The new e-privacy law is meant to protect your online privacy. Can it, and will it?

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hello there I'm just checking my volume levels seem to be okay yes they are yes I've got byte and if you're just visiting my channel for the first time I tend to talk about a variety of topics sometimes it's to do with legislation sometimes it's just a simplified legislation and share information if I see new legislation come out or new rules I tend to comment about it and the underlying theme is that for people who may not ordinarily have access to certain information I like to allow them to be aware of what's going on because it's these same people are vulnerable and who may not know where to find the information not all information affects every one of my my subscribers I have kind of specialist areas and so I guess certain subscribers like some of the stuff I do and other subscribers like other stuff I do anyway today I wanted to talk about the privacy the new privacy regulations which affect everyone every single one of us that is because they're supposed to be coming out at the before the end of 2019 they work alongside the gdpr which is the general data protection regulations and for those of you who have small businesses you may and even if you don't actually I'm last year I think it was a 25th of May just well it's just under just over a year ago we were all getting those emails saying oh can we use your email address can we keep your email address the EU regulation came out and businesses were all going crazy and there was insurance policies being sold and everyone was going berserk when this gdpr came out but basically it was to protect data protect client information and so they set out some regulations on how to protect and one of them was about the email addresses sometimes you'll give somebody an email address and they'll keep it when long before long after the use of the email address is expired so this was just to make sure that people who kept other people's email addresses were entitled to do so and that the owner of the email address knew that you had it now let's get back to e privacy which is also along than their same lines only as a much more Pacific and it actually protects the individual every single step of the interaction I believe that's the reason why they're doing that double authentication so they can get by all of those steps that they're going to have to follow before the end of 2019 I think it's also why they're putting the biometrics and the facial recognition in place now because after that you know our human rights are going to be tampered with so it won't be so easy to get these policies through after these after they've been enforced so that's why I think they're doing them all now anyway let me tell you what this e privacy policy is all about well I've already told you it's coming up before the end of 2019 it has been approved by the EU Council so it just has some fine-tuning to do and then they're going to go ahead with it so the e privacy will replace the e privacy directive while gdpr that is the general data protection regulation so I will be calling it gdpr from now on while GDP ARS protection of data is more general in privacy makes it a legal requirement for privacy to be protected at every stage of an online interaction UK cookie law is also changing and we need our consent now at the moment when you see you'll see those little things that pop up at the bottom of your computer or the top of your computer asking you to accept cookies and you'll either put in X or you either click on our all your I then just ignore it and wait and it goes away at the end I think what will happen under the new cookie legislation is that it be more Pacific you'll actually have to respond and say if I do not want this cookie to follow me about on the web or whatever it asks you to do but it will be more Pacific when it does come out the privacy is due to come into force before the end of 2019 when I mentioned that before the latest draft has been approved by the EU Council I mentioned that before he privacy will align different online privacy rules across a EU Member States I'm not sure how that affects us if it will when we leave the EU or whatever or whether it's still integral in our laws I don't know if it's gonna we're gonna have to abide by any way it will work alongside GD P R which I already mentioned ie privacy is concerned with digital practices and covers areas like online marketing cookies and conduct confidentiality privacy add specific requirements about a person's private life you see gdpr was a bit more general this is specific and note and if there is any breach of data you know sometimes we can I don't know if we still have faxes I haven't seen a fax for a while but you know if you said if he was working safe in a doctor's office and you happen to send a fax you put the wrong digit in and that fax went to the wrong place and it had personal identification ie the name the address NHS number the date of birth and it went to the wrong fax number that would be a serious data breach and it would have to be reported to the Information Commissioner's Office mandatory that even happens you know sometimes if you're sending an email somebody sent you an email and you think to yourself oh my god I need a copy and so-and-so so you copy and so-and-so and you forget that the initial email that was sent to you has nothing to do with a third party it contains personal information and you are now copying in a third party that is considered a serious data breach so it's so important to be on your toes now for some of you this may be relevant it may be not but you know for somebody who may have some small business I'm just going to tell you about the common mistakes with regard to breaching gdpr which is the general data protection regulations common gdpr mistakes are do not allow staff to use their own computers for work purposes now what sometimes happens especially in small businesses you've got your laptop you think okay I need to bring it to work I'm gonna do some I'm gonna do some of my own stuff in my lunch break and you know I might even do some work