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The next-generation Long-Range Anti-Ship Missiles
(LRASM) achieved early operational capability (EOC) with the F/A-18E/F Super Hornets last
month. As reported in , a Naval Air Systems
Command public affairs officer has stated, “the Navy achieved early operational capability
(EOC) for the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) on the F/A-18 in November 2019. LRASM will play a significant role in ensuring
military access to operate in the Pacific and in the littorals by providing a long-range
surface warfare capability.” U.S has been lagging in Anti Ship Missiles
development , but this is a significant step. LRASM is standoff weapon with a range of 500
nautical miles that is around 925 km or 575 miles. US Navy operates around 10 nuclear-powered
supercarriers which are more than all the other nations combined. Each of these have an air wing which consists
of F/A-18E/F that will now be able to carry the LRASM. In this video Defense Updates analyzes how
American Supercarriers will take out Chinese & Russian warship before they can strike? Let’s get into the details. This video is sponsored by War Thunder. If you are, like us, fascinated by military
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in the description below. So, take the plunge and join the more than
20 million players from all over the world! The U.S has been fighting with adversaries
that have no or very small navy like Iraq or Afghanistan. The inadequacy in Anti Ship capability crept
in mainly due to a lack of credible opponents. America was focusing on military assets that
were more in line with these battles like the development of drones. This lead to a lull in the development of
advance Anti-ship missiles. But things have changed in the last decade
as Russia & China have developed a range of anti-ship missiles that challenge the supremacy
of U.S surface warfare capability. Both of these countries have strong navies
and are actively pursuing ways to counter the U.S Navy by developing a wide variety
of Anti-ship missiles that can target U.S warships from long ranges. Now the U.S is responding to the emerging
threat. The U.S currently uses Harpoon missile as
the main Anti Ship weapon. Initially developed in the 1970s, it has seen
many upgraded over the year but is essentially a 5-decade old design. It is an over-the-horizon, anti-ship missile
manufactured by Boeing. Harpoon ER (Extended Range) can reach targets
at a maximum distance of 80 miles or 130 KM. It has a speed of Mach 0.7, which means it
has high subsonic speed but not supersonic. U.S do have SM1, SM 2 & SM6 supersonic missiles
which have a primary role of air defense with a secondary Anti Ship role, but their small
warheads are not capable of crippling a large warship. The only credible anti-ship weapon is the
NSM The Naval Strike Missiles or NSM is the upgrade
of Kongsberg’s Penguin short-to-medium range anti-ship guided missile. The missile has a range of 100 miles or 185
km. NSM is capable of high subsonic speeds. It has sea skim mode by which it travels very
close to the surface, making it hard to detect and intercept. It is also designed to maneuver to avoid enemy
defenses. It is equipped with a 276 pounds or 125 kg
multi-purpose blast/fragmentation warhead. NSM features an imaging IR-seeker which is
complimented by inertial/GPS navigation. The missile also has a built-in database of
representative ship types to distinguish between intended targets and other objects. But even NSM is constrained by its range. For example, the Indo Russian Brahmos missile
can fly at supersonic speed and have a range of 185 miles or 300 km. Its range is being upgraded. The Russian ramjet-powered P-800 Oniks is
capable of streaking at naval targets up to 370 miles or 600 km away at speeds of Mach
2.5 The Chinese YJ-12 has a speed of around Mach
2, if launched from low altitude and up to Mach 3.2, if launched from high altitude. It has a maximum range of around 235 miles
