The Squad Needs Extra Security Protection

July 18, 2019 posted by

hello viewers I'm Curtis host of this channel and you were watching POTUS breaking news network YouTube channel I request you watch this video till the end the squad needs extra security protection as per latest update from Fox News Homeland Security Committee Chairman Benny G Thompson was seeking extra protection from members of Congress last Monday after President Donald Trump's tweets and remarks about the progressive squad before starting in the news we would like to know your opinion about the following poll should the u.s. conduct military strikes against North Korea in order to destroy their long-range missile and nuclear weapons capabilities kindly press the like button and comment your answer in the comment section given below this video we are waiting to know your reply in the comment section so now let's start the mood Trump's remarks apparently were directed at for Congress women representatives Ilhan Omar Alexandria Castillo Cortez Ana Presley and Rasheeda Talib all are American citizens and three or four were born in the United States far from backing down Trump last Monday dug in on comments he had initially made a day earlier on Twitter that if lawmakers hate our country they can go back to their broken and crime-infested countries he said if you're not happy in the United States if you're complaining all the time you can leave you can leave right now in the letter for how sergeant of arms Paul Irving a Senate sergeant at arms Michael Stender Thompson argued that the Capitol Police Board should meet to analyze the current threat environment and set thresholds for enhanced safety for members Thompson asked for a meeting within 48 hours in a classified readout of the meeting the letter was addressed disdain sure because he has headed the Capitol Police Board this year Thompson said security officials should set thresholds for enhanced security for certain targeted members and evaluate threat streams with law enforcement partners in member districts being proactive in this instance is vital to the safety if not only these targeted members but all members of Congress Fox News has been told that despite Thompson's please other lawmakers have faced more serious threats the members of the squad ahead of Trump's tweets so what did you think about this news please share this news with your social contact and in the comment section below and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel press the bell icon to get notified for daily news updates you can make some donation to us through PayPal link given in the description section also if you want to communicate with us then contact us on our email which is also given in the description section of this video


43 Replies to “The Squad Needs Extra Security Protection”

  1. Sambo Gaddis says:

    I agree with you they done wasted enough money on this bs

  2. Bhujang Nayak says:

    Going back is the best option, there's no security as you said.

  3. Wayne Helton says:

    No they dont ! If they are scared then they shouldn't have said what they said or do what they do ! This is AMERICA not over seas ! No matter how you are if you are in OUR CONGRESS you better be for us AMERICANS ! Because we are the ones paying them ! They work for us and no one else ! Where did that go ? They should go ! They do not deserve to be in our government at all ! This has to be taking care of immediately ! Everyone is to follow our laws ! If you dont like them or not ! They need to be lock up for slander and our safety from them ! They are dangerous people to us all !

  4. Dr. Gary Hatcher says:

    Put MAGA hat on each of them and throw them into a Aitifa rally!

  5. an American says:

    The only ones that would kill them would be democrats. The devil never supports his own.

  6. Doug Williams says:

    These four should be deported back to their former country or at least removed from Congress

  7. Dutch Owbrbftiwb says:

    Maxi pads, stronger deodorant , condoms ; you make a ton of money and you are FREE to spend it on anything you want. Omar and Rashid can always try that total body wrap camouflage. The chunky spinster from Massachusetts could try smiling (that would throw everyone off). And AOC: hell the rest of New York needs protection from you!

  8. Gator Master says:

    Lol. Their looks would scare off anything

  9. Army Soldier says:

    In some countries,they would have been exicuted by now.

  10. 2x4 Barrels says:

    forced adds are a no view

  11. Jay Robertson says:

    All of the Punk-leftist-crazy-antics-suckass-idiot-extremists are on the left… who do they need protection from?

  12. Robert Zea says:

    Will tell the squad to keep your big mouth shut and quit bad mouth in America and they won't need protection

  13. Alma Fraser says:

    Everybody needs protecting from everybody else. We are all in danger

  14. Hilde Platz says:

    My what a 🐖🐷🐽
    Needs to loose weight.

