Think The FBI Is About 'Law Enforcement'? Guess Again

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so there's a story about the FBI now the
FBI has for a long time of course been in
what law enforcement either the guys who go get the bag is that they're not the
CIA they're not focus on things that are happening
abroad there not Department of Homeland Security than other the best for their
the FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation's the
new investigations here at home right well it's interesting cuz major recently changed her FB i
factually told fact she said the primary function of the FBI is law
enforcement that makes sense that's what we grew up with the new fact sheet says the primary
function of the FBI is national security wait a minute Department home I security
does national security partner defenses national security was the FBI doing
national security FBI has a 100 different crimes to track side just about national security okay so now is it exxon article in foreign
policy explains why they do this the talk to national security lawyer Cal mcclanahan and he made a great point he
said I think they're trying to rebrand so many good things happen to your
agency when you tie to national security goes on to explain a little bit more in detail he says if you tire so to
national security you get funding and you get exemptions
and disclosure cases you get all the wonderful arguments
about how if you don't get your way buildings will blow up an account
country will be less say bingo so or you had an issue with disclosure
case you're having trouble not national security step aside step
aside are owed to disclose anything to you at
cetera okay to are you human truth national security if you'll give me what
I want the terrace are going right and we get more money that way
internally you betcha Mark A that's where the money
is flowing in buckets but that's not the only reason for this
rebranding and restructuring of the FBI now let me explain first war between
2001 and 2009 the FBI doubled their home page is
dedicated to counterterrorism now if you look at that bank by itself
you might think hey we mean that's just a bad thing we know do in counterterrorism great we double
our efforts but they didn't double the FBI's budget know you see that the ship things around make other priorities less important so FBI agent greg Garrett explains violent
crime property crime and white collar crime all those things had reductions in the
number people available to investigate that so if there was some violent crime
around you Saturday we moved it counterterrorism UK
now how many terror plots are there in the
country not that many but that's where the big bucks are so who cares if you got crime in your
area in fact robert hall is a special agent near
Chicago where they have a significant amount of violent crime he says if I pour more resources in
violent crime and after take away from other things by counterterrorism so he doesn't so the
FBI puts less resources in the violent crime
Chicago a look there's a hundred different reasons for but this is among them and while our we have
more violent crime now there's a lot of different factors
but when it comes to white collar crime the
FBI is absolutely critical there on the few
organizations the country that have been up resources to be able to go after big
banks and huge financial institutions with huge
resources whom were up and fight back against you well luckily back in 2000 where about
10,000 cases the FBI was investigating white collar crime investigations I'll well with the Ru new restructuring in the Bush years after
9/11 we look at that in 2005 only 35 100
cases if you're counting at home that's about
two-thirds reduction all golly gee are they doing
white-collar crime in all that financial a fraud although I scoops we didn't have
the FBI guys to be able to investigate what could we do as Seattle post-intelligencer degree
report about this bag in the 2007 had the FBI continued investigating financial crimes the same
rate as it had been before the terror attacks about to thousand more white-collar
criminals would be behind bars all those white collar criminals free to
go and house in 2007 mmm what happened after 2007 alright the biggest financial collapse in
American history next to the Great Depression and why
because we're the biggest financial fraud in American history and those guys right also free to go from I guess you're a couple birds with one
stone when all the Sun the FBI is not about law enforcement a more it's about national security parlor
reason for that is because they don't want to enforce the
law the robbers are in charge my friends they own Washington and now their
defunding all their enemies weathers the SEC we've
done stories about that before whether it's all the regulatory bodies
when you hear them really all regulation regulation what they're saying is or don't don't regulate Wall Street
because if there are cops on the beat while the
robbers are very very happy about that and now they've even gutted the FBI looking in the white collar crime


37 Replies to “Think The FBI Is About 'Law Enforcement'? Guess Again”

  1. Stupid Plumbing says:

    The most powerful and wealthiest nation in the history of the world and we walk around scared shitless.

  2. MisterMitch says:

    "The robbers are in charge". Sad but true.

  3. onemadhungrynomad says:

    the white collar crime division is now one guy in a broom closet.

