Texas City,Tx.- Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit

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I'm sorry am i working with anybody they mean any of the Coast Guard guys no I'm not working within the Coast Guard guys there's whatever you're doing taking pictures and stuff I'm taking pictures I think that's what I'm asking who you're working with or why you're navigating for gathering matters of interest for the public and who you work with young are anything no sir I do not okay you have ID on you questions I do miss you you may not why not you're on government property no sir okay I'm on my property you're actually on my property now negative this is all government property the government owns this right here you might not know that but that is that is in fact this building here and all these government property that include where I'm standing on this on the public street here I don't know why you're being so being like this right now I'm just trying to be your recent activity law enforcement all this other stuff I'm here looking out for my shipmates okay all I'm doing you're being confrontational with me okay so view that way okay so let's let's start over all right all right because because I don't want you to be that way okay I'm also proud because officer Bradley yes sir are you one of those shipboard ship boarding guys yes I am cool I like that only reason I'm asking is because I don't know if you're the same guy that was down there base a while back down in in Galveston taking pictures or doing the same thing you know how I've been doing that and there was concerns about it I guess people it said something about it and that's the only reason we're out here asking because people are just concerned with law enforcement things and people attacking law enforcement and and all that kind of stuff and that's the only reason we're out here asking you if you want to take pictures for hotel matters and say hey this is you know this is where the Coast Guard bases there's no problem with that but if you're one of those people it's like hey you know trying to gather information for your own sense and doing something else you know there might be kind of bad that's why I'm here asking I have no ill intent no ill and purple have your chance for your name what is your news I would rather not give it if I see a sign up there it says it is kind of like Homeland Security or something so I mean that's not a good thing that you start taking people's names for taking pictures a public buildings I know what happens you end up on terrorist watchlist no that's not what this is for I it's my own satisfaction here asking you because that's all it is you have to understand that I'm here asking because I don't know who you are and if you came if I came to your house and I'm standing in front your house with a camera or GoPro and things like that and you would you would be upset BAE why is this guy in front of my house why is he filming my house you're absolutely right but this isn't your house it is is my family I've been a part of the Coast Guard for a little over ten years this is my family well it's my family too and they're above and beyond my family for my employees okay so I have a vested interest in seeing that you guys be safe that's not why I'm here and I've told you I have I have no ill intent I have no desire to harm anybody I'm just out here taking pictures that's it that's fine but how do I know that all I'm that's why I'm all I'm asking you for is your ID to see who you are just to confirm if you're being truthful to me okay giving you my ID does not take it anywhere I just know I'm family I'm telling you is if I give you my ID that doesn't tell you if I'm going to throw a grenade over the fan no it doesn't all that tells you is Who I am and I assume there's cameras here I haven't really looked but I'm sure there's cameras around here somewhere so they are can they have pictures of me they can run facial recognition on me and figure out who I am pretty good there's no reason for that kind of stuff because I agree because I'm not going to throw grenades over the fence and I'm not going to harm anybody I'm gonna take my pictures and I'm going to leave but that's what I'm asking them for I'm asking you why you're taking pictures of the government facility okay this is like a circular confrontation okay listen very carefully what I'm telling you listening okay gathering matters of interest for the public okay okay I'll be finished let me think good line where is it going that's what I'm asking are you putting it up on Google are you putting it on Hotel website are you putting it in your own personal files that's what I'm asking okay if you'll let me finish now gathering matters of interest or the public for publication on my site okay and once I do you run I'd rather not say well why not if it's for the public I'm the public well and when I published you maybe you'll see it how am I gonna do that if I don't know what it's for it I'm not on the internet like you know what I mean well give me your email address that I'll send you a link how's that okay come on the truck Mel Gibson I'd rather not go over the truck I'll wait here for you but if you want to write it down I'll be glad to send you a link court don't worry about it so well I'll tell you what if you just say it I'll have it I'll record it it's reported here so I'll have it I'm not worried about I'll look for it okay but uh are you done taking pictures or you got more to take I'll be out here for about 10 or 15 minutes I mean I don't know what all is here I didn't know this place was here I was just driving down the road looked up and saw the Coast Guard thing I'm like oh that's pretty cool yeah so it's a Marine Safety Unit where the guys that take care of the big ship boardings and right I googled it real quick to see what it was yeah so that's not good um so yeah I'll be here papi 10 or 15 minutes get some quick shots of the building I'll be done okay all right nice you have a good day you too no I'm good well I'm not right now with letting them get inside because I don't catch anything like secret or anything you know your passwords or anything like that on the touch panel over there you have ID or anything or you a news media or something Holly buff can I see your credentials I'd rather not show why is that I don't have any reason to I'm a broken law I'm doing thing wrong just education pictures of a government facility taking pictures of a tax-funded for some ass Coast Guard yes yeah so can I see your credentials if your news media I'd rather not show him I just explained – he won't he won't he touched her Bradley sees he's on some he'll get put on