85 Replies to “Teachers Take Part In Gun Training To Protect From School Shootings | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. BeerGood says:

    And America has gone full Loco.

  2. Thomas Hughes says:

    When teachers had paddles they didn't even think about needing a gun. The paddle stopped rampage violence before the foolish thought could germinate.

  3. Dearly Diane says:

    Teachers are rarely the targets. Bullies are.

  4. Conner Dent says:

    You can thank republicans and the NRA for this!

  5. GenericName007 says:

    Are they also teaching them how to shoot a kid, more specifically a kid they may very well have known or taught for a couple years? Some teachers get real close with the kids they teach, almost like your own kid, knowing how to shoot and being able to pull the trigger in that circumstance are two very different things.

  6. tonak1 says:

    Finally a logical solution to the school shootings. Multiple armed but unknown "protectors" are a proper response and their presence would actually dissuade potential shooters.

  7. Jam-rock Rider says:

    10th grader closes backpack 10secs before the bell

    Teacher cocking pistol “You haven’t been dismissed yet.”

  8. Brazy Cinco says:

    All you need to do is look at the statistics. Countries with less guns have less shootings. Availability and easy access plays a huge role. Republicans are just stupid. 6 more shootings before the year ends wouldn't even change their minds.

  9. Ro G says:

    Look at the lady at 1:43.
    Now you tell me…is she ready to shoot someone in defense of children?
    Or is she more likely to get shot herself?
    Back to the drawing board, folks.

  10. Scan says:

    100% a teacher will be shot by police who think they are the shooter, MORE GUNS! lol America… Wake up…

  11. P J says:

    Whats next? Arming students?

  12. Long Journeys says:

    Human stupidity at its finest. Well done America

  13. Michael Humphrey says:

    …and more tragedies are likely to follow thanks to this latest development.

  14. Silky Johnson says:

    Common sense ! It takes a "good guy" (or good gal !) With a gun to stop a "bad guy" with a gun ! The knowledge that the school or other institution has ARMED STAFF will probably be deterrent enough for a would be shooter . Bet shootings in Utah will plummet , a wise ldea ! DO NOT let the Elite disarm you , America ! The wicked would REALLY come out in force then , why not ? They would know you are now defenceless – not in THESE classrooms ! Way to go Utah , Way to go Sheriff Smith !!!

  15. Jam-rock Rider says:

    This is stupid. Teachers will die. School shooters have a plan. Now they’ll just make sure the closest teacher is the first down.

  16. Darlene James says:

    Teachers are not soldiers. They shouldn't have guns in the classroom.

  17. Stan Schurman says:

    Only in the f**ked up USA would teachers have to have gun training.

  18. John Watt says:

    There already has been an "accidental discharge" of a gun by a teacher in an American school.

  19. strzaskany alf says:

    Europe – no running in school!
    USA – no full auto in school!

  20. Jam Who says:

    Good people with guns save more lives than mentally ill people with guns take. This is a common sense approach to helping stop active shooters in schools. More laws will change nothing bc criminals don't obey laws. No such thing as a common sense gun law.

  21. Liv3 Ent says:

    Next, the students will demands they can carry guns to school too…. 🤷

  22. DestructableMe says:

    "Billy get down, I have to shoot Timmy!"

  23. Uh Cold says:

    This is the dumbest and laziest attempted solution. America is a joke.

  24. maudlyn isaac says:

    mmm.m.America sicko placo

  25. teax25 says:

    9mm vs AR 15. Yeah, have fun.

  26. B E says:

    Yeah. No young physically fit student could ever possibly disarm a fat old teacher, shoot them and have a new fun weapon to play with. Right? 😉

  27. Kathleen Hope Romance and Erotica Audio Books says:

    The solution to this issue is not more guns. The solution is less guns. All we have to do is look at other countries and follow their example. How is that so hard to understand

  28. TrixiLovesYou says:

    Let's see how long this goes until a teacher shoots up a school. You just don't get it.

  29. maudlyn isaac says:

    im looking on very closely to see if black people are their target as they have always been throughout history.

  30. daniel collins says:

    👍 teachers

  31. matthew monk says:

    This is crazy, how scared must students be already then they see their teachers with guns

  32. Tom Bleier says:

    Shame on you

  33. She's my President says:

    This report is garbage!! The Truth is Teachers take part in Gun Training to protect from MSNBCannibal attacks

  34. Tom Bleier says:

    Look out if you are a young black teacher carrying a gun. Chances are you will die.

  35. andtam008 says:

    The teacher needs to wear a bullet proof vest in the classroom too. Safety first! Or, even better, we can build a bunker in the classroom, so the teacher can take cover.

  36. acnyc 11 says:

    This will not go well.

  37. S. D. says:

    So this is what our country has come to. WTF

  38. West Ham ICF says:

    You crazy Americans and your guns

  39. Kenneth Trueman says:

    This is insane

  40. Betty Boo says:

    Hello America you have now proved you are ALL CRAZY putting guns in unprofessional teachers hands you must be all taking money from the NRA the hole world is looking on in amazement and dis belief at the lunacy of this practice, ONLY IN AMERICA.

  41. Optical Popsicle says:

    The bottom line is… God Bless Teachers!!!

  42. Norma Woods says:

    Feeling sorry for the students!!!

    This is crazy!!!

  43. Christian 153 says:

    And how many mass shootings in Utah schools in the last 30 years? 0.

  44. ruth depew says:

    I think teachers should have guns in the classroom for the sole purpose of drawing the active shooter's fire to give more students a chance of escape. I am totally opposed to those guns having any ammunition in them to keep teachers from accidentally shooting students, which is the most likely outcome.