  4. David Schwartz says:

    I agree with the main point here. Specifically, I enthusiastically agree that actual law enforcement has gotten progressively more and more ignored and damaged since we started reacting poorly to the horrible terrorist attacks of 9/11. But I do want to bring up one very important point:

    A lot of people think that national security means essentially the same thing as counter-terorrism and that this means the FBI is focused on fighting terrorists. But national security, and the FBI's mission, also includes serious threats to our national security such as foreign intelligence operatives in the United States. Foreign agents routinely infiltrate United States companies, particularly military, green energy, and high-tech companies, to steal trade secrets, on a massive scale. I think a lot of people don't realize how big this problem is.

  5. TheLinkoln18 says:

    I always though F B I stood for Fraud Bankruptcy and Insolvency…..

  6. pc says:

    if you are a narcotic its DEA
    if you are Rambo its ATF
    if you are a serial killer its FBI
    if you are James Bond is CIA
    if you get 6 stars on gta its Homeland Security

  7. Ridiculous Orange Pants of the Modern World says:

    I'm not even a little bit afraid to get arrested for telling the truth which is that indeed the FBI is "not even a pretty law enforcement dress in a good store's window" because of a sickening collective illiteracy of unintelligent and violent obsessions with people that is a direct reflection of carrying an "iconic set of pseudo-linear physical attributes" meaning that most of the federal agents and thus also part of the personnel that work for the Department of Justice DO NOT have the necessary real skills in the also "iconic pseudo-linear attached brain" to truly uphold the Law and represent a real figure of authority to help prevent crimes. This simple but significant observation means that if the USA government does not truly make an effort and raise the bar to prevent this type of "iconic arrogant pseudo-linear type of person" from applying to work for the government, the USA government will collapse completely in an absolute catastrophic corruption in every single federal and non-federal agency. I am not the religious type but there is a painting called "The Last Judgement" by Michelangelo in the Altar Wall of the Sistine Chapel that has a big figure of Satan "walking and lurking around (searching) like drinking a cup of coffee" as the "Chief of All Investigative Bureaus", investigating and solving his own crimes, trying discretely to get the attention of people with stories of false assassins (dressed in a white cloak) to tempt the public to develop obsessions with more "curvy" people represented by Saint Lawrence and his "grill/ladder" as the man that carry the "pinnacle of a real masculine popular anatomy and curve" and the objective of the obsessions is to create a "false modern figure of Jesus (painted in bright orange)" to step by step guide the public to build an altar to Satan and not to God. Therefore, the misconduct that we contemplate sometimes in the police, federal agents and members of the USA government and that can also give rise to terrorism could easily obey a deliberate act of protest towards the establishment of a good and progressive modern government and an attempt to impose a well-planned anarchy and thus no wonder the title of the painting is "The Last Judgement".

  8. amen smith says:

    #HomelandSecurity is the #FBI #DEA #ATF #NSA and a few other local branches of government put together it's not a new branch but a collaboration of existing agencies it's more of a #Protocol @The Young Turks you didn't know?……

  9. Moreththerogue says:

    I've always dreamed of being a criminal but don't want to go to jail. I wonder if my local bank would give me a loan to open a bank.

  10. Jerry Lifsey says:

    2000 white collar criminals…were any those the 536 criminals in Washington, DC?

  11. Charles Gugins says:

    repeal Glass-Seagal act in 1999 and the financial collapse of 2008 is what you get.  Bill Clinton signed that repeal.

  12. Austin O'shields says:


  13. The_Gilded_Age_Phoenix says:

    Govts are all corrupt and always will be.  Disinterested, God-like servants of humanity are a fantasy and merely descriptions put in the history books by the powerful.  Corruption is the rule with govt, but there are brief periods of just govt immediately after a revolution or collapse.  These periods don't last long.

  14. Fireworxs2012 says:

    the only one surprised by this is Cenk…

  15. norm lor says:

    Great blog but I think that you're english teacher should be ashamed for your pronunciation 

  16. nacho man says:


  17. Lemonz1989 says:

    The biggest threat to national security isn't terrorism, it's financial fraud!
    Also, you are more likely to be killed in some violent crime other than terrorism, so why aren't the huge resources being put there instead of terrorism?
    Sure, terrorists are a threat to national security, but nowhere near to justify the amount of resources being diverted towards it from other important sectors.