some kind of terrorist watchlist he doesn't understand that this is a government facility and all the recent exposure we've had a law enforcement in attacks that you know as well we're concerned right here speaking to it okay okay you know enough of this your fear does not Trump the United States Constitution and my right I understand your concern okay I dressed your concern okay it's time stop okay you're not you're not addressing my concerns because when I asked you for your ID to verify who you say you are you won't show it to me and again Who I am is irrelevant it doesn't stop me from throwing grenades over the fence or shooting people or anything like that which I have absolutely no intention of doing let me make that perfectly clear okay I'm saying knowing my identity does not prevent me from doing something wrong okay this is just what you're trained to do it's a reflex okay I've worked in law enforcement and I understand what you're doing okay it's a reflex understand our concerns I do understand your concerns but you're not understanding my concerns okay and your concern your public next exercise you're saying the Constitution you have rights to do all this I understand that but when you start doing that I don't see you walking down the street film in somebody's house in the postal guy you're over here doing a government facility I don't pay for these people's houses no but you pay for the street then obviously I like to picture the street I took picture to the street fine down there you sit there and watch me do it okay but but I don't pay for the for these people's homes I won't take pictures I would go to your house and take your picture right okay so all i'ma say is why you're out here we're going to be out here just making sure everything's okay on the up-and-up if you want to waste your time that's up to just my tits my diligence duty any viewing a law enforcement you should know it and that's in that circumstance okay there you go thank you our send one of your investigators out I mean you've got plenty of them in there good I have a camera in one hand and a cell phone in the other I have absolutely no weapons not even a pocketknife okay I I'm no threat to you at all okay okay well sometimes I wonder not so much about Texas City because you guys always been good but you know there are places like oh as you can imagine where the police are not so familiar take a picture one out of here I am I was taking pictures of the building over here yes as taking pictures of the front of the building and some Coast Guard guys came up and molested me so I went around the side so maybe listed you harass me is that a better term hoping that they would just kind of go away which they didn't they followed me and so I walked away walked up in the neighborhood and they followed me you know like like they would treat a criminal and I'm offended by that and so I'm fixing to go over there and takes more pictures from the public right away seven nine nine we're just going to why a roller I just walked down the street just I don't even know what those streets are but just walk down the street to give them a chance to leave me alone you know I'm not trying to have a problem with them or you okay I all I'm asking is my rights be respected and that's a public building just like that's a publicly-funded car you know I can take photographs of either I have no ill intent I explained that to them what is the purpose i gathering matters of interest to the public it's a federally funded building it's the Coast Guard you know they do a lot of like uh boat inspections and things like that you know things that normal people don't ever get to see or know about that it might find interesting you know additionally that that facility is you know we're in a hurricane zone here a hurricane might come through and wipe that building out at some point at which time you know there are networks that might buy that footage from me as b-roll footage to use for whatever purpose they use it for I would call a concert I understand it is a gated area there is access it's not actually open to the public because there is Gator so you need some type of pass for the gated area sure I'm not going back there I'm not going to enter their property at all officer Gonzales thank you you have a good day you too and by the way everything that I just told you I told them I don't know Oh take a picture I can okay seen a minute I'd be doing better if you guys will quit treating me like a criminal like a couple your guys following me through the neighborhood over here like like I'm just some common criminal all I did was take pictures of a building that I own you own the building I do in that building of a taxpayer that's tax funded building that's my building would you agree no I don't agree it's probably owed it's not it's not owned by the government the Coast Guard doesn't own that builders correct who owns a building I don't know but it's probably we release it I can tell you well okay it's the same difference you lease it that that means that isn't it okay I pay for that leak to pay for it okay I do do that sure so the way I agree with you hi everyone we're working here okay it works okay when I got it running okay you know right now that you know this one is running good and here comes the other guy that's not happy with me okay I can get your name a Wally cuts him to come Wally touches what do you do here what do I do here I'm a get your name you can call me good citizen – yeah great sir awesome keep going away you're going you'll get a name how's that I always like to encourage good behavior I don't know how else to be nice I'm not going to beg and plead for a name you want to ask you don't need to you don't need to okay but what I can tell you is it's a government facility yes it is and Homeland Security is very concerned about whether its private citizens or someone wanting to do this harm keep filming the facility's filming our resources just for security reasons as a good citizen is concerned about taxpayer money I hope you understand that that's a good plug I like that I've not heard that one before that's a reality yeah okay now now retort yes okay Homeland Security you know what you guys are part of has indicated and put out a bulletin that states that it is okay from public property to photograph publicly funded buildings including theirs yes sir yeah and you're absolutely right but you do bring us some security concerns when not only are you filming occasionally but you're standing out here with several cameras you're wearing a camo hat we all wear camo it's Texas every certain person has camo on but you're bringing attention to yourself whether you want to or not