or 380 km depending on launch altitude. The 3M22 Zircon developed by Russia is said
to have the capability to reach speed up to Mach 8 and has a max range of 600 miles or
around 1000 km depending on launch trajectory. These missiles outrange American once and
because of their supersonic speed will be hard to intercept especially when a barrage
of these is fired. The AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff
Missile is a stealthy and highly precise surface-skimming cruise missile with a range of 230 miles or
620 for the Extended Range AGM-158B. Viewers may note that a shorter range variant
was used in combat on April 4, 2018, when two B-1B bombers launched nineteen of the
stealth missiles at a Syrian research center in Barzeh. Lockheed Martin worked on the missile further
and AGM-158C is developed which is an antiship variant and is named LRSM by the U.S Navy. The missile is subsonic and but since it is
LO (Low Observable), the enemy warship will not see it coming till it is very close. This strategy is a stark contrast to Russian
and Chinese missile which depend on speed to defeat the ship’s defense. It is powered by an F107 turbofan engine and
has a 1,000 lb (450 kg) blast-fragmentation penetrator. The warhead is potent enough to cripple a
large warship. LRASM will cost around $3 million apiece which
makes it twice as costly as Harpoon missiles. US Navy plans to acquire 467 LRASMs with an
initial order of 23. LRASM deploys multiple sensors & techniques
to home in on the targets. The details are here: 1. It has an inertial and jam-resistant GPS navigation
system. This is mainly used for navigating the initial
phase of the journey. 2. A two-way data link is present, which allows
the launching warship to send course corrections data. It will be used for mid-course guidance during
which missile flies at medium altitude. 3. It has a guidance algorithm that can acquire
& target enemy ships when external guidance is disrupted. It is mainly used in the mid to final phase. The algorithm is smart enough to differentiate
civilian ships and low priority enemy warships from the actual target. 4. It has a Radio-frequency sensor which is activated
in the terminal phase. The system homes in on an adversary’s radar
signals—the very radar which is used by the enemy warships to track the missile. 5. In the terminal phase, the Infra Red sensor
is also engaged. It is used to make the last-ditch adjustment
so that the missile can hit specific points of an enemy warship to maximize damage. In this phase, the missile skims close to
the surface which makes it hard to target. It is important to note that LRASMs can be
deployed in swarm mode which will enable it to saturate enemy defenses. LRASM also deploys electronic counter-countermeasures
(ECCM) to overcome the enemy’s countermeasures. F/A-18E/F have a combat radius of 390 nmi
(449 mi, 722 km). So, the LRASM equipped F/A-18E/F will be able
to strike targets at ranges of almost 900 nmi. This is an excellent tactical ability especially
when we take into account that American Supercarrier have very capable airborne early warning platform,
the E-2D Hawkeye manufactured by Northrop Grumman. Operating from an altitude above 25,000ft,
the Hawkeye can warn the naval task force of approaching threats and can provide positional
data to the F/A-18E/F Super Hornets. Super Hornets are very capable and battle
tested aircraft which has seen many rounds of upgrades that have kept them optimized
for changing battle scenarios. These jets will be able to home in on the
Russian and Chinese warships and will be able to launch the LRASM without having to enter
their strike envelop. The duo will surely be a potent adversary
for any American rivals. Furthermore , American Carrier Strike Group
have Arleigh Burke class Destroyers that have 96 Mark 41 cells & Ticonderoga class Cruisers
that have 122 of these cells LRASM will be integrated to Mark 41 cells
too going forward and this will make it even more versatile.