  18. judges69 says:


  19. ojaott says:

    I mean, you're not hitting any birds tossing that stone, but man, what a stone, huh? It's huge.

  20. alsask2010 says:

    the bank fraudsters have done more to harm the world than any violent terrorist. after 9/11 it was a bad thing but the average American was safe in their homes. the bank frauds and crimes made many millions jobless homeless and pushed out of their homes that they bought in good faith and were foreclosed and left homeless. how many bankers went to jail. NONE. how much money was spent to investigate. very little. the true terrorists against the USA public is the big bankers and corporations that have left us jobless, homeless, and without hope

  21. HobtheGoblin says:

    Didn't we all learn this watching the wire? I know that show is fiction, but it was right on with so many aspects of our culture, government, law enforcement, and education, i went right along and assumed it was well known that the FBI had lost it's bite.

  22. Camilo Tapia says:

    Aiding & abetting a criminal enterprise involving foreign & domestic commerce. I'll do the math: Hobbs Act+Hobbs Act+Hobbs Act+Hobbs Act+Hobbs Act..etc…=RICO Act.

  23. Camilo Tapia says:

    Cenk? You did to me again. You do it to me all the time! You made me a genius! You were right! 9/11 was the largest financial fraud case in U.S. history. And the FBI has no legal authority to investigate 9/11 or violent crime because it links back to the goons who pulled off 9/11 in the first place. Therefore, the FBI was not formed under U.S. charter and has no legal authority. I feel like I have a Ph.D. from T.Y.T. University. Many thanks.

  24. aceous99 says:

    Time hiest some bank$!

  25. ThirdEyeJedi says:

    The Young Turks are on point with this one. If you really want to know who the F.B.I.  works for then I highly suggest you watch the Boys Town Documentary. 9/11 was such an inside job. It makes me sad that my fellow man cannot see building 7 for what it is.

  26. Thomas Munzer says:

    According to the book The Terror Factory, the FBI organizes all the domestic terror plots. The Boston Bombers were on the FBI payroll. Also why did they kill Ibragim Todasev? The FBI is the American Stasi, ever since that punk J Edgar Hoover. Look up COINTELPRO.

  27. IMortage says:

    Thinking about moving to the US. It's never been so easy to fraud your way into wealth and I could really put my law degree to a proper use, not to the boring do-goody stuff back here in Europe.

  28. John M. says:

    This show is starting to sound like Alex Jones's show. 

  29. jkjkhardcore666 says:

    Of course they are not LEO,

  30. Ahabite says:

    One of the great ironies of the U.S. has always been its self-destructive tendencies concerning 'foreign' threats versus domestic threats that are actually something to worry about.  Consider, is there a conceivable terrorist attack that could equal the damage caused by unregulated greed and economic practices?

  31. BenReece101 says:

    The FBI shall now be renamed to the Financiers Bitches and Idiots.
    While the criminal class with white collars places political collars on regulation, the FBI stands idly by. 
    There are no laws in America.
    There are only opinions with guns.
    There are no morals within the US government.
    There are only opinions with guns.
    The adrenaline junkies with badges will enslave the people of America. As they run around, getting high on adrenaline, and feeding the corporate correction state, their masters will steal the police pensions.
    There are only opinions with guns.
    The terror on terror syndicate will issue badges, guns, and ammunition to the mind controlled. Those agents will ensure the destruction of what is left of freedom in the USA.
    There are only opinions with guns.

  32. implicaverse says:

    If there are no additional counter-terrorism cases, then what are the thousands of new agents doing?  Answer:  attempting to entrap innocent people in elaborate sting operations.

  33. Slevin Klevra says:

    We live in a Kleptocracy now. (Rule by thieves). 

  34. JC Rademas says:

    How in the Hell does Cenk know how much terrorist plot activity is going on??? Does he have a high level security clearance?

  35. Groth1175 says:

    Hey FBI, looks like Squealers been messing around with your fact sheets. 

  36. Prue Dense says:

    The ABC agencies are owned by the Royal Bankers of Europe.
    They can do what they want with them.
    The real problem is the American Citizen.
    There's more sports fans than local voters, citizens arrests, jury nullification, etc.

  37. based bungie says:

    government agencies have started to use "national security" as a way to scare companies into complying in the leak of customer details in sweden as well

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