just in the activities that you do it and I hope you understand it as a good citizen I understand that I do understand raises our awareness absolutely I do understand that and and I you know have no problem when people come out and and ask me what I'm doing I'm always very honest about what I do I'm not hiding anything from you I didn't hide anything from Philips I think his name was the first guy that came in okay yeah I someone's already talked to you today yeah uniform the guy pulled up out there and I guess he's the one that called the Tech City PD on me but uh I hold him exactly what I'm doing and I'll tell you exactly what I told him I'm publicly funded facility it's unusual a lot of people don't see this place because you're kind of hidden back over here you guys have a very unique mission okay and in your vessel boardings and whatnot that you do offshore and stuff which people don't normally get to see so I was taking public photographs of the building for public consumption from the street and everything that I photographed miracle of miracles is on Google Earth it's all told it's all it's all out there anyway I made a very specific point to not photograph the license plates or the entry thing over there when they came up here I pointed my camera down and I told him I'm not photographing what you're doing I'm mindful of your security however okay and you want to tell you what I told them okay we pay you guys to do a dangerous job okay and I appreciate what you do however your fear does not Trump my Constitution okay and I'm engaged in a First Amendment protected activity and I would I would change your wording on that it's not is that our fear is our concern okay and as again as the taxpayer what we're doing here is not top-secret what we're doing is it is all published and and you can find it easy on any random search that's how I found it yes but I'm active-duty retired and so is he what we did for a living superseded to anything that we've done I don't understand the interest in in the building if you like I could sit down with you and tell you everything we do you're going to give you a tour inside once I see proper food make sure say but you're going to require identification for that yes sir of course I have to think about that that's protocol okay and that would be anybody whether whether my wife wants to come home or the unit my own child I they're going to have to be ID'd and signed in at the front and that's just it's just it's an accountability it's a security issue and that's just protocol it's standard procedure on every are you planning to detain me or arrest me or any sir but I'm not a law enforcement officer a lot of Coast Guard boarding guys are or because you work for Homeland Security had that I was just going to say I hate tying him up he could be running emergency know what we get she had to wait for the captain oh we're not that we're not law enforcement when I hit a detainee we're just here to inquire what is your intention if you just want to fill in the place all day is that all you know II didn't know Andy I was gone I was leaving and your guys followed me back through the neighborhood for like two miles okay and I will not be treated like a criminal by this by your staff it will not happen and if that's how they're going to behave I will come back here I will film that gate I will film every person that comes and goes through that gate and anything else I could see I don't want to do that I don't want to be the bad guy no I don't want to say they were I hate think you thought they were treating you like you're criminal and if you do I'm sorry for that but if someone was filming your own residence or taking a lot of pictures outside where your family is you would have some concern as to what that individual is up to and if you tell me you wouldn't okay this is not your residence okay business this is not my building I gotta rephrase that this is this is the building that I pay for you guys to operate out of right okay so I don't want to say we live here but on a lot of a lot of military installation I'm people who live I'm former military myself I understand these concerns I don't object to the concerns okay it's how they're addressed okay that is the issue okay things have changed a lot since me and you were both active duty yeah so things have changed this with the Homeland Security and the carry strip I mean we had terrorist attacks on you know yesterday was in Germany was a big one with that individuals Turkey yesterday so we never you never know who is doing what what and so there's always that level of suspicion and when you bring unwanted attention to yourself and whether you're not its wanted or not just in what you're doing your activity alone is bringing that extra attention to yourself and it heightens our sense of awareness on what is this individual up – okay so obeying the law it's not what is I'm not saying doing easily is drawing attention to me I mean what more can I do I mean you guys have the bulletins you're obviously aware of the homeland security bulletins just just just stop back and look look at how we perceive you this perception is sure but now check the other side of that coin step back and look how I'm perceiving you guys now your major they would say where are your very professional you absolutely absolutely I have no issue talking to you I have nothing to hide I didn't have anything to hide when I talk to the gentlemen out front with the gun I mean I and it wasn't here we wouldn't wear a gun because you were here no he's coming from work I got it I'm just saying I didn't have an issue with that I even offered he asked what I was doing with it I told unless it is for public consumption and I told me give me your email address I'll send you a link to what I post I'm not hiding anything and in you know the big issue here is if the other guys that came out that captain and the original guy I think his name was Phillip Phelps are Phillips you know their big issue is we want identification and I said no absolutely not do you know why because not because I'm hiding anything but to two things let me finish two things number one you asked me why I'm sorry rhetorical question but number one knowing Who I am doesn't stop me from throwing grenades over the fence or shooting somebody okay which I have absolutely no intention of doing just make that clear okay knowing who I am does no good for that all right no all that it does is get me put on the terrorist watchlist for taking photographs of a building that I'm allowed to take photographs of well sir if you don't want unwanted attention I will just leave it at that then I would I would take your picture and move along you