  45. Robert C Hodge says:

    It isn't all of America who think more guns are the answer. It is Comrade Bonespurs and the Goons of Putins (GOP) World.
    My first amendment power does not require my having a gun to get my way. Reason and Logic will endure after all the ammunition has been spent and Reason and Logic will be all we have left to work with. Why wait? Books make people smarter. Guns always end in death and tears.

  46. CornPop Dude says:

    Schools are gun free zones, there is no need for this.

  47. TheKyubiisaan says:

    If only there was an easier way t-
    [Comment blocked in your area by the NRA]

  48. hung well says:

    I'm guessing when the first teacher with a gun gets shot by the cops they will rethink this stupid move.

  49. Aaron says:

    Give everyone a gun, then no one will ever get shot. Just like the ol' west.

  50. Annie Stokes says:

    If teachers need guns to protect themselves from students with guns, then students with guns have to protect themselves from teachers with guns, so if everybody's got a gun then nobody will use their guns because everybody has guns! BRILLIANT. I mean, just look at how well that has worked in the USA. It's not like people walk into schools and open fire.

  51. V says:

    Moscow Mitch does nothing. The National Russian Association is more important.

  52. Yve Bella says:

    🗣Look, Ma, teachers learning how to shoot! More money for the NRA🤷‍♀️

  53. JDV says:

    This is the saddest vidio I have ever seen, tears are now running down my face. I can't listen anymore.

  54. Marius Thefaker says:

    Not so hard to disarm a teacher when they spend a good deal of their time with their back to the class…

  55. Blade Runner says:

    those that shoot others without a chance of escaping punishment and then shoot themselves can hardly be deterred by an armed militia. we would have to pass laws that permitted shooting first and asking questions later.

    this smacks of archie bunker's suggestion to pass out pistols to all passengers as a pre-flight requirement in order to discourage hijackings.

  56. Gscalenut says:

    Just what we need students caught between a firefight with a teacher and a gun shooter.

  57. Gscalenut says:

    In the time she took to aim and shoot she and her entire class would be dead.

  58. Gscalenut says:

    With teachers being armed then mass shooters will become snipers rather than entering the school grounds.

  59. Gscalenut says:

    Who will be the first teacher with a gun that is killed by police in a friendly fire incident?

  60. John S. Greene says:

    The United States are so messed up. Love your gun…..be same the children. Have young people grow up in fear. All of rights of gun owners. Bring back the right to sue gun companies and ban war guns.

  61. rockerdude8000 says:

    Lies California is perfect and has no crime because they have common sense gun control. This is a Russian troll fake news story that being used to display the greatest place in the United States as less than what it is perfect.

  62. Alex leBlanc says:

    so basically we have become Somalia except for we have a better economy … sad

  63. Blink Once on Sunday! says:

    This is not something teachers should have to do. A very sad state the country is in.

  64. Jasper Perrywinkle says:

    Good for them. An armed civilian stopped the walmart shooter today.👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  65. Jasper Perrywinkle says:

    Liberals should do a bond initiative to pay for metal detectors and armed guards so the liberal politicians can use the money for illegals. 👍

  66. Supreme Williams says:

    What happens when a teacher shoots the wrong child? Or if students get a hold of one of these guns? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  67. HoshiReed says:

    So why not make it a law. To own a gun you must first have background check, mental health check, and gun classes. Gun safety tests renewed every 2 years or you can't have a gun.
    Much better than going nuclear and say you can only have a gun if it is stored at a registered militia site.

  68. Ultra Overlord X says:

    So you want to use guns to prevent school shooting only to provoke and cause more? Don't see how this is gonna work but hey, do what you gotta do in a country like America I guess.

  69. B K says:

    They should also really get body armor/vests in every classroom and start having drills for kids on how to quickly put it on.

  70. Kalungi Lattif says:

    Solution to gun violence is more guns.. This is so hillarious……

  71. Bobby Babylon says:

    All school children need machine guns to protect themselves from excessive homework and pedophile teachers.

  72. Justaname says:


  73. jeck jeck says:

    This is so many levels of dumb.

  74. Crumbled Cookies says:

    When the government reluctant to protect the people, the people need to have the initiative to protect themself.

  75. Max Covfefe says:

    In a small town where everyone knows everybody, a community can maybe ban together for training and have a plan. That said, I don't know everybody in my school district. That's a lot of unknown variables I wouldn't wanna send any kid into.

  76. peacefulheart says:

    If cops often struggle handling a shooter, what makes you think teacher's will handle it better? When the perpetrator knows you have a gun too, you suddenly become a bigger target, as they either see you as a threat they need to eliminate first, or they decide to challenge you. Let's start to fix this problem at least with metal detectors at the entry points.

  77. Jule S says:

    These teachers would be killed before they unholstered their guns. IF we're putting armed personnel in our schools, they had better be trained officers or former military members.

  78. Junior Harry says:

    Here is another scenario.
    The first person the school shooter would probably start shooting is the school teachers, because the school shooter now know that the school teachers are armed with a gun. Then the school shooter will proceed to shoot the school students.👍.

  79. kineticdeath says:

    wont help, they are still just human and they will only end up being the first to die if someone really wants to shoot up a school.

  80. Rick Sanchez says:

    Next idea will be students to take gun training to stop shootings… this is pathetic America and there are people who are still defending gund while kids are dying daily.

  81. Carlos Pinto says:

    A teacher finds a gunman with a children at gun point and tries to shoot the gunman? anyone else seeing it go very wrong in so many ways???? that's the training????

  82. Shin says:

    I can not facepalm hard enough!
    Congrats America. You are now officially the dumbest country on earth!

  83. JamieLan2011 says:

    This is sad, on so many levels.

  84. You says:

    Have they not heard about armed security guards

  85. Tony Williams says:

    Gun control is the answer.

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