  1. trankt54155 says:

    B52 has been scheduled to carry 20 LRASM in its internal rotary launch system. It is planned to have a naval strike mission in addition to laying Quickstrike naval mines. B1 Lancer is able to carry 24 LRASM but if the fleet is scheduled to be retired then the mission may be transferred to the B52s because these will be around until 2050s.

  2. Sewan & Sawen Creations says:

    The us is a murdering lying sack of shit without any real space planes

  3. Sewan & Sawen Creations says:

    Elon musk is a joke…and he builds and makes jokes, for everyone to joke about…so that one day, when it comes, and he pulls his head out of his ass, and attempts to build a real futuristic company with people that have greater imaginary designs than just what he can come up with, then he'll actually be able to compete…but for now, he keeps his head up his ass, and mind trapped in 1800's stop animation cartoons…from mercury poisoned theatre types…who are not engineers…just people pleasers, and Goddamn manipulators…so all our cars and trucks look like 2 dimensional shit…come on Elon…what the fuck?

  4. joe snake says:


  5. Michael Gabriel says:

    Hopeless analysis…
    Get congress to approve your war first.
    History shows your have not win any wars since WWII.
    Much less to fight modern China n Russia, which by the way have helped Vietnam with rudimentary weapons in the Vietnam War. The Star n Stripes turned tail from their embassy roof.

  6. Craig Dillon says:

    Besides the E2-D Hawkeye, doesn't our Navy use satellite surveillance to spot and identify naval threats near our fleets??
    I find it interesting that this is never talked about, yet it is also quite obvious.

  7. razony says:

    Talk, Talk, Talk like little children at the water cooler. How America/Russia/China are going to destroy, kill, take down… Stop with the war cry's like you can't wait for your children to die!

  8. Troy Do says:

    Lol need to make one of this in my garage… and buy the casing from Lockheed…

  9. SunriseLAW says:

    America produces over half the war materiel on earth. Our largest buyer for decades is Saudi Arabia. Our only enduring military victory since WW2 was "Battle of Grenada, 1983" . All the rest were pointless slaughters of people far away. War is a product of war industries marketing their product based upon fear. Nice to see it playing out on Youtube instead of the 3-d world.

  10. Kleshmir Cribb says:

    Dark Star: My mission is to detonate.

  11. Richard Maier says:

    Lockheed put the LRASM video years ago,only change is it went joint"S"

  12. Richard Maier says:

    if they had kept ,upgraded+cost down the AIM54C it might be a moot point in many scenarios.

  13. B says:

    Great sea skimming missile AND the USA will soon have hypersonic missiles with many ways to deliver them, a game changer as know one would dare use their hypersonics if we also have them unless they are thinking all out war which would also be very bad for them and they know it.

  14. I'm that guy says:

    Couldn't they make a mini nuke missile with ram jet to take out shipsπŸ€” forget just putting a hole in the ship blast it out of the water

  15. Cephas Martin says:

    Congratulations! You finally got the hint and turned off the captions.

    UPDATE: They returned after the first commercial. WTF, Defense Updates?

  16. RKKH Hansen says:


    πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί πŸ’ž 🌍 STAY STRONG & READY
    FREEDOM FIGHTERS πŸ™ πŸ’ž πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

  17. lbbradley55 says:

    Anyone who would make a VIDEO TITLE LIKE THIS is STUPID.

  18. david render says:

    Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, all ended the same way as Vietnam.
    Best way to win a war is to avoid fighting them.

  19. krosny says:

    F-35s shadowing Chinese ships can provide targeting information to LRASMS just as F-35s can with SM-6s.

    Bye bye Chinese navy.

  20. ALPHA and OMEGA says:

    LRASM and LRSO , potent combination to destroy either VaChina , Pussia or both !

  21. Infinit 0 says:

    What is with all the pushing war crap today. And I didn't ask for this shit. Stop putting this shit in my file. I don't give a shit about war.

  22. Bojan Vukobradović says:

    Find Borzzikman

  23. bishwaraj please don't send any kind of aad. says:

    Without add or visitor only recommended thanks

  24. a bcdef says:

    Next pullback on Lockheed Martin and I'm buying like a mofo

  25. Jomo Callinder says:

    Hello !!! From the other side please to HEAVEN sake stop this FAKE NEWS !!!! Lets do the MATH ….S 400 Missile TRAVEL AT WHAT SPEED ? ZIRCON MISSILE TRAVEL AT WHAT SPEED ? and there are OTHER MISSILES not mention here !!! So you know and I know RUSSIAN MISSILE SPEED and CHINA IS NOW CLOSE PARTNERS WITH RUSSIA !!!! Please lets see you do the MATH !!!! and FAKE NEWS !!!

  26. Dana.k.a.bradpitt says:

    Do one on Black Mantas !!

  27. shaquille mccray says:

    GO USA!!!!!!!!