  15. Hilde Platz says:

    No protection for 4 👹👹👹👹
    He doesn't care about our USA citizen
    Use them for 🐋🦈🐡✈🐳🐬🐟🐠🦈food
    I agree with President

  16. bargie34 says:

    I view these 4 females with contempt, and wonder what kind of folks voted them into office. It is a sorry thingt
    .to contemplate. God bless all the good, decent Americans, and help our President with all his many endeavors to get us back on track,sans these four.

  17. Bonnie Doherty says:

    If those woman weren't so unamerican they wouldn't need security they cause their own problems by acting so foolish against our country.

  18. Debora Ragsdale says:

    If they would stop lying and tell the truth there wouldn't be a problem. All they want to do is lie about the borders and detention centers. They do not like America or anything else as far as that goes. They can dish it out but they can't take it oh well you want extra security, pay for it Yourself. You seem to know how to run a country I think you do go back to your country and once you finish with yours let us know how it worked out. I am personally sick and tired of listening to the four of those lying witches

  19. Nick Kastsaridis says:

    No need for protecting this are they it's all bulshit is another attack of saying and crying out for attention and that's all it is

  20. Dez Perkins says:

    It's the weather for tar and feather

  21. Dez Perkins says:

    The four occupants of Congress should go out among the people☠☠☠☠

  22. kerry packor says:

    Yes, I love what Trump say.

  23. Ken Robertson says:

    You said strikes against North Korea. That is not what the video is about! You fucked up…

  24. William Randolph says:

    They are creating this turmoil so let them deal with it

  25. wolvenwood says:

    AOC is NOT an American, she is DACA anchor baby. She does NOT belong in Congress.

  26. Sylvia Farese says:

    Once again, they create an issue then cry protect me. STFU

  27. Debra Russo says:

    When that be wishful thinking? If all the sudden that extra security slipped and look the other way at the right moment at the right time.

  28. Al Abernathy says:

    They don't believe in guns so how is that going to work for them naah they made their bed let them lay in it.

  29. Kathy Bruhn says:

    This bunch of trash needs to be taken to the dump, what Trump said was true not racist, they had to put it in the bullcrap, the problem for Dems is we are not listening anymore,if you don't like America,get the hell out…

  30. Tony Lorain says:

    These people have put EVERY person that supports our GREAT PRESIDENT!! In danger!! AND what about Matt Gates?? THEY put them self in danger by going against every thing MOST of us hold dear!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  31. Elaine Harris says:

    All I can say is what did they expect? It's their own fault for thinking they are special which they are not. Just another 4 of wasted space.

  32. crush soda says:

    We need security protection from the squids. And their armies crossing the border.

  33. Mark Austin says:

    Trump 2020 investigate 4 Congress woman for Treason

  34. Ron Townsend says:

    Everybody is going to blame the president and these women brought on themselves by running their mouth, take a good look at the track record.

  35. Debra Waters says:


  36. Cherry Hogenmiller says:

    Their over paid now, for nothing, Pay it themselfs.

  37. B Joyce says:

    No why should we pay for them not-doing anything? Bull….shi*

  38. Deborah Seagraves says:

    President Trump if they feel threatened maybe they should Shute there full mouths Shute it is not the American citizens place to pay for extra protection. Please deny them any extra security and if they need security then make them pay out of there own pocket or take it out of there pay

  39. Karen Mann says:


  40. Dawnie Newman says:

    Our Squad needs extra protection but they won't condemn antifa ??? And these are lawmakers for the United States, we are in big trouble vote them out protect us

  41. Gary West says:

    Squad?, more like strikeforce.

  42. Dori Fawn says:

    Cry me a flippin river..they have created their own reality…

  43. Kathy Louise says:

    Wasting our tax money again

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