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you ever see an opportunity and think and that's too good to be true I read through the fine print and find out more about it waiting with bated breath for when it turns out you're right here's a piece of advice I'll give ya I'm sure you've heard it before added to yet here I am now when something seems too good to be true it is Here I am now nine more hours sitting at this desk watching security feeds and then I get to go home and wonder why I believe that this overpay didn't seem in the easy security position didn't come with a catch why I didn't notice all the red flags in between seen the offer online and get in here why had genuinely believed I'd be lucky to have the chance to regret my decision after my shaft let's go back to her leer today there I was switching between browsing Reddit and flipping through local job offers when a refresh of a look with job listings I revealed something new that it caught my eye a basic security position in the job description basically amounted to locking the doors at night watching cameras and climbed the company if anything bad had happened and in the description they said that they would pay thirty seven dollars an hour I was immediately skeptical of the high wage for such a basic job especially considering that the company had next to no info of it on the web and just their small website had pictures of the founders and the outside of their buildings but didn't even say what they did however I had the qualifications from a class I taken a year ago and the possibility of walking away with three hundred dollars for a night's work seemed enticing even if it might have been a scam I figured he couldn't hurt to send in a resume and see what had happened and I got a call from a private number not even an hour after submitting my application and the conversation was I and the person on the other end seemed like they had no experience hiring people before and their voice seemed to somewhat stressed out and worried a couple more red flags but I was still in the it could be legit I'm I haven't lost anything mindset I'll try to recreate the phone conversation here Christopher said the voice on the other end I replied it yes speaking who was this this is a I work for I'm Daniel Edwards head of security head of HR I mean I'm former head of security I'm calling because um because you submitted your application to us Daniel pause I waited expectantly for him to continue but when the silence dragged on a moment too long I realized he was done speaking what about my application Oh we'd like you to come in for an interview your credentials looked well they looked good yeah would you be able to stop by in about two hours I was surprised it seemed to me like either a it was a scam or being they needed the position for fast and maybe even by tonight if it was the latter I'm pretty sure I could talk and love to an even higher wage so I made my decision there I check out the address on Google Street View and see if there is any other info on it before I went there and if it seemed olive I just wouldn't show up for the interview are I sure thing Thank You Daniel hang up the phone before I even finish speaking it fast forward to two hours later I was arriving at to fenced-off property in my city's industrial district accompanied by two buildings they bore minimal markets and logos but appear to be in fair condition and supposedly still belong to the company I was going to see I had pulled my 2001 Honda Civic through the a10 into the parking lot as something felt slightly off right away though I didn't pick up on that in two it was later the parking lot was empty except for one other car I stepped out and I walked into the Laura 2030 building facing directly under the parking lot and the door was allowed and the receptionist desk sat empty and I recall noticing that there was dust in the blades of the fan and sat there and there is no email address in the post of the job site and Daniel had called me from the private number unsure of what to do I waited in the small Lobby for a few minutes and I looked around of my surroundings the entrance to assessing the glass door on the front wall is made up of floor to ceiling windows a metal shutter system rested on the outer wall above the glass and a control pen on the long side and the receptionist desk set against the wall opposite the door on either side of the room are eight chairs and two small coffee tables complete with old magazines and to the left a short hallway led past a single door on either side and terminating at a heavy unpainted metal exterior door bearing dents of various sizes and shapes for some odd reason and the exterior door made me feel uneasy the hall three doors contained a single small window and the kind with wire mesh inside it obscured by black painted cloth on the inside and to the right light another hall how the enough I can't recall the length and I usually have good attention to detail was it four doors on either side no 216 maybe I'm not even sure if it had length I didn't look at the end of the right hallway and behind the receptionist us with another large hallway terminated in a t-intersection the first door on the left was made a brown painted Medellin for a small sign saying a security office after waiting for a minutes and then rushed in through the front door oh I'm sorry to keep you