practices you use your own laptop and you do work related in stuff on your come on your laptop or even on your phone that is a data breach because that information on your laptop is not encrypted you're not allowed to do that another common mistake is keep people didn't keep visitors box now you need to keep if you've got a small business you need to keep a visitor's book you know when you have people sometimes have people wandering around and you can assume that they're working on something they could you think that they're going to install they're got no wall they could be installing a boiler but you don't ask them any questions you just assume especially not organizations you see or walking around all the time me I stop them and say can I see your ID please and they look at me as though the hell do you think you are I'm like your ID because you don't know who these people are now well if you have a visitor's book it kind of negates all of that because you can you know the person who's in the building if something does go horribly wrong or they are a spy or something and they take some of your data you more or less know who's in the building or who came in the building and what time they left so that's the importance of having a visitor's a visitor's book what else paper diaries that contains people you know you work in a health organization for example a lot of people there can't be bothered to go into their secure email address and get patient information so what they do is they think oh you know I'm just gonna pop down so-and-so I'm not living too far they put their the details into a paper diary now that's fine if it's safe and you have it locked up at night and you your key you do not lose it but God forbid you lose that that's another serious data breach it is much more safer to use the online secure email address I think some councils or some organization use egress that's a secure and it's free it's a secure way of sending information you just set up an account very very simple with your email address Bob's your uncle that's it I think both counsels to have the gcsx at the end that means you're emailing to a secure encrypted network and I think with the health service they have NHS dotnet at the end which means that you are sending information securely these are little things that you need to know when you're sending in that's got somebody's email address date of birth mailing address stuff like that okay what else is there treating sponsorship forms now you know like when you're collecting money for sponsorships and then you know it goes around and you want people to sponsor you but you'll notice that people because they want to collect the money it's got people's name and address on it sometimes their telephone number that is prohibited you're not supposed to do that if you just have some initials and a telephone number but not the full address or the contact number that's not supposed to happen disposing of paper records yeah if you've got paper records with people's names and addresses on it you know you work in a shop and somebody writes down some details because they want you to send them an order that should either be locked up put away or if you used it you've sent off the order you don't need it anymore for any record-keeping I supposed to be shredded it's not supposed to be lurking around so somebody else can see it that's another thing have you ever been to a doctor surgery and when you go to the doctor surgery they go yes your name in love and you know you're looking around okay it's saying for example you live what did you say and we say it out loud now should be above the whole bloody surgery knows your name your address your date of birth that is a breech they're not supposed to do that I mean if you want you can actually go in there with a piece of paper write your name your address and your date of birth and give it to them but they're not supposed to say your personal information so loud so they you know somebody was stalking you you know somebody didn't want to know where you live or how old you were you know they know it just by standing behind you I've always had a beef about that and no matter how low and quiet you talk they still give it it was some anyway I'm straying from the point well not really is relevant making after I said about the vaccine data breach and I've said about that so that's a mainly those are the key things that you need to be concerned about yes so this a privacy law is probably going to be in favor of many of us but there again like I said we're an open book these days because Wi-Fi is now tracking us phones are tracking us you know biometrics are tracking us like you know a lot the majority of us it new who gives a hoot but it's about knowing what's happening I mean we kind of find out by default we find out through videos like this and you know that you know you're being watched you they they haven't got permission to do things you know they're scanning out passports they're doing all sorts of things so yeah it's just about being aware of it and I'm sure that you know there are some people who really would have an issue with knowing that you know they're being monitored and tracked and all that kind of stuff that's all for now


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  1. Hygge Musings says:

    It is ironic as if you wrote text messages to someone, and if for example, there was a court cases, all the text messages will 'open' to the public and put onine by journalists, no matter how private or embarrassing. As soon as there is a court cases, it is public.

  2. Najma Begum says:

    Everyone is being tracked!! Technology is evil!! It's satanic! When God give people power, this is what they do, is abuse!!

  3. Beverley Hohn Chang says:


  4. aziz M says:


  5. Nadine Venson says:

    No Privacy At The Doctors….I'm Always Whispering Like I'm In Secret With These Old Women At The Surgery πŸ‘€πŸ˜²πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  6. earlbee31 says:

    Very interesting, I disable cookies on my laptop and then I couldn’t sign in for online banking or Amazon, had to re-enable it

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