Three Crystals for EMF Protection (February 7, 2012)

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Depending on what you’re trying to
protect yourself against, whether it’s a a cell phone, computer, most people
use black Tourmaline for this. It has a very strong shielding energy, so placing
a few black Tourmaline crystals between you and the electronic device
can be very successful. And I recommend a small piece of Lepidolite Mica –
and this can be easily placed in the battery pack area of your cell
phone. So it’s a great one to put on your cell phone. Malachite is another
stone it’s often used. It’s copper-based and you’ll find a lot of the copper-based stones work well to help diffuse that energy away from your physical body. So there’s just
a few, but you know there are lots of places you can find online – say through Etsy and other places where you
can actually find small EMF protector charms that you can loop right onto
your cell phone and have that protective crystal energy with you wherever you are.


5 Replies to “Three Crystals for EMF Protection (February 7, 2012)”

  1. Luis M. says:

    A good stone for EMF protection is also Unakite.

  2. Luis M. says:

    Yes Ashley, I use them as jewelry, in every corner of the house (tumbled or raw) and next to electrical appliances. Sodalite and Brown Jasper is good too. Sometimes I wrap clear quartz, green quartz or red jasper with copper wires and use them as bracelets, one in each wrist, after recharging them under the noon's sun for 2 hours. That is great to expand one's energy and restore the damage (energy drain) from EMF's and also other bad energies (people, places, etc). Thanks4 your excellent work!

  3. Ray Smith says:


  4. Geeman Funman says:

    Where do you buy this stuff

  5. Kevin Dorival says:

    The video is great and I learned a whole lot from the comments too!!

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