  28. shaquille mccray says:

    R.I.P Chinese & Russian Navies

  29. Michael Heffernan says:

    Stop the war propaganda .its like this site wants war ..the us empire will fail in its evil N.W.O agenda

  30. luke wilson says:

    Anytime you bring a new technology to destroy enemy warships or planes, you are likely to see the enemy developing similar technology in the near future. Therefore, you always have to be continuously developing new technology, so that enemy will never be able to catch-up. Just like programming language. Anytime you learn the feature for a new language, a new version will be available, and you will have a hard time or long time to catch-up.

  31. Ferdinand Tomas says:

    I love military acronyms. Can't wait for this military booty to shake the ground

    Bomber Interdiction Ground Air Surface Surface Missile.

  32. Casey Waller says:

    They look like the perfect thing for liberal population control

  33. Casey Limbert says:

    Just when the Reds think they have them beat, the US responds with a game-changer like this… try again, Lenin!

  34. Carmine Smith says:

    Gee, 500 miles, while China and Russia have perfected hypersonic missiles with ranges in the thousands of miles… who's kidding who, Americans better wake up!

  35. Tulsi Kumar says:

    Make a video on bramhos capable indian sukhoi- su30mki.

  36. JOE BLOW ME says:


  37. paco 1738 says:

    This man think he is playing war thunder πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ "take out out Russia and China before they make a move" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you are a grown man dont think like a kid

  38. Slavisa Ilic says:

    Brahmos, kinzal, avangarde, zirkon…and what's hapened when you wake up?

  39. aon10003 says:

    Get real. The one who wins on the sea is the one who control space.

  40. Nishant Kashyap says:

    You are mistaken. When Americans cant beat even the stone age Afghans, do you really think they are capable of anything?

  41. Chris Glover says:

    So going to war with Russia , China …. humm LOL remain to be seen or hear its going to be a nukeler war fer that goes an all out HELL in a few minutes not be funny its real just up set the hole planet.

  42. Chris Glover says:

    Russia got more versatile missile than any country in the world and up to date that a FACT. Don't make Russia made ! Thanks

  43. Craig Deeds says:

    Let us be serious for a moment with the limited number of these weapons available the swarm attack scenario is unrealistic as it is for the Russians and Chinese. Without a mass procurement and extensive operational deployment these weapons are merely a one use and hope it works weapon. The same can said of the opponent's weapon neither of which are available in numbers to be tactically effective.

  44. hendo19742 says:


  45. Mirage drone says:

    Any fool thinking this stupid ideas will work, he will die a fool.
    War between Russia and the US will go nuclear in less then 24 hours.

  46. Luis Villafane says:

    I just wanna to say that: β€œNo Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy” Helmuth von Moltke (German military strategist)

  47. Mirage drone says:

    "The Great Whore Babylon will be destroyed in one hour. "
    Revelation 18:1-10
    That Whore is the USA. 😁

  48. Simon Shaninga says:

    It's as if this channel has been bought by the US….

  49. Martin Mwondha says:

    He neglected to mention that the super hornet can only carry two of these babies. That is not enough fire power.

  50. Berichten uit Donbass says:

    For the past 18 years the US is trying to beat guy's on sandals armed with AK rifles in Afghanistan.
    How is that working out?. That Orange clown is working out a deal with the Taliban because the US CANNOT WIN.
    I would laugh my ass off if it wasn't so pathetic.

  51. Bob Beckel says:

    I wonder. US aircraft carrier in the Med attacking Iranian fleet in the Persian Gulf.
    Defend Taiwan from invasion from mainland China. Attach China's manmade islands in the South China Sea. Lots of potential targets. Lots of potential customers are US allies.

  52. Mordalo says:

    Basically a small cruise missile.

