Teach at TAFE – Cyber Security at Box Hill Institute

November 3, 2019 posted by

If you don’t have a good
teacher, and particularly with cyber security, you’re
behind the eight ball. The best thing about my
TAFE teachers, is they’re all very interactive with
the class, they’re not just reading straight from the
modules. They make sure everyone is understanding
as we’re going on. and they’re always free to
help further if it’s needed. What I like about teaching
here is the students, more than anything else. Seeing them learn and grow,
and then taking that hopefully back out
into industry. Well one of my cyber
security teachers is actually an industry person. And what he brings to the
course is real-life examples. Things that either he’s
experienced, or things that he knows about. And to a student, that’s
like gold. It is really a valuable
asset to have. It’s great, teaching here.
Regardless of what area that you come from, if
you have industry expertise, it’s going to be
helpful to relay that to the up and coming students.
There’s lots of support that’ll help you develop that
material, and give you instructions of how to
create that environment in the classroom that’s
going to be constructive. There’s a real interest to
get people to get the skills that they can translate into
a job in the security industry.

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