waiting I'm Joshua Collins head of HR he spoke quickly and he seemed frantic and skittish he didn't hold eye contact for more than a second at a time as you shook my hands I could feel that his palms were sweaty in kolba Christopher new mana I pause for a second suddenly hit by a wave of skepticism and I decided to test him if he could keep a story straight and I spoke to a man named Daniel Edwards on the Fallen ax I thought that he said he was the head of HR and Joshua ignored me and continued mr. Newman my company needs a new security guard fast the last to quit this morning and we can't afford to go a night without somebody watching the property we have tried to get you here as fast as possible because you'll need to be ready to work by sunset we're in a rush song we'll skip the usual process if you're able to start right now then you can consider yourself hired your salary is 37 dollars an hour and non-negotiable assign this NDA in you can start right now I didn't like how aggressive he was being it but it had showed that I was right and they were looking for a fast probably temporary hire and I wasn't about to turn down that kind of money I flipped through the NDA it was a long one so I skip most event but I know how these contracts are and don't disclose company secrets in yada yada and I signed it and I fell Oh Josh show it to the Security office and the orientation was short and simple here's your key chain this one opens the door to the Security office this one opens most of the other offices this one controls the shutter on the front windows here's your mag light you can use it as a baton in a pinch but you better lock yourself in the office and call us if you see anything suspicious all you have to do is sit in that office and watch the camera feeds you don't need to patrol since you don't have a partner to watch the feeds when you're gone and we don't provide a uniform just put your badge on your shirt and the front door is the only one that's a lot right now ignore the other exterior doors and the offices in the long hallway and lock the front gate and that's it what's the binder for I asked pointing at the white binder in my desk bearing the company logo Oh read that during your shaft and Joshua looked uncomfortable at the mention of the biter and he avoided my gaze as he stammered out his reply you didn't wait to see if I had any further questions before I hurriedly laughed getting into the only car in the parking lot apart from mine and speeding off and I assume my security guard role right away and went outside and he locked the gate closed the metal shutter over the front glass and I locked the front door and then I sealed myself in the security office and I opened the binder up that binders were prompted me to write this down when I opened it I expected a log boy write-up of a company policy involved in various situations I might happen after hours the specific rules for dealing with burglars and vandals you know that sort of thing instead and there was only one page and what was on that page me to realize that this job was in fact too good to be true and is why I'm genuinely terrified now in the wild coma and there are 10 company rules security personnel must follow in order to ensure their safety and well-being the long hallway is off-limits if you cross a threshold from the lobby and turn around immediately and walk back do not Rana and do not look at the hallway for prolonged periods if any security camera shows it shut it down immediately and do not open the door at the end of the short hallway in building 2 is off-limits n is to be observed only if you camera feeds and if you must go outside use only the front door and the coffee machine will turn out automatically at 2:17 a.m. o ensure that a cup is placed beneath it prior to this time and when the liquid is dispensed into the cop place it outside the door of the security office unlock the door and do not open it again in toad 237 a Alma and do not leave the security office between 401 and 402 a ama if you hear a female voice coming from and indeterminate point with Anna Bolena I'd like to join the left of the short hallway and do not enter the room unless the voice invites you to do so and do not look at her face if you hear a male voice upon unlocking the door return to the security office immediately if you feel that you're in immediate danger call this number using the phone in the Security office and do not contact emergency services until sunrise and do not under any circumstances attempt to leave the building before sunrise I have nine hours left in the shaft I'd rather walk out of here broke than stick around for the rest of the night but the instructions made it clear that to stick around until morning wish me luck update to 15a Ana it's been fairly uneventful so far and I hope I don't jinx it by saying that I've just stayed in the office and I split my time between watching security camera feeds in browsing reddit to calm my nerves it's demon coffee time in two minutes the cup is already in place and I'm hoping everything goes well update to a330 a alpha and the demon coffee disappeared after being left outside of the door I heard something knocking and scratching at the door during the time I was told to keep it closed though I wasn't able to see it on the cameras and the only one watching the office tourists started showing the long hallway and I had