  53. RedFireTree's view on India says:

    China's military is just for defense purpose, unlike USA need to send military forces to all over the world. therefore, for defending purpose, China has capability of secure a defend line of about 3000 km from mainland China (with island in SCS, this line could be further away from China's mainland), with land based long range antiship missiles, such as DF-26 to cover Guan and surrounding areas with range of 3,000–5,471 km, DF-17 hypersonic with range about ~1 ,800–2,500 kilometres, DF-21D, and with submarine based YJ18 with range of 600 km, any attack with 3000 km range towards China'a navy will be retaliated.
    however, you may keep dreaming, it is free and can make you happy, haha :))

  54. Bradley Anderson says:

    F 35A's and F 35C's both can carry the Norwegian Joint Strike Missile internally.

  55. Enrique LaRoche says:

    China has 2 Aircraft carriers Russia only one. Most Russian Warships are Small missile boats. designed to attack American aircraft carrier groups. So our new missile is designed to target what?

  56. Uru Momo says:

    " … with an initial order of 23 ."
    LOL — step it up !
    467 total ?

  57. The Prophet Mohdonald Bin Trump says:

    This type of destruction is getting me all warm for holidays πŸ’₯πŸŽ…πŸŽ

  58. silk Alter says:

    Here's the problem you got a $10,000 drone you have 10,000 of them coming at you what you going to do

  59. Eric G says:

    What if an EMP detonates? Will it shut down the carrier?

  60. justin lawson says:

    When my carrier got them, they looked really cool. They don't look like normal missiles

  61. Dusty Rusty says:

    Why can't we build hypersonic attack ordnance?

  62. Ashish Patel says:

    Who really cares about any of this?
    We need more videos on the space force and the stuff we got up there. πŸΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ½

  63. William Binkley says:

    I know how we take out the Russian navy. Go back thirty years and win the Cold War.

  64. GlockHoliday says:

    Anybody else hear the car door chime in the background?

  65. marcdunord says:

    ok good copy/speaking by DU of the original national review article, but why — unlike national review — omit that CIWSs would take care no prob of this slow subsonic turkey?

    ============ A second consideration is that while the stealthy LRASM may evade radar direction and delay response of antiaircraft defenses until too late, its subsonic speed may leave it a comparatively easy target for shorter-range close-defense autocannons and heat-seeking missilesβ€”though the LRASM supposedly has a reduced infrared signature.

    A final issue is price: the LRASM appear to cost roughly $3 million per missile, making it a premium asset at over twice the cost of newer-model Harpoon missiles. This could limit the number fielded. Currently, the Navy seeks to acquire 467 LRASMs, though in the near term only twenty-three are on order.

  66. Alexandr Noskov says:

    If the US does the same thing that the USSR did, then everything is correct.

  67. Brokejoker says:

    Wait, was the LRASM the same missile that were shot down during the attack on the chemical plant in Iran?

  68. Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Reliable US weapons systems

  69. Mamoudou Ouedraogo says:

    I told you that's why I like your analysis you always tell the truth and the truth is eternal πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Š but I don't think this coming war his going to be more than 1/2 hours this is not a war between Tom B and harry fighting till the death πŸ•³πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸ’¨πŸ’­

  70. Gordon Rose says:

    I am sure USA has faster missiles Brian that.. Enemies might attack now while they have the edge on USA

  71. Dr Bendover says:

    imagine just one squadron of F18,s with one of these stealthy missiles under each wing being covered by a few F35C,s and taking out Chinas entire carrier lol by the time china knows what's going down the second strike will be launching from over five hundred miles away:)

  72. Joe Venecia says:

    28 dislike were chinese commy.πŸ˜‚

  73. EAL says:

    Once a war starts between China, Russia, and the US, the world is coming to an end. So, let's pray for no wars. If Defense Updates wants a war, then we send Defense Updates to the front lines. Better yet, we send their kids to war.

  74. THE OTHERGUY says:

    Combine LRASM equipped Super Hornets with the MQ 25 Stingray which will even further increase range.

