The Reason People Hate Parking Enforcement

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perfect Virginia is having a serious issue with one particular parking enforcement officer who decides to give people tickets for not doing their inspections in time as they're in line waiting to have inspections done on their vehicles okay so this was a report by the Washington Post and according to the reports one auto body owner was so irritated with Jacqueline Hogue who is the parking official here that as she was writing a ticket recently he grabbed it out of her hand and then exchanged choice words with her in case some profanity took place now a hug responded by having red wine Bruce Redwine who's the guy here arrested for felony assault on a police officer though she's not even a police officer again she's parking enforcement now this went to court she served about four days in prison as or jail I should say as a result of this but he did appeal this and the charges were dropped immediately because the judge realized that she's not actually a cop the charges that he faced were felony assault on a police officer again not a police officer okay so that's a part of the issue the other part of the issue is what a douche bag move this is by Jacqueline Hoch right and all the people who know this and allow it to happen time after time so these people are bring their cars and to get the inspection they're doing the right thing they're like okay I got to get my car inspected and follow the law yeah and she's sitting there going ah I'm gonna get you right before you can follow the law I'm gonna write your tickets cuz it's easy no I hate this I hate this I hate this okay here's the thing all right um there used to be a time where parking officials were a little more reasonable but now they're just handing out tickets all over the place in unreasonable circumstances so I'll give you an example that I experienced personally I didn't get the ticket but I live in a very densely populated area and it's around a lot of restaurants and businesses there was a man in a truck delivering food to a restaurant and so he parked it it very temporarily so he can just deliver the food real quick and leave the parking enforcement person saw and immediately started writing the ticket first of all the car wasn't blocking any traffic the car wasn't in anyone's way it was a very quick stop boom got the ticket just find something better to do with your life okay find a different career path because parking enforcement sucks it's a regressive tax it's because we don't tax the wealthy their fair share and states and municipalities need to make up the money in some other way so they issue these stupid bogus tickets it drives me mad and part of the reason they do that is because it funds the local sometimes police officers or different departments so they want their funding so they're like okay the more tickets I give out the more goodies I get or I get to keep my job right so they have all the incentives in the world to write tickets fair or otherwise so now my version of that story is a long time ago I'm in New Jersey there's a stop sign that you can't see cuz it's behind a tree and so I didn't see it and there was no reason for the stop sign either so I was just going down the road as far as I knew there was hardly like I it's hard to describe the intersection there anyway because there's a light right afterwards I stopped the light I turned and the cop comes and gets me and he goes you know you ran that stop sign I was like what stop sign I didn't say stop sign and he's like the one behind that tree over there wait a minute that's preposterous now why did you do why do you have a police trap there I mean you're sitting there you didn't see me driving right you were ambushed there to give tickets yeah you're sitting there because you know people don't see this exactly right then maybe you should put the sign in a place where you can see it instead of just creating it as a fake excuse to give out tickets so you could fund yourself well that means that he'd have to work a little harder to issue tickets yeah the minute you have an ambush like that you should realize oh there's something wrong here everybody's not seeing this sign yeah anyway so instead of course he gets all copy right so he's like you endangered the lives of everybody we were going five miles an hour there was a stop sign and actually traffic like right after it like three feet after it right we're all coming to a stop anyway right you endangered everybody's lives in here uh and then he turns to there's three other guys in the car he turns to them he's like how do you feel about the fact your friend put your lives in danger like that and like two of them burst out laughing so they didn't mean to like theirs like are you crazy one of them Bora okay of course is going to mess with me and he's like Thank You officer I was really worried thing you stopped him we were this close that's hilarious so cut it out man stop giving these tickets to us you're killing us with these tickets right and and if you're poor this hits you so hard and by the way sometimes if you can't pay the tickets then they're like oh it's not a private that it's a public that you owe to the government they arrest you over yeah it's insanity cut it out cut it out


36 Replies to “The Reason People Hate Parking Enforcement”

  1. Nikhil Mungara says:

    this thing is super real in america and it's ridiculous.

  2. Bunnies Happy Life says:

    I hope she'll get the worst form of cancer

  3. Bad Company says:

    This is amazing. Parking enforcement and Department of Public Works are evil corrupt motherfukers

  4. Robert Moua says:

    Well idk if they know but majority of those tickets goes to the city. The more tickets the money the city receives

  5. Joseph Thornburg says:

    Tyt are douche bags

  6. Edyta Pawlicki says:

    This tv people are shit!!! This is the language they use and get in someone else’s case !!! Bla bla bla

  7. Vince Hall says:

    Some people are just unreasonable.
    Some people can't get proper jobs, so they take out their spite on innocents.

  8. justin gill says:

    Parking enforcement is necessary to keep traffic flowing and avoid chaos. Please be more open minded.

  9. J C says:

    you 2 disgust me. Go pound sand

  10. Julian Rodrigues says:

    she is hot

  11. The Watcher says:

    People just hate authority period…..what happened to the D.A.R.E. days when we actually looked up to men and women in uniform.

  12. jonathan stanley says:

    They should publicly execute a parking meter maid once a year on live television to compensate for all the bullshit they put Us citizens through

  13. SuperTregs says:

    TYT this is what you get when advocate more regulation.