to turn it off and there's a persistent shadow in the corner of the realm it doesn't go away even when I shined my flashlight right on it and the instructions didn't say anything about a shadow so I'm just going to not touch it him occasionally check to see if I change his sizes or moves or anything I still haven't heard the woman's voice and I could have sworn that I glimpsed a humanoid figure on the building two cameras a few times and though I can't find it when I expect the feeds more closely I no longer have even the slightest doubt that this place is haunted to shed update 3 429 a.m. I was feeling pretty shaken so I didn't write this immediately but here's basically what had happened I'll put it in more detail when exposed and 3:45 I heard the woman's voice and I was going to ignore it until 402 but it got louder and louder until it heard 10 okay Ben she invited me in but I heard the male voice as soon as I sat down and I ran back to the office and as for what had happened at 4 Awana I'll write that up later I'm still really shaken by it I'll just say that I was glad for the reinforced metal door in the office and then I really really regret taking this job and I guess I'll just pick up where I left off at 3:45 a.m. Allah the female voice began to whisper in a language I didn't recognized and might have been complete gibberish for all I knew starting from a point to my left and seemingly change in direction as it spoke I was planning to stay in the office and wait until 402 to unlock the door but what started as a whisper got louder and louder until it began to actually hurt the voice was all I could perceive it came at me from every angle and it seemed to scream directly into my mind I realized that it had only been 2 minutes since she had started speaking it and had gone mad if I had to wait another 14 I ran out of the office passed a dust-covered receptionist asked and into the short-haul where I pummeled with my keys to unlock the door and the screaming stopped as soon as I opened at the interior of the room is hazy in my memory but I clearly recall the dust with the chair and either side illuminated in the middle of the room so dark that I couldn't see anything else a woman sat on the far side of the dusk in motion for me to come in and sit down across her walk into the darkness was odd and left foot steps didn't make any noise in my senses somehow seemed Mafalda I had only just sat down when I'm no voice let out a distress cry I sprinted back to the office without looking back I made it back exactly at for a Yama I could not up stop more than twenty seconds inside of that room I said to my last post that what had happened between 401 and 402 really shook me up I'd promised that I'd read it on here maybe getting it on paper or homie to Stan remembering that bang when the clock struck four owada I heard a blood-curdling inhuman scream from the lobby on the camera feed and I don't know what it was that I saw something inhuman I know that but I can't recall its shape dark a little bigger than a person seen it then and recalling a novel it stills a horrible fear in me so intense that I don't think I'll ever sleep again after seeing it that thing it's printed out of the long hallway and into the lobby it ran to the exterior door at the end of the short hallway it beeped at it for a few seconds with limb Seneca neither see nor hear but I was nonetheless sure it could kill me in an instant he gave up on the door and instead began sprinting back and forth in the hallway outside the Security office all I could do was watch it run left to right on the cameras and listening to that horrible scream and the idea rhythmic thumping of its homeless feet on the cheap linoleum tiles as I watched it sprint it suddenly looked at the camera huh it had no eyes and I didn't see the rest of the face all I know is that it had stopped on it and I was affixed by a tireless gaze until even its screams seemed to fade into the background I had felt it staring into me burning with a foreign alien emotion mixed with curiosity curiosity that suddenly became hatred as I looked at it I knew that this being hated me more intensely than I had ever known anything could hate it wanted to kill me it would run forever through fire in hell in pursuit of me it would never stop until I die by its hand I would never be free of its unending hatred its witch hunts me down until the day that I died it towards face from the camera and lunch at the office door and I suddenly became aware that it had never stopped screaming as it began to beat upon the scratch painted metal I don't know how many arms had had it it could have been anywhere from two to nine it seemed to change every time it hit the door it screams as alien and human as they were seemed to grow frustrated it desperately needed to get an ax needed to rip me apart and this door was keeping it from the one thing that I truly wanted and this piece of metal in this creation of the abomination that his mana was stopping it from attaining the only thing that he cared about and the monster screams rose to a demonic crescendo Asador rattled more and more I was sure that it was about to give under the stress and just as I was beginning to accept that I was going to die here the cacophony of screaming and clanging cut off abruptly I checked the time 402 I checked the camera decided to test my luck with the one I turned off