Tesla Crash Lab

October 18, 2019 posted by

Crash test executing in three, two, one… So this is our crash test lab. The test vehicle starts at the end of the
track about 340 feet away. We attach the vehicle to the propulsion system,
to the steel cable here. The two Model S Performance drive units pull the test
vehicle all the way down the track until it’s about three feet away from the wall. Well in advance of us ever producing a physical
prototype we’re running thousands of crash simulations. At the design level we’ll produce 3D models
of the parts and we’ll simulate those using very complex and sophisticated mathematical
models that represent the physics of a crash. One unique passive safety feature in the Model
3 is its specially designed front passenger airbag, which helps protect the occupant in
oblique crashes where they might come into contact with the interior. Safety is a top priority so I think that’s
really encouraging to see feedback from people that have got into serious crashes and they
give you that feedback that you’ve saved their lives and the lives of their loved ones. It’s a really great feeling and shows that
the work that we’re doing is worthwhile.


100 Replies to “Tesla Crash Lab”

  1. Lunamode says:

    ultimate test = replace crash test dummy with Tesla Crash Lab intern!

  2. Sam Adams says:

    Why would you dislike a Crash video, what could you possibly hate about Crash Safety! Come on people!

  3. row0111 says:

    They're even safer if you don't use auto pilot

    and… go

  4. 0004107 Bemidji says:

    This guy looks like an Elon Musk/Mark Zuckerberg hybrid

  5. zodiacfml says:

    No. Sandy Munro thinks the chassis is badly designed. 😂😂

  6. 15DudeAwesome says:

    Plays BeamNG once

  7. Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos says:

    So glad I bought shares, I’m making a ton off of them!

  8. Unboxing and stuff says:

    Super like🙌🏼🌟

  9. Prisec says:

    1mil subs though


    I am the first hater of Tesla motors

  11. Alessio f says:

    My biggest problem with tesla cars is their appearance, all of them are pretty ugly to me

  12. Daniel Kleinmeier says:

    Wall looks like memory foam

  13. Galadeth says:

    Tesla is my favorite youtuber

  14. Mohammed Merchant says:

    Thankyou elon

  15. lalosoria says:

    My first car will be a Model 3 AWD.
    Love you Tesla.

  16. TheyreMyKidsToo says:

    Tesla > All IC cars

  17. lurts says:

    God I wish I wasn't too broke to afford a tesla…

  18. JosCh Pz says:

    Is there any way i can buy one of those crashed teslas?

  19. Thijmen M says:

    I mean, I like Tesla but you fanboys are so goddamn annoying and ignorant that it makes me like Tesla less..

  20. as sa says:

    dead person can't give you a feedback)

  21. _ Foxx _ says:

    Everybody gangsta until the truck starts coming…

  22. succ cocc says:

    That's great and all. But still, i'm not paying over 40k on a car. That's crazy.

  23. Jonas Hütte says:

    Wow, didnt really think of crash simulations before. Now that I do, I guess you probably aren't the only one doing this but you are certainly the best!
    Great Video.

  24. эмре бонсу says:

    which software is used in making the crash simulation?

  25. Miguel Rodriguez says:

    Can you test the AI ability to detect underride crash threats? As this is the number one killer of autonomous cars?

  26. Peepee Poopoo says:

    meanwhile engineers working for gm, management won't listen to them because we might not have enough money for stock buybacks

  27. AdmiralFroggy says:

    Instead of working on these videos you should work on getting your quality control together.

  28. HotBazzinga says:

    My new Model X is due in next week, I can't wait!!!

  29. B4its2L8guy says:

    I'm a truck driver. I would love to work for Elon!

  30. PixelPhobiac says:

    If I had to crash in a car, I'd love it to be in a Tesla 😁

  31. James Irwin says:

    98 people going 'No not my Tesla'.

  32. Antonino Radici says:

    F in the chat

  33. Davide De Cicco Vuolo says:

    Joaquin Phoenix appreciates

  34. saad saad says:

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  35. August Marcu says:

    Look how they've massacred my boy.

  36. Telebubbies says:

    Do they test every car?

  37. UwU Bruuh says:

    I died in one of those

  38. Joel Harrison says:

    Real life superheroes. No joke!

  39. Michael Zheng says:

    CrazyRussianHacker would like this.

  40. Rafael Wilde says:


  41. Bubbin Chubbin says:

    Tesla = best car company ever!

  42. DominicNikon says:

    Great job Tesla!

  43. Joseph Murphy says:

    Did they have fully charged batteries in the car? I didn’t here anything about that. Maybe I missed it?

  44. hama traba says:

    Just use beamng drive😂

  45. Finchers 62 says:

    Tesla car: sitting happily

    Tesla Engineer: "Lemme Smash"

  46. Nikita Geovanis says:

    Yesss, finally, well produced. Great concept, timing, crisp. ROI on this type of Ad production spending is absolutely inspiring and worth it. Keep up the good work, and show the world what you're capable of! Start blowing up Instagram: the newest wealth generation mechanism, full of would-be Tesla loverowners

  47. Alex P. says:

    More crush means less energy that goes to you.

  48. Billy Golding says:

    To be honest i had a serious crash in a Mercedes and came out without a mark.

  49. Pradum Gupta says:

    Waiting for India launch..

  50. William Lynes says:

    The price tag is a huge reason I'm will never get a tesla I scrapped 5k to buy me. New truck last year the engine blew two weeks later and it's still broke down cause I can't even afford to fix so there is no way I could ever buy a Tesla

  51. Rolando Loeb says:

    ok now made a sedan under 15k

  52. Max Jacobi says:

    I wish Tesla start producing EUC. I'm a big fan of Tesla and EVs but I don't like cars (paradox, isn't it?) in big cities because they occupy too much space doing nothing 90% of time. Besides car's price might be too steep for many people but EUC is affordable for much more people.

