The Death Penalty Is a Miscarriage of Justice: It Should Be Abolished

July 28, 2019 posted by

Troy Davis a 43 year old black man is on georgia death row most of the witnesses at his prior trial recanted changed their stories there's amazing amount of doubt in this particular case but unless the governor intervenes that particular case and commutes his sentence provides clemency this man is going to die Jimmy Carter Pope Benedict Desmond Tutu have all contacted state authorities saying we've looked at the facts this guy should not die MCN our national is doing a very very good crusade you can go to their website read more about Troy Davis and you should but he is sort of a poster boy for the problems we see in the death penalty where you have doubt class issues race issues other issues that are so significant that it's time to either do away with a death penalty or to put a moratorium on it a national moratorium and study the issue to make sure that if we're killing people we're at least doing it in a just way I've written a commentary on the subject the death penalty is a miscarriage of justice it should be abolished it's on our website at rutherford org you should read it I think it should be abolished I think that because of human error the corruption that's in the so-called justice system we see in our in the United States it's time to abolish the death penalty believe it or not the United States Western Allies have done away with the death penalty they have awakened to the fact that the state should not be killing people only three industrialized nations are left that even perpetuate the death penalty and hits the United States and believe it or not the United States is fifth behind such regimes as China Iran and North Korea and the number of people that it kills through the death penalty in fact the president of iran has called upon our his cock recei as he calls it last year when the state of virginia was going to execute execute Teresa Lewis a lady who had totally rebuilt hated herself and was helping death row for another present he said we were hypocrites to even criticize countries like Iran for stoning people in terms of their death penalty measures one of the biggest issues we facing the death penalty is the class and the race issue most people that sit on death row are poor black or minorities believe it or not folks forty-two percent of people sitting on death row are black and black sling make up twelve percent of the population the rest are poor and Hispanic wealthy people do not sit on death row why because they can hire expensive law firms to defend them poor people lined up with lawyers who are appointed who are not as dedicated in terms of making the money and are not as good usually as good at attorneys so they end up on death row whereas people like oj simpson by the way or any other rich people can hire the right lawyers even if they look as guilty as sin they don't end up on death row and this has been recognized by some pretty esteem people for example and I'm quoting Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg she has said in one of the Supreme Court opinions I have yet to see a death case among the Dozen coming to the Supreme Court on the eve of executions day applications in which the defendant was well represented at trial people who are well represented trial do not get the death penalty there's the argument that's been put forth at the death penalty is a deterrent to so-called future crimes well believe or not sixty-seven percent of the police chiefs of America when they were poll said that isn't true there are no studies that even indicate the killing people putting them on death row and then killing them is it in any way is a deterrent for crime so again that raises the question of why we are doing it also if you want to save money and tough economic times it's more expensive to execute somebody by way of the death penalty then to just put them in prison for life all the appeals expenses of the courts is much more expensive than to put someone in prison for life so the question is why are we doing it there are more things I can say about the death penalty and the arguments are against it but one thing I would ask people to pause and think about should we as human beings knowing other human beings with all their problems their errors the corruption in the systems of government even in the United States we see it at the federal level United States the local level should we give that right to governmental bodies to kill people does that really make sense to give the right to kill to corrupt state institutions it's the most awesome power why would we do that so the most sensible thing here is to put a moratorium on the death penalty we should study it and the arguments that I've seen put four against it are correct then it should be abolished you


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  1. diogenes cynic says:

    @dirtydawg62 My point is that they won't be the only person the state kills. The state doesn't exactly have the best record when it comes to imprisoning innocent people or killing innocent people especially political prisoners. Also, do some research on CCA, our prisons are becoming privatized which is extremely dangerous.

  2. diogenes cynic says:

    @dirtydawg62 Do you really want to see political prisoners executed?

  3. Bob Schlereth says:

    @jancrowb Ditto. John has always been a thoughtfull guy.

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