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  1. Passionate Patriot says:

    Pants wet to the hip,so you know you're dealing with a Coastie. Wading in the mental shallows of life as we know it.

  2. James Johns says:

    Of all people the military should understand our rights.

  3. brohughes says:

    First, he was standing on gov property (as pointed out around the 6 min mark and via his own video) and thus is subject to search. Made false claims to a police officer… Should have been arrested. What an ignorant tool.

  4. James Douglas says:

    stupid messing with folks being a total asshole its what they do get a life go home and fuck ur don wife kids and all ur fubb budieies total shit folks they

  5. Scott H says:

    This officer is a loser trying to prove his own existence by trying be a bully

  6. Steve Fitzsimmons says:

    It's none of your fucking business jackass, now go the fuck away and have sex with your sailor buddies.

  7. Pamela Shannon says:

    If everything thing has changed since 911 then why didn't the constitution change with the times???😋

  8. Pamela Shannon says:

    Your not gonna win you dumbasses. Unless they illegally do something

  9. Pamela Shannon says:

    Any time law enforcement is attached with all the shit they carry…..OH WELL! How does your ID tell that you are telling the truth….IS EVERYONE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF A CAMERA A TRUE DUMBASS. OBVIOUSLY!

  10. poor too says:

    you should be put on the idiots watch list lolol

  11. poor too says:

    lololol former military with a dishonorable discharge caught sucking

  12. poor too says:

    you are a criminal you fucking idiot

  13. Jan Schlossar says:

    omg anybody watching these videos will apply for a job with these agencies, because they just seems to have so much time on their hands.. #joabs for boyz

  14. Stephen Robinson says:

    why is the coast guard not on the water. how much money is wasted in gas driving back and forth to the water when their office could be at the water?

  15. Douglas Pate says:

    It makes no difference whether or not the cop was called there, he should have quickly ascertained that nothing illegal was taking place and moved on! Then he should have confronted the "caller" for making a false crime report. In the United States, you have the right to face your accuser(s) so the caller should have to be there when the Officer makes contact with the "suspect"!

  16. Doctor Goop says:

    Coast Guard. I know they’re technically military but really, they’re not highly respected in the real military. This one is a sad example of humanity. Afraid, paranoid and stupid. Thankful, Officer Gonzales honored his oath.

  17. Noctis Otoha says:

    Wow a really good cop

  18. Fred Slice says:

    Hey John Tiegen:

    You ran away and left the Ambassador at the diplomatic mission and then claimed you're the Hero of Benghazi. You're a joke.

    Show us those six medals of valor and the paperwork to prove they're real. Prove you're not a stolen valor fraud.

    You're a disgrace.

  19. Michael Anderson says:

    come on man. protect the coast, not your paranoia.

  20. Michael Anderson says:

    my ID is need to know and you dont need to know.

  21. Steven Labry says:

    some guys molested me, molested you? harassed me thats a better term lol David classic bro keep up the good work!!!