  75. Malcolm Wu says:

    LOL funny american dreams

  76. RealGamer says:

    50 or 100 of these will swarm the only aircraft carrier China has. bye bye Chinese navy.
    others will destroy coastal defenses
    US armed forces lands and start a blitz war invasion
    NATO attacks Russia from a 3 fronts to distract it from helping China
    US rangers plant the US flag on the roof of Zhongnanhai (presidential palace) in Beijing. Bye Bye China

    Russia surrenders and installs a pro western regime.
    Hail Hydra
    Next target: India

  77. Sa A says:

    Lol watch the American warships sink when it all gets started

  78. Mark Fischer says:

    Sinking an enemy warship is an act of war. To be certain of a total kill the warhead should be replaced with a small nuclear warhead.

  79. SteelBlueVision says:

    I don't understand how these prop Hawkeyes are not easy targets for jets that would surely take them out without much difficulty to cripple the "eyes" of these ships.

  80. Junior Dexter says:

    no match for Russian hypersonic missiles

  81. John Halsey says:

    You say that but I hear bias in here you are not unbiased china is just as powerful as the USA so is Russia they arent broke like most of our enemies we fight so it will be an all-out murder feast

  82. Bull Durham says:

    Missiles are a waste of money, when the Russian and Chinese ships are self-destructive: their own rust will send them to the bottom.

  83. Former K.G.B. says:


  84. skipsteel says:

    Personally I think the B1A would be able to use its rotary launcher as well, as the LRASM is very capable it should be very potent too.

  85. Vulture 1-1 says:

    I saw Lockheed’s video on the lrasm

  86. jms jms says:

    Clap clap clap (fortissimo)!!!

  87. Slappy Chap says:

    Americans have lost every war they had with armed adversaries.Even with unarmed people who live in sandy areas. just enough to steal the oil and resources.

  88. Derrick Holzhey says:


  89. Carl Ryan says:

    The US is never going to attack China and China will never attack the US. This is all saber rattling.

  90. Skippy says:

    I don't think China or Russia if the situation arises intend to use Naval Surface Vessels as there prime way of attacking the US Navy. They will first up strike using Aircraft carrying there Long Range Anti Ship Missiles launched from outside the Defensive umbrella of any Carrier Fleet. There Navies overall will be kept back for final Defense.
    The exact same way 70+ years ago most major Naval Battles were fought.
    Using Air Craft.

  91. Vlado Parenzan says:

    Keep dreaming remember remember U-2 nothing could even detect it except a Russian rocket NICE WAKE UP CALL USA
    Remember the stealth F-117A knocked out of the sky by a bunch of Serbian pheasants with WW2 anti aircraft cannons
    Take everything with a grain of salt

  92. Jericho19111 says:

    Relax already.Russia already captured USA.Thanks to dear comrade Donald Trump.Who will be president in 2020.And China also Russian friend..Everyting will be O.K.

  93. Loki says:

    I saw the joint exercise with Russia and China, never seen so many broken down vehicles. πŸ˜‚

  94. Eric Pham says:

    With a simple modiication I am sure that LRSM and SM 6 can have up to mach 5 – 6 or even mach 10 at which the enemy defense have to rest their case

  95. Tonnito Edwards says:

    Viewers may noteπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love that phrase…anyday everday…

  96. Paladin Falconer says:

    You mentioned that they would be effective in a swarm attack. Then mentioned that the Navy is ordering 23 of this missles. It doesnt seem like our Navy will be able to produce much of a swarm attack.

  97. jason4275 says:

    Waiting for the news when the Chinese carrier get caught on camera staling in the middle of the sea and need a tug boat to bring it back to shore, or multiple fires inside due to incompetence.

  98. Shiraz Adams says:

    You should read Sun Tze 'The Art of war "written 2500 years ago. The rice farmers in Vietnam read it.

  99. HARRY BALLS says:

    I have to know WTF is in this that cost 3 fucking million dollars? Is it made out of cocaine?

  100. Tom Palmer says:

    Three million dollars a piece?! Whew! Let's not use those things unless we have to.

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