earlier since it was showing the long hallway no sign of the monster and the door was oddly undamaged as soon as I was sure that the screaming monster is gone I opened the binder and I used the office phone to call the emergency number it ran for a long time before somebody picked up Daniel Edwards let me guess it's a screamer uh-huh how did you know he comes out at the same time every night stays for exactly a minute please uh please only copper stuff that's not a knot at the binder is it gone now and I thought that things staring into me and what happened to the last guy that looked at in the eye am i safe he hung up the phone without another word I glanced uneasily at the shadow in the corner it's an ominous presence somehow diminished by the fact that had had it moved and I resigned that my next bathroom break will be the nearest place that slipped coffee the next time I would leave the room be at the end of my shaft and the rest of the night was stressful the dark figure in building 2 kept appearing on feeds in the corner of my vision only to vanish as soon as I tried to look closer several times I noticed camera showing parts of building 2 that weren't there before an office door down the hall from he opened and closed at its own at irregular intervals making me jump every time they had 555 every odd number camera showed the long hallway and I had to frantically turn them off I could have sworn that a few of them showed a vague I had his face in the distance and as the night drew to a close I noticed that the clock on my phone was about 16 minutes behind the one on the wall and a Senate I wait until the slower of the two showed it was time to go I didn't want to risk leaving early and getting caught by him whatever was responsible for the rule it'll stay here until Donna I'll just write a single time-stamped log of what had happened in the final hours of my shaft because it's easier to follow that way 6:30 camera 4 showed a man with my built-in hair color in the lobby he turned to look at it in he had my face but something seemed off about it I blamed any vanished 6:57 huh and which looked on the short hallway showed the heavy metal door rattling for about 20 seconds 7:13 and the chair at the receptionist's desk fell over 7:15 and the receptionist chair was standing up the layer of dust on it was untouched 7:30 to a camera 16 showed a hallway and building to that' and based on my perception of its layout would have been outside the building's footprint 7:50 I notice symbols are perhaps characters in a foreign language they'd appeared to be drawn and dust on the receptionist computer screen an ancient CRT monitor with a beige plastic exterior an 8 o'clock and the symbols are Ghana the shadow in the corner of my room was disappeared and the sunlight has finally began to slip around the edges of the shutters and my shift ended an IED you can be damn sure that I wanted to book it out of there as soon as I gotta I might wave from the office to the door something in the long hallway caught my attention from the corner of my eye as hard as I tried not to look it forced me to turn my head in the hallway a long distance away maybe a hundred yards maybe a few steps and distance doesn't work right there was a phase it had no eyes just depressions in its ganna if it even had skin where I should have been huh and it grinned at me with human teeth it took a huge amount of willpower and but I managed to pull my gaze away from it open the shutter in the front door and I locked the gate and drive away so fast that if there were cops in the area I would have had my license taken away right there and that now I threw the keys out of the ground in front of the door I felt the things gays burning into the back of my head as I sped away it became less intense with distance but I still feel you watching me now at home across the city faint but not God I haven't slept I haven't eaten I tried to contact the company but I can't find a damn thing about them online then website is gone and Google returns the results and on Google Maps there's no company listed at their address there's no history of them on the job listing site either even at the forest site to write down the error engine see number in the binder the colony gives me an automated message telling me that the number is no longer in service a check arrived in the mail earlier today and no return address in the name on the check and Joshua Collins wasn't enough to go off of he came with an out here's the Knights pay I have a feeling you won't be back for another shaft any residual effects to experience should disappear over the coming days thank you for working a subsidiary of extra-normal containment solutions and Joshua Collins project Lee I don't know what I got myself into huh I just hope I don't get tied up in any of this extra normal containment solutions it sure sounds a whole lot like the real-life equivalent of the SCP foundation and if they are anything alike I prefer to stay the whole way I know for a fact I want ignore red flags in the hiring process like that every gana I'll never sign up for a suspicious job offer as long as I live it's fully cemented if I'm I now when something seems too good to be true it is


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    If you must go outside during your shift, use only the front door.

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