a wave or two to ride there's a wave to ride in the month but you can ride that wave right out into a new coastline it doesn't have to be to the same old position if it's too much aggression or negative defensive energy you can put an end to to what isn't working for you thank you for choosing me for this reading I hope it was helpful I am co-creating this bracelet that you see me wearing and you might have seen me do some work with Melissa accessories and her link for this bracelet is below it's a soft pink Jade for grounding qualities it's our summer solstice bracelet bracelet and this is the blue calcite pendant and a drusy quartz bead that pull in positive and healing energies we've blessed these bracelets and I am proud of them they are our seasons in stone collection and I'm connected with this because I feel everyone could use as much healing in their life as possible and I love the astrology connected with the jewelry so if you'd like to check that out as well as a private reading with me there's a little bit of an ADD after this remember Taurus the sky is limitless so reach for the stars Oh [Laughter]


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  1. SJ luca says:

    What you said about someone who has passed away has now ascended made me so happy ( in tears) my mum passed away last march and its her birthday next Saturday. To hear that is music to my ears ! I'm so greatful that I came across this reading. I truly appreciate it. Thank you x

  2. Kimberly Lunde says:

    Taurus moon, thank you 💕

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