  53. Jonathan Rojas says:

    I don't have a Tesla and I really enjoy these videos specially the cookie monster video.

  54. 86Drifter says:

    Me: So was this your first kiss?
    Tesla: Yes

  55. Try M says:

    What's your job? Crashing a Tesla once in a while

  56. JSOC 2 says:

    Remember when a Tesla broke the crash testing machine

  57. monsterchannel24 says:

    Tesla Cars are already very safe. But no chance against a Volvo in case of a small overlap crash. This is why I still drive a Volvo.

  58. dallatorretdu says:

    Safety third as we like to say, first comes horsepower, then grip

  59. LZ says:

    The simulation part is absolutely mind blowing

  60. WALLOOP says:

    When you feel safe you can go much faster and finally kill these stupid pedestrians.

    It's a joke m8!

  61. Volodymyr Yelnyk says:

    They are doing it in case the autopilot has some bugs 🙂

  62. diesel92kj1 says:

    I read that more C02 is produced from a Tesla being fully charged (because Electric is a secondary source) than a Fiesta produces from a full tank. It looks to be true.

  63. Nuitari X says:

    Next time conduct these tests inside a Boring tunnel with flamethrowers and when the test is done……..launch the scrap metal into outer space on a Falcon Heavy Rocket! Mission complete.

  64. Mohit Singh says:

    1:12 Indian engineer…..

  65. MARCO PO says:

    They don’t have to use iron wires to do crash test, they can just summon it

  66. Zaltic says:

    When BeamNG isnt fun enough

  67. sainuudotcom says:

    Oh I hear some Oz accent. Yeah

  68. Bender Bending Rodriguez says:

    I hope Tesla could create a car like the General Motors Ultralite or the General Motors EV1.

  69. DC9848 says:

    When will you enable autopilot when transferring the cars to transport ship? That would make one cool video

  70. Islam future says:

    Guys, the whole point of tesla was to bring affordable electric cars to the masses, however the model 3 is still overpriced, when will tesla make a truly affordable model and get rid of all the gimmicks such as those pointless door handles? It's about time, isn't it?

  71. Auato says:

    Batteries Explodes

  72. Sean Armstrong says:

    Just use beamng drive

  73. Phyrinx says:

    Front airbag … how revolutionary …

    Edit: Reading comments here is giving me a headache

  74. Argentina3000 says:

    well at least they showed one crash.

  75. Jude Ho says:

    Safety is number one prikejeifkity.

  76. Johan S says:

    Great, unless you're a pedestrian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkAtRw51jGY&

  77. Jacob Lednum says:

    This must have pained Elon to do

  78. Migisan says:

    I liked the lab, only concerns me the battery on the car. I mean, what's the possible chance of the Tesla car battery punctured depending on various conditions? Just asking.

  79. Plans for the Creative Commons says:

    [insert Joke about SpaceX crash lab here]

  80. Anna Basmanova says:

    Когда, вы наконец поймёте,что 2 разделных аккумулятора работают на 5-10% больше,чем один такого же объема,ещё выгоднее охлаждать один из 2,чем один ,но большой…🤑🤫
    2 батареи легче потушить ,чем одну,проще заменять ,лучше вообще 4 батареи,но если нужна мощность ,то как в случае ДВС с отключаемым цилиндрами,просто параллелим все 4…можно увеличить дальность на 50-60% малозатратно!!! Но это уже🤫

  81. Justice Warrior says:

    I'm waiting for the batterys of the future!!
    Tesla shouldn't make their patents available for anyone! It's their research

  82. Mute Killer says:


  83. Fat Pigeon says:

    Well done Tesla making very safe cars 👍, however keep in mind that they're not 'the safest car' also Volvo's crash hall is much more impressive.

  84. Nathan Payne says:

    Anyone else think the voice at the beginning sounds a bit like Delta from Red Vs Blue?

  85. yan liu says:

    It’s destroying good staff don’t do that,there’s not that many Tesla for you to test

  86. DynamicJBDude says:


  87. Bengofo says:

    As cool as a Tesla and its tech is, I wouldn't buy one. It's too expensive and it's not actually that green when you consider the lithium mining process for the battery.

  88. CHAIRMAN KIM says:

    Only Tesla can show this video

  89. F. Teixeira says:

    Ok Tesla you're great. But can you make an even cheaper model and millions of them?

  90. F. Teixeira says:

    What software they use for CAD?

  91. Games Account says:

    You know instead of crashing those good-looking Teslas, wanna give me one? 🤗😬

  92. Montarius White says:

    Let the screen in the vehicle be lowered when need-be.

  93. sKiLLz 311 says:

    Hey Tesla, send one my way and i'll give ya a good 10 year civilian test.

  94. William Ramirez says:

    I want mine bulletproof as well

  95. Today'sTopic says:

    The only problem with this car is how expensive its parts are. Compared to a Toyota that will outlast it and run circles around it.

  96. Pasz czet says:

    Thats TESTLA

  97. HeeSub Song says:

    you don't have to show off to me … i know your level … ( product tells ) … you don't have to show off to elon too … since he's nobody … ( compared to david ) … i am the reason why nasa let it you space x … ( david doesn't know though ) … … do it for yourself … good luck

  98. Xanthopteryx says:

    Compare this to Volvo:


    Today, over 40.000 real world accidents has been evaluated, including over 70.000 passengers. And, they publish their findings so other car companies can benefit from it!

  99. Clay Maddox says:


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