  22. LivelysReport says:

    Well, I do not know who you are.. great.. that is how it should be.. so what are you taking pictures for, are you going to put it on google or some web site? I am going to put it in the public domain on line.. since I am gathering content of interest for the public.. Do you have an ID on you? Do you have an ID on you? Well, I am not giving you my ID with my personal address and stuff on it.. that is my personal home.. ah, but you want my ID with my personal information and my home.. and you think because you work for the government, I should just hand it over.. how about this.. I conditionally grant you a conveyance of my ID upon a Bona Fide Claim.. do you have a Bona Fide claim sir to my personal and private property? <eyeroll> And the vessel boarding.. I have a huge huge problem with.. why is that? Because it does not matter if you are on land or on the sea, unless you have reasonable articulate suspicion of a crime, you have ZERO right to board any other vessel at all. period.. any time you do without probable cause you are a criminal.. and violating the rights of the people.. but something that clearly you have NO PROBLEMS DOING WHATSOEVER.. so much for honoring your oaths..

  23. HPB says:

    We're skeeeeeeeeered! We're nervous and skeeeeeered!
    Everyone is skeeeeeered! Skeeeeeeered, skeeeeered, skeeeeered.
    Give up your rights because we're SKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRREEEEDDDD!

  24. Eric Anderson says:

    Terrorist attacks?????? I’m tired of hearing their BS.

  25. Eric Anderson says:

    THEIR JOB IS NOT DANGEROUS! Most Americans have more dangerous jobs! They want you to believe their BS!

  26. Eric Anderson says:

    These guys are amusing……..They come up with the biggest BS.

  27. Eric Anderson says:


  28. Eric Anderson says:

    People attacking police????? Lol. What cowards and liars.

  29. Greg justchillin says:

    Yo this guy is amazing

  30. John Morey says:

    If you would like to know what tyranny looks like
    Watch this.
    Tyrants are the most hypocritical creatures on earth. Reminds me of the period of time known as the inquisition.

  31. Thomas John says:

    google maps street / satellite view Big Brother is watching

  32. Scott Jacobsen says:

    The fat bald guy came late to the party, moron,

  33. Scott Jacobsen says:

    You don’t get to know my intentions moron

  34. Rachel Ross says:

    I work at a building and frankly I could care less who is filming the building. I'm so tired of hearing that nonsense.

  35. Be The Ball says:

    I love how the first guy doesn’t know shit about shit when it comes to property rights or the law, but can wholeheartedly assert that the camera guy won’t be put onto a watchlist.

  36. chin ankh says:

    PEOPLE are worried about others attacking law enforcement…what people are those…..? EVERYONE you know….so you are saying people you know are worried about you on your job….get new friends or find another job

  37. Rob Mill says:

    I have a brother-in-law that works for a Government defense company LH making fighter jets, They have open house we go to and they cover up thing Americans that pay for it cant see because of security issue,.secret,But yet they have half the Planes parts Made in China also missiles too, they get plans, are not U.S. taxpayers and considered our enemy .Im like if we get in war with them they make half our planes and missile parts WTF!!

  38. Rob Mill says:

    We the People of the U.S.A. own all the Federal,State, and City property,land ,buildings, Parks,and Reserves.Taxpayers pay taxes for all that The Governments Fed,State,and Local has No Money or Job to make money,We American Taxpayers give them money to run the Governments Not Run Us….

  39. Paolo Joe Jingy says:

    Who in the fuck attacks law enforcement and even if it were true why would they….hhhhhhhmmmmmmm

  40. Mike Williams says:

    He totally had you at "If I was taking picture out side your house you'd be concerned"

    lol you're a cuck. go drink bleach.

  41. Kevin Doble says:

    Don't know how I missed this video. Fabulofuckinlous photography NNH. As always there's nothing I love watching more than some public information and enforcement of the constitution. Schoolin them with dignity, courtesy and intelligence. Great work, God bless.

  42. jett888 says:

    Why is coast guard out of the water haha

  43. idonthaveacoolname1 says:

    All government employees have the us vs them mentality.

  44. John Riddler says:

    suspicious: The religious belief that a photograph/camera can steal a soul

  45. looneyburgmusic says:

    By the way, has everyone read the updated DHS directive regarding photo/video of federal buildings – it's "Operational Readiness Order HQ-ORO-002-2018"

  46. phillip krikorian says:

    who cares about terrorist attacks ! if the gov. want to keep and allow illegales and the unwanted from other countries here illegal than who cares about terrorist attack ! IF YOUR SO CONCERNED AND CARE THEN THROW THEM ALL OUT PERIOD !

  47. phillip krikorian says:

    you guys need to stay in the water, your not good on land !

  48. Darth 6598 says:

    Guess what popped intoy head when that building showed up……Fort Xnox somebody has to go there

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