The Business Case for Worker Safety & Health in the Workplace

March 3, 2020 posted by

(inspirational music) This course is going to
provide to participants some innovative, cutting-edge strategies that they can implement
in their workplaces in order to promote and
protect worker health, safety, and wellbeing. If you have a culture at an organization that is focused on
health, wellbeing, safety, then that culture will result in workers being more healthy, less illness, less medical costs for the company. They are less likely to
become injured on the job, which means less disability, less sickness absence for the company. So that really results in lots of savings for the organization. Many employers are
considering this approach because of brand recognition, knowing that this is a
positive place to work. They end up being able to attract and retain the top talent and then all of that combined
comes back to the community, because all of this, across
multiple organizations, creates a stronger economy.

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