  14. Michael Anthony says:

    Get your facts, right lady, they are law enforcement, not police officers, law enforcement and if you touch them it is a battery on a law enforcement officer, not a police officer. Anyone that is enforcing a city or county ordinance is a law enforcement officer. It is not battery on a cop; it is a battery on a law enforcement officer dummy, LOL. She does not know what she is talking about, lol. The hearing officer or judge dropped it because they were in favor of the person that actually committed a crime, he should have got the battery on a law enforcement officer which is a felony. Not cop, law enforcement officer, HA HA HA HA HA HU. Dummy. There are different forms of law enforcement lady, got to love the media; they are so ignorant sometimes.

  15. Ed Pooler says:

    If you return to the stop-sign behind the tree, be sure to have a doctor's note saying that you are x-ray vision impaired. Ha Ha. Ed

  16. Tony Stark • Unlimited says:


  17. kchung9209 says:

    When you give a ticket to one person and not another who is committing the same offense, its called a double standards!!! You double park or parked illegally for a second or an hour is still a violation….no one to blame but yourself… know the rules……and u take the risk…….No crying if u get caught…….

  18. Nicky Degen says:

    those old tickets will follow on to the new car when people buy a new car.

  19. Nicky Degen says:

    even tho people dont pay for there old tickets on there car they had if they get a new car that one can be towed till they pay the old tickets people cant dodge tickets for ever lets say you owe 3 grand you cant pay it off you get a new car that new car can be towed away as well that what most people dont know at all.

  20. FlashxSwazy says:

    I do parking enforcement. Most of the time people are yelling at me for nothing. Yelling because they're mad they fucked up. But this person here is a wild douchebag. But look to the higher ups that are putting pressure on their employees to write more tickets. But yea this chick complaining about the truck getting a ticket. No ones supposed to park there miss lol. Like no one at all.

  21. richardb2837 says:

    yout don't assault people regardless

  22. Ana says:

    In Canberra, Australia – we all call it revenue raising. Every time a new speed limit is introduced, stop signs added etc, no-one believes it's about road safety anymore

  23. sean92 says:

    I think how I see this is in Virginia, like many other states, your inspection expires in a certain month, you have all of that month to get your car inspected. These people didn't get it done in time so that's why she is doing it. And without parking enforcement in general, our streets would be a mess.

  24. DeRosset Myers says:

    Trap cops are ass holes!
    I remember when my mom got a ticket cor parking near a "no parking" sign that was hidden behind leaves.
    Don't anyone take this as a rubbing of salt, but you should probably get your car inspected at least one day before you're supposed to.

  25. Forcyctus says:

    I normally agree with everything TYT says, but on this I don't. Granted, I do not like what this particular parking enforcement officer is doing. However:

    1. The truck making deliveries, was he parked in a red zone? Was the truck blocking access to a fire hydrant? Clearly Ana has no clue and only reacted to the fact a ticket was being issued.

    2. As for that stop sign, in my experiences all stop signs have had "STOP AHEAD" written on the pavement beforehand, and "STOP" written on the pavement where the stop sign is. Cenk didn't mention any of this, and this wasn't even related to parking enforcement.

  26. Guerrilla Gorilla says:

    I once got a ticket for an expired inspection sticker the day it expired while I was eating lunch in the mall.
    Fuck you White Plains, NY
    and fuck WNY for ticket racket they have running up here (It's also pretty racist)

  27. Tr4newreck says:

    i bet its quotas set by their department that are responsible for that, not just this particular individual handing them out… im sure they can be dicks too though

  28. Gonzalo Sanchidrián says:

    Long time ago in Spain, parking agents got payed by commission, the more tickets they would give, the more they would get payed and if they wouldn't get a minimum amount of tickets, they wouldn't get their bonuses that month (AKA minimum wage for that month). That's why you wouldn't have to multiply your eyes on the road the closer to the end of the month, cause suddenly they'd have to give more tickets.

  29. John Boe says:

    anyone with authority, will abuse the authority especially if unchecked.

    i have received parking tickets when visiting states when legally parked, simply because they know its more expensive for me to fight it then to just pay it.

  30. Chevaschan Kim says:

    Ana ur such a freakin badass

  31. SugarPimp904 says:

    I guess instead of bitching and moaning, you take care of your registration PRIOR TO THE EXPIRATION, then you don't have this kind of problem. Or maybe you follow the rules.

  32. millionfish animation says:

    This reminds me of here in Toronto where the mayor does this parking blitz. It's in downtown, and if you're parked in the downtown core during the rush hour times, they can ticket you. So it hurts delivery companies etc.

  33. John Burt says:

    Parking tickets shouldn't function as a fundraising mechanism. The only reason for them is as a teaching tool.

    I think we need a new law, at a state level, to require that all traffic fines be paid into the state general fund or emergency fund, in order to discourage this sort of predatory behavior.

  34. dragonexpert8323 says:

    Unless I'm mistaken, if a stop sign cannot be seen because of an obstruction such as a tree, a lawyer could use that evidence so the ticket gets dropped.

  35. śï×ÕfŇîņē says:

    "I hate this shit!!" haha

  36. David Allen says:

    Thank you officer, I was really worried, we were this close! hahah so funny

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