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The U.S. on Thursday conducted its first flight
test of a new land-based ballistic missile. The test was carried from San Nicolas Island,
Calif. The test of this kind of missile was banned
under the INF Treaty and is now possible because the U.S has withdrawn from it earlier this
year. The Pentagon stated the test took place at
8:30 a.m. Pacific time when a prototype of the missile
was fired from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The missile flew for more than 300 miles or
480 km before landing in the ocean. The Pentagon added, “Data collected and
lessons learned from this test will inform the Department of Defense’s development
of future intermediate-range capabilities,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters
after the test, “Once we develop intermediate-range missiles and if my commanders require them,
then we will work closely and consult closely with our allies in Europe, Asia and elsewhere
with regards to any possible deployments,” In this video Defense Updates analyzes the
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20 million players from all over the world! INF Treaty was signed by Ronald Reagan and
Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. It banned ground-launch missiles with ranges
from 500 km to 5,500 km that is 310 to 3420 miles The INF Treaty eliminated around 2,700 nuclear
and conventional missiles, as well as their launchers. This was achieved by May 1991. This included short-range missile with 310–620
mi that is 500–1,000 km range and intermediate range missile with 620–3,420 mi that is
1,000–5,500 km range. The treaty had provisions for 10 years of
onsite inspections. INF Treaty went a long way in ending the serious
standoff between U.S Pershing and cruise missiles and Soviet SS-20 missiles in Europe. It should be noted that the treaty does not
cover sea-launched missiles. There were 2 main factors that resulted in
in the U.S abandoning the treaty which we will now look into one by one. On November 29, 2017, speaking at the Wilson
Center, National Security Council official Christopher Ford had revealed that the Russian
weapon violating the INF Treaty was the Novator 9M729, having NATO designation of SSC-8 This newly developed missile was reported
to be derived from 3M14 Caliber-NK land-based cruise missile and probably uses some design
elements of Kh-101 air-launched cruise missile. As per the United States, Novator 9M729 is
land-based and has a range between 500 km to 5,500 km that is 310 to 3420 miles depending
on fuel load and warhead used. This makes the missile violate the terms of
the INF treaty. The 9M729 is capable of hitting targets throughout
Western Europe with tactical nuclear warheads in the event of a conflict. In December 2017 the U.S. government had sanctioned
several companies involved in the production of the 9M729, including lead contractor Novator. In February 2018, the Pentagon concluded that
Russia was actively violating the terms of the agreements. In October last year, President Trump claimed
the agreement did little more than interfere with U.S. military development. The president had said at a Nevada rally,
“I don’t know why President [Barack] Obama didn’t negotiate or pull out, we’re not going
to let them violate a nuclear agreement and go out and do weapons, and we’re not allowed
to.” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg concurred
with Trump’s assessment. He stated, “After years of denials, Russia
recently acknowledged the existence of a new missile system, called 9M729. Russia has not provided any credible answers
on this new missile. All allies agree that the most plausible assessment
would be that Russia is in violation of the treaty.” The INF Treaty already had much opposition
in America’s power circle. This is not only because of the Russian aspect
but also due to the Chinese factor. Harry Harris, the former commander of U.S.
Pacific Command who is now U.S. ambassador to South Korea is one of them. In testimony submitted to Congress last year,
Harris pointed several important aspected. He noted that China is not a signatory of
any treaty like this and used it to develop a large arsenal of missiles. As per him, the Chinese Rocket Forces has
more than 2,000 ballistic and cruise missiles, almost 95% of which would violate the INF
treat if China was a signature. The U.S. government’s 2018 Nuclear Posture
Review (NPR) pointed to the fact that Russia is lowering its threshold for using low-yield
nuclear weapons in wartime and warned that the U.S. must move to match this capability. The NPR stated,
“Russia’s belief that limited nuclear first use, potentially including low-yield
weapons, can provide such an advantage is based, in part, on Moscow’s perception that
its greater number and variety of non-strategic nuclear systems provide a coercive advantage
in crises and at lower levels of conflict.” This is where the new American weapon will
come in. With this new weapon, the U.S will have a
way to strike Russia from Europe, just like Russia has the ability to hit Europe from
its homeland. This will mean both sides will be back on
the same situation which had led to the INF Treaty in the first place and it will actually
be worse as they now can easily deploy tactical nukes that have lower usage threshold. Since the distance between Russia and Western
Europe is very small, both parties will have very little time to react in case a missile
launch is triggered. This is bound to complicate the security situation. Viewers may note that this is second such
test. Earlier the U.S had tested a ground-launched
cruise missile which also violated the terms of the INF Treaty. The test drew a strong reaction from Russia. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters
on Friday, “We’ve said more than once that the United States has been making preparations
for violating the INF Treaty. This clearly confirms that the treaty was
ruined at the initiative of the United States.” Asked whether Russia had any information on
the kind of missile tested or its capabilities, he replied, “I’m not in the position to make
any comments from the technical standpoint [on] the missile’s parameters and characteristics.” It is to be noted that Russian Foreign Minister
Sergei Lavrov had traveled to Washington recently and meet Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and
President Donald Trump. Lavrov had stated that Russia had “directed
the attention of our partners at the negative consequences of the U.S. stepping out of the
INF Treaty.” He also declared a “unilateral moratorium”
on deploying prohibited missiles, provided American forces also do not deploy their own
systems. It is clear that with the end of the INF Treaty,
the probability of a conflict including a nuclear one has increased significantly. The Russian reaction indicates that it is
now concerned about the rapid progress of the U.S in testing and possible deployment
of this kind of missiles. Viewers may note that President Vladimir Putin
had earlier called on the U.S. to resume nuclear talks so that the strategic stability could
be safeguarded. Putin said in a Kremlin statement on August
5, the demise of the INF has “created fundamental risks for everyone”. President Trump had stated that his administration
had been discussing with Russia “about a pact for nuclear weapons, so that they get rid
of some, we get rid of some”. He also added.”We’d certainly have to include
China at some point,” It remains to be seen if a new treaty comes
into place.



