The Future of Ohio State Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity Days 2019

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So there are two main things
that we’re working on. The first is helping people be secure
where they are because as we heard from some keynotes today,
we can do a lot in the technology space. But if people aren’t individually
making choices that lead to security, it doesn’t matter what we do in
the tech space, it is a human problem. So the first thing is. How do we help people, be secure and be able to do what
they want to do at the same time. So that’s the first thing. The second thing for
us is being better at seeing quickly when things might be going wrong and
being able to recover from that. So that the impact of whatever is going on
isn’t a problem for the whole University, so that we can continue delivering
our mission without interruption. Those are the two main things that will
be working on over the next three or four years. As in all things we have a cyclical
life cycle of favorite threats that our attackers like to use. And I think the conversations
that I’ve seen today, the presentations that I’ve seen. They’ve talked about how we we started
with one thing maybe 20 years ago, we’ve gone through this life cycle and
maturity of security attacks, and now they’re actually going back
to what they started with, but in a slightly different way. And I think that’s been an interesting
thing for us to think about as we think about how do we defend from those and how
do we respond to them when they happen. Historically security teams have
tried to educate people on what security teams think people need to know,
people don’t care, they just don’t care. So what’s really interesting to me about
the platform is that we’ve now got a way for people to give input into
what they want to know and then we can help them be
secure at that thing. And I think these, sort of, consumer, community driven lens will make it just so
much more usable and effective, and so I’m really excited
to see where we go with this. It’s definitely innovative in higher ed, it’s innovative in other
industries as well. And so I know there are a lot of
people in the security profession who are watching this to
see how it works as well. This is a real game changer for us. I think the opportunity for us though going forward is actually
to go outside of Ohio State. So, how can we take what we’re
doing here at Ohio State and help the rest of Ohio being the land
grant institution that we are? How can we help teachers in the K
through 12 space know more about this so that they can help their kids? How can we help small business owners
in the State of Ohio be more secure? Because actually, they’re probably more at
risk than some of the bigger companies. So, I think there’s a lot of things we can
do to take this from inside Ohio State and take it outside Ohio State. And I’d love to be able
to find a way to do that. [MUSIC]

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