  1. Carl Ryan says:

    Because we can never have enough nuclear bombs and missiles.

  2. Divik Sophistrum says:

    So a new arms race has begun

  3. Cute Krishna says:

    Real Content Starts at 2:21

  4. Aurobindo Ghosh says:

    it should have been tested from a submarine in south china sea where china and north korea could have seen it

  5. C Rock says:

    U.S. preparing for nuclear war!

  6. Ismail Abdukadir says:

    At the NATO summit, they argued that China and Russia should stick to INF treaty and they should stop their aggression!….

  7. roulette 17 20 says:

    Man you should work for CNN

  8. Ashish Patel says:

    Well I guess that's why China signed stage one of the trade deal.

  9. nesseiht gnay says:

    Russia is always violating treaties.

  10. krosny says:

    There is a reason Putin and China are complaining about Trump pulling out of the INF treaty

    China and Russia are about to find themselves surrounded by hundreds of new long range US missiles free from the range constraints of the INF treaty.

    Well done Trump.

  11. Arslan Akram says:

    Death note background music😁

  12. Roshan Singh says:

    Indian Navy soon going to deploy it's second indigenous nuclear sub. Ins Arighat . Please make a video about the submarine

  13. Piable says:

    USA VS RUSSIA? LOL more like USA VS CHINA. Either way, I dare ya!

  14. pathwayto enlightenment says:

    Russia and China and North Korea have been testing these for many years….The USA is playing catch up…

  15. Darren Rushworth-Moore says:

    Well the SSC8 has an official range of 480Km so just under what the treaty dictates on paper, which is kinda sly but still does not infringe on it. America says it has a range of 500-5500Km so one is official and the other is a guess and quite a varied one at that. America is quite clearly in breach of the treaty as you can't go from designing and launching a test in 3 months so they are quite clearly in violation of the treaty. But hey whats Russia gonna do sanction the US? The rest of Europe won't do anything tho even if they should be the ones worried the most as they are in the ones caught in the middle of it all.

  16. Dr Bendover says:

    to be deployed all over Europe with one a megaton warhead just like they wherein the 80,s:)

  17. bishwaraj please don't send any kind of aad. says:

    Without add or visitor only recommended thanks

  18. cRazY ZomBiE says:

    Well done, US! Keep going!

  19. MrVasja46 says:

    You were Thieves who never obeyed the signed Agreements and you remained Thieves!

  20. Johnny G says:

    It's about time!

  21. John H says:

    Well, Russia asked for it. As for China, the US will have to match their new missiles as well. To solve this mess, all three countries should sit down and make a three way deal.

  22. Воры в законе says:

    Still no match for Russian icbms

  23. RICK PITTMAN says:

    Obama tried to weaken the USA to make us vulnerable. President Trump Has Changed That Situation Now… The Deep State Wanted Destruction of the USA To Bring On Their New World Order. That's Not Going To Happen… WWG1WGA…

  24. Bob Phill says:

    Unfortunately stuff like this is necessary because Russia has been working on powerful ICBMs. Russia has been working on ICBMs to deter attacks because they know they can’t compete with America’s navy and airforce. Russia has spent so much time on air defense and missiles that their navy is crumbling and their airforce has no chance, Russia’s best bet would be to play defensively.

  25. Michael Speakman says:

    You know they are best friends. They are both in the Illuminati. What do you think Trump was building a hotel in Russia. I'm sure in time that the borders will be opened. Have they ever updated on long-range IBM missiles. I don't think they have since the 1970s when they was made.

  26. Patrick Murphy says:

    We all know very well China will continue to be reluctant to join for any possible future INF treaty or similar treaty. This will be a bad news as China will be permitted to continue to build up their arsenal unilaterally. This is why U.S. must stay one step ahead.

  27. ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed says:

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  28. Red Cloud says:

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  29. JOE BLOW ME says:

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  30. trankt54155 says:

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  31. Zerg says:

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  32. courierdude says:

    So much fake news propaganda in such a short vid.

  33. That Car Guy says:

    Treaties with Russia are pointless they don't stick to them. Look at Crimea and Ukraine. Literally attacked a nation for using a strait they border and have a treaty… Also as stated China would have to be included, which we all know they wont do.

  34. Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    China lacks any war fighting experience and so relies on missiles. Once they shoot their wad they will be helpless.

  35. thomas gellos says:

    This channel attracts the best misguided loosers on YouTube

  36. William Binkley says:

    Given the state of air defense advances, is this even worth the effort?

  37. Blindshiva says:

    "He [Lavrov] also declared a 'unilateral moratorium' on deploying prohibited missiles, provided American forces also do not deploy their own systems."

    Apparently, Lavrov does not understand the meaning of "unilateral".

  38. Daniël v. A. says:

    Welcome to the start of the second cold war

  39. Drooy Rich says:

    Fucking Americans, we hate you warwongers

  40. shaquille mccray says:

    This arms race will be over before you know it.

  41. shaquille mccray says:

    Never trust China & Russia

  42. Jeff M says:

    Treaty breakers. Saber rattling, a lot of swords out there China, Pakistan, North Korea, India yup.

  43. Mamoudou Ouedraogo says:

    😁😁⏳ 🕳🚀🚀🚀🚀💨💭👊✊ go go our great veterans our enemies are playing with fire hachem is in control

  44. XBX1MASTER says:

    So……Russia violates treaty and then gets upset that we respond with the same kind of missle they developed which violated said treaty. Hypocrites.

  45. anthony SL says:

    go USA

  46. lairdriver says:

    Trump bringing us closer to WW3 by withdrawing from these treaties

  47. Craig H says:

    I thought we learnt not to trust the Russians in 1945!

  48. Eugene Setiawan says:

    Do not trust Russian and China, they lie, lie and lie. So America and the rest of the world develop the best missile system, if these two countries try to bully any other countries, destroy them with out any questions. Do not give give Russian and China an inch of land or sea for the beside their borders, look at Ukraine and South China Sea.

  49. bitter saint says:

    Yes and we have a recording of that talk

    Sergei: we do not appreciate your violation of th…

    Trump: don't bullshit me

    From the recording it seemed Sergei pissed himself

  50. Ebros says:

    Nobody can win a nuclear war. It’s time to return to the negotiating table.

  51. devananda alva says:

    Communists don't believe in God they do not go to Buddha shrines or church and in the major wars they get defeated as do the rats trapped by hunter cat and gets swollen away isn't it

  52. Robert Bohnaker says:

    You can trust Russia to do what is their best interests. Good going Russia AND NATO !

  53. Robert Bohnaker says:

    Correction . Sorry I meant to say Good Going TRUMP AND NATO !

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  55. John Dexter Espadero says:

    Include china and iran in the treaty.

  56. alfred dunhill says:

    The US is the great Satan and has no morals at all. It shreds up agreements whenever it suits itself. Remember the Paris Accord on climate change. The US should be ashamed of itself.

  57. rajendra roy says:

    So that's mean we can now test surya ICBM indeed very good.

  58. Gem Girlla says:

    Shame on the US…. wasting taxpayer money. shut the pentagon down! It is a criminal network and black hole.

  59. J C says:

    The USA will always respond to Russian violations.

  60. The Modern Patriots says:

    Of course Russia is crying about this. When they get called out on being scumbags they just point the finger at anyone else. And Russia is a glorified 3rd world country. They are a joke economically. Russia is just North Korea with a crap load of useless territory. Now that the US held them accountable, Russia knows they don’t have any money to actually develop anything comparable to the US missiles. It’s hilarious to watch Putin be such a little spineless weasel 😂😂🇺🇸

  61. Michael Hartman says:

    I heard that Russia had broken the treaty by creating missiles, yet we had not. From this I assumed we had no missiles. My head spun that within a week we had test launched a treaty breaking missile. Obviously, we weren't innocent ourselves. Great, another arms race.

  62. Bob Beckel says:

    Communists are consummate liars. They have no intention of slowing down their own weapons development. Their only interest is in slowing down US weapons development. The best approach is the Reagan doctrine — build weapons faster than they do and point them all at them. Then let them know we plan to use them as soon as possible. Yes, pre-emptive strike. That is what caused the USSR to surrender.

  63. Simon Shaninga says:

    So what happened is that the US had a Poussy President and now they got a Strongman President….
    Now the Democrats want to remove the strongman….
    Pence is going to be even shittier, trying to be a Strongman.

  64. The Artificial Society says:

    Asking commanders when they need missiles, what madness. You will always be able to find a war monger out there that cares nothing about monstrous deaths, suffering, environmental disaster. We need to put these people in their proper place, a prison. We need to find ways to be rid of these kind of recklessly dangerous weapons. Wise and smart people understood that these kinds of nuts are way too fraught with danger. Now a new generation of incompetent characters have come that don't understand basic nuclear weapons military theory.

  65. Alexandr Noskov says:

    Let's see what the US does with the new weapons. Will it become more responsible, or will it attack some Honduras / Paraguay?

  66. Richard Rybarczyk says:

    When I was a kid in school during the 1950’s and 60’s my greatest fear was being blown into oblivion by a Russian nuke. Somehow hiding under my desk at school didn’t give me any sense of security, but that’s what we were told to do. Now my main concern is a civil war, you can almost feel it coming. Only one specific act or attack could trigger it. Praying that cooler heads prevail but with this corrupt media pushing lies and fake news you just never know.

  67. jackson kawilima onesmo kawilima says:

    Americans are laughing here. …
    Wait until zircon is on your door

  68. David Royce says:

    Simple answer!
    The worst any weapon of the military is inernal! "Politicians, playing with political correctness, which is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and more effectice than any method that can be executed by russia or china on the U.S!
    Stupid politicians, with no wisdom, no balls, and super sissified!

  69. Mike 72 says:


  70. room-ten-oh-nine ! says:

    lol, Russia is pissed that we did what they've been doing for years.

  71. Mar nig says:

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  72. Steve Escobedo says:

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  73. MyricalLyrical says:

    They were always abiding by the treaty but had the missile made 2 days after they withdrew🤣

  74. Ashot Khatchatrian says:

    All right one more step closer to war.

  75. Steve S. says:

    No more deals with Russia without including China!!!!!

  76. Bob says:

    I mean… as someone who doesnt stand to profit from selling weapons. War seems wrong. Not that being prepared for it is wrong. But pushing for it sure is imo

  77. James Kruczek says:

    Who cares about European cities they are now African and Arab

  78. Asjad Azeez says:

    Thank goodness trump pulled out before blowing up 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and saved the world from another weird clone.

  79. Christian Knight says:

    Why Russia and China can only test ballistic missiles but if US its concern them. You can say US is warmongering but Russia and China is warmongering too both economic and warfare

  80. 4epa1012 says:

    Withdrawing from the INF treaty and 10 months later comming up with new test missile, things don't work like that. It takes years to develop from a scratch such a weapon. So who's been violating that treaty then? Russia? Not sure about that…

  81. saeid safaei says:

    photoshop picture :DDD

  82. Ghostly One says:

    Russia likely trying to tell the US they made the missles because of CHina not because of Europe or America.

    America be like "Ya i don't give a fuck."

  83. Bun Yan says:

    Funny, I wonder how they get the bomb so quick, now I wonder who is the one that violated first

  84. Mark Fischer says:

    China has said it would not be a party to any treaty.
    The best place to deploy these weapons with nuclear warheads secretly until operational is Taiwan. Taiwan could then claim its independence and warn communist China that any attack or attempted invasion would be met with nuclear retaliation.

  85. Artur Chmiel says:

    Usa having a plonler president and withdrawing from treaty….Ww3 here we go!

  86. AllianceWithChina1 says:

    The Americans decades behind. !!! Russian missiles are designed to shoot down any Americans delusion !! lol

  87. Rodnell Alcika says:


  88. Roland Lawrence says:

    Wow that's fast development! They should get the same team sorting out patriot and the f35. Don't worry about US breaking the treaty. That's just tough love for Russia 😎

  89. SmithN' Wesson says:

    Funny how Russia and China are crying that the US is finally building up missile capabilities

  90. muhamed bataljevic says:

    so usa can test other countrys no ahha what an idiotic american policy

  91. Aussie Taipan says:

    Well done USA, create the hyper medium range missle and aim them directly at Moscow and China's largest 4 cities. I only wish our bone headed pollies here had the backbone to create our own nukes and join you. We are brothers.

  92. Nazgul 7 says:

    Can you make another video on US progress in hypersonics?

  93. DrTeknical says:

    Does anybody with any sense here think that the Russians can out-spend the US of A on weapons development ,and still have enough coin for bread and water for its citizens? Really? Keep this up Putin, and we'll bankrupt your country just like we did the USSR. Does anybody here think that we haven't been smart enough to develop similar weapons in our top-secret black ops labs? We don't brag about our highest tech. We develop it, and then pound you with it out of the blue. F-117 strikes on Baghdad ring any bells? Stop worrying. If Putin use even ONE nuke, anywhere, ever, he and his country will be pariahs, outcasts from the rest of the world. He knows this.

  94. PatienceZero says:

    Deploy in Japan, South Korea and India….shove them up the PLAs ass and watch the Chinese cry like babies… for deploying in Europe….let the friggin Germans and French defend their own ground for a change. Those assholes do not even want to pay their way in NATO.

  95. Almaz Blanco says:

    Signed in 1987, the INF Treaty forbids the production and possession of any land-based delivery system with a range of 500-5,500km. The agreement does not apply to sea- and air-based delivery systems such as submarine-launched ballistic missiles and air-launched cruise missiles.

    Since the early 2010s, Russia has circumvented the INF Treaty through the deployment of dual-use Kalibr-NK cruise missiles, which have a range of roughly 2,500km, on small corvettes and gunboats. Russia can move these littoral combatants through inland waterways and lakes, placing them beyond the direct sight of the US Navy and making them difficult for NATO to detect. This means that during, for example, an escalating crisis in the Baltic region, Russia could threaten Berlin, Paris, and London using vessels in the port of Kronstadt or the rivers around St Petersburg.

  96. Almaz Blanco says:

    Russia’s argument that US Aegis missile-defence sites deployed in may 2016 in Poland and Romania could harbour Tomahawk cruise missiles is more difficult to dismiss. Indeed, these sites’ Mark 41 Vertical Launch System can fire the Tomahawk, which has a range of around 1,600km and hit Moscow as well as its military bases.

    The Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System is capable of firing SM-3 defensive missiles that can "defeat incoming short and medium range enemy missiles."

    NATO has warships with Tomahawk missiles that could easily reach Russia’s biggest cities, striking the centre of government power from a considerable distance.

  97. German P says:

    American meatheads. My fellow American comrades, from a Russian, do not listen to your president on this topic. Whomst, I by the way, actually like. When Trump said Russia violated the INF treaty, he was clearly bullshitting. The reason for him saying this is entirely to increase his chances of winning some extra votes for the next election, to appear "tough on russia" as he has repeatedly tried to do. This treaty was violated long ago , one of the points obviously being the creation of missile systems in Romania, not far from Russia's borders. But that isn't nearly as important as the following reason. Another factor for Trump withdrawing from this treaty is because, whether anyone here likes to hear this or not, the US is significantly behind in missile systems compared to Russia. Maybe you won't hear this on PragerU or Fox, but comparing for instance the Patriot system or another icbm or defense system to something like the s400 series or the Sarmat missile ( as well as this clip showing a missile in action ( at around the 30 second mark) is at the moment, kind of silly
    The Pentagon simply needs to catch up, and needs an excuse to do so. Both the US and Russia have been creating ICBMs and similar projects in response to one another. There is nothing new here. But no direct violation of the treaty was committed by Russia. The violations were sustained first by Washington – which is nothing new, given signing a deal with the US is often wasting ink on toilet paper (middle east, gorbachev reagan nato expansion agreement, Obama's disastrous presidency and foreign policy, etc)

  98. ncis Mugerian says:

    Russians be like: write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!

  99. Flankymanga says:

    Americans forced Russians to sign a INF treaty that DID NOT included sea launchers like MK41 VLS, places MK41 containers capable of launching BGM-109 Tomahawks in Romania and then brags that Russians are fielding a missile with some magic capabilities violating INF treaty yet Americans did not present any proof while Russians have even SHOWN the system to the Journalists. I think that Russian missiles is not the problem here. The problem that Yanks are seeing here is China which is not part of the INF treaty and that could whoop their ass in the future. So be it. You won't get Russians sign another treaty without including Sea launchers and probably space launchers as well…

  100. Brian Eaton says:

    Lavrov sounds just like a Democrat

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