Tips for CLIMBING RANKS easily in Cyber Hunter | NEW Mobile Battle Royale!

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so there's a bit of skill to climbing in cyber hunter and that really comes in from essentially knowing that you get more points for placing higher than you do for killing lots of people so if you are absolutely 100% just wanting to climb as high as you can you should drop to the most remote location where you don't think you'll run into anyone don't go for a hot drop don't go for a like a really silly drop to it like a location like this for instance that you know you may be heavily populated because especially in solo mood there's so many people that just want to kill you that it's very difficult to actually get a drop that works out well for you when you go for one of these hard drops I'm actually feeling going somewhere different today I'm gonna go over to Angela even though it's not as good of a location I just I actually want to take some early fights so you would want to drop somewhere like over here you want to drop somewhere over here here here just go for one of these crazy like really chilled out locations and basically play the edge of the circle don't drive into the center of the circle don't go and chase after crates because although you might not end up winning the entire game you're much more likely to come out on top and get a top ten position a top ten finish is what wins you these it gets you points in these games like a top ten finishes always guaranteed to get your points doesn't matter how many kills you get the Battle Royale is about war always about placing as high as you can so I would aim for the top ten by just taking super chilled out drops not heavily populated and trying to win like that if however you like me and you're more concerned with because because I've got plenty of time to climb if you're more concerned with just improving your gun skill what I'm doing is dropping very hot locations the reason I'm dropping super hot locations or trying to is because I really want to just practice shooting I have a I'm not the best aiming in this game right now so I'm just learning how to play claw grip and generally trying to be a bit more aggressive with my drops just to help me out when it comes to these kinds of things looks like I'm actually okay for the moment they cool I don't know what they go was yeah I just tried to go for more hot drop locations he had an SMG mag for the foxtrot what an absolute monster and he just let me kill him what if he's actually looted these locations because if this is not looted I'm just going to assume that this is a bot I don't really want the shotgun core cuz I'm gonna get rid of that shotgun eventually what the open here let's some more shots over here kind of want to loot this building before I decide to go off Annie please okay very almost very very almost screwed that up sometimes I forget you have abilities in this game you see so I'm like oh god I need to put the thing down that stops people from shooting me and actually you saw the reason why I prefer that the wall what to the to the house you know the little house thing called Drake buster gimme don't if you guys have seen the little you know the guys in the little house that you can sometimes get you know the little so I thought I heard someone shooting me there lit also a four-walled thing I prefer the wall to that because I think it's more versatile do you think the don't get me wrong I think the house is good of course but I prefer the wall just because again like I said I think it's more versatile Fox try such a good weapon when you've got an extended mag in it though how far have I got to go I really don't have to go very far right one of the issues that I have got in this game is that once I've done my initial drop location it's very difficult to know where to go to find people apart from going for crate hunting the reason I haven't like shot off just yet because I'm just trying to see if I can find an SMG core for instance the SMG core would really help me out so I really only have a set of heavy ammo in it okay war do an SMG mag so I've heard this is actually the matter by the way the Drake Buster Foxtrot combo I've heard this is kind of the matter for this game so that's why I'm trying out epic ham that's pretty good that's why you never go too early guys basic body armor would really love an SMG core really help me out and then you have to find it at the next place speaking of the next place the plane kind of went like this so I'm guessing there is gonna be pooping some people directly below me we'll see what happens I think I cleaned out most the people here so yeah I was telling you about how to climb the most quick and always quickly as he can so like I wouldn't have done a drop like that if I was trying to climb in cyber hunter cyber hunter heavily waits your position over the number of kills that you get which is kind of like I guess place towards playing tactically in battle reals but it also just makes the game if you really want to climb quite boring because as you may have noticed there were a decent amount of bots in these games so sometimes it could be quite a while before you find an actual human to fight which is why I dropped to those sort of heavy drop locations because I'm more interested in trying to improve the way I play the game before I start climbing if I can come out of those those sort of situations like absolutely unscathed that I'm doing pretty well okay the the crates too far away from me really sometimes I just like to float out like this to see if anyone takes some shots at me gonna climb on top of this gun over here this mounted gun should always be looking around don't forget to look in front of you of course but always try to have a look around one of the things that a lot of people think that you have to do to climb is to to have to like to like be really good and shoot all the time and get loads of kills you don't actually have to play like that at all in this game you shouldn't stand on top of buildings like this and just let people take shots at you especially you never sniper or you don't have any long range right long range memory at all you know I actually preferred to have the longer range stuff on the Fox Trot for the simple fact that the Fox was actually much easier to control than the Drake Buster the Drake Buster's like got a lot of spray on it and the recoil is quite hard I think about doing a top 10 tips' to like improve at cyber Hunter it's very different to the way that other battle rails play it's kind of like it's very movement focused I it plays a bit like apex legends in the sense of this very movement orientated like in fights you should always be rolling you should always be trying to place a bit of cover down you should always be trying to make the opponent like constantly have to search for their for their shot a drop coming in a drops coming in very close to me no you don't I'm coming for that I am coming for that oh that's in the water I don't like go over ones in the water they have to come up eventually you can actually destroy trees my god the Fox tries so good I don't really want to swim across this though I don't really want to swim across this but do you know what we're gamers and we and we take risks you can't actually get shot while you're underwater so I'm assuming everything got taken surface ASAP became surfaced and surfaced that's why the Fox trots so good it's very easy to control it has so much ammo in its in its capacity and now everyone's dead over here oh my god look all these people what do they got son of the sky ok ok ok ok how many but I've got med kids I don't have enough med kits than my bag is full like I like to have more med packs but my bag is full I don't think I'm ever gonna use the 8 times can we drop it can we drop some discard some discard I want to use the med fax there we go right now we need to find another set of challenges as that went really well Fox was insane well if we could put the four times in the Fox Trot because it's got such good stability you really has got such good stability there's a dead guy here now it's difficult to tell whether that was recently or that was right at the start this is one of those locations okay could be right the start there's go time to test out the Fox drop four times oh my god it's insane it literally has no recoil it was rush he was dodging back and forth and I was just stood still really should have been a fairly easy kill for him but I have tested how good the Foxtrot is at long range which is insane now that would have attracted attention from somewhere I'm sure of it this weapon this weapon in general is is I she think I did post a video while ago thinking this Sentinel was the best weapon but then someone suggested I try out the Fox Trot and actually I'd fully agree I was so wrong about the Sentinel the Sentinels good but you can't replace having 75 ammo per clip I mean that is just absolutely ridiculous and with the four times on as well it's just so good now I'm like I don't really want I see if I was playing sensibly I'd just go get in a building and I'd chill and that would be it but I don't really want to do that there's a guy there I need to kill people with grenades so that worked out quite well I'm assuming she's still there can really see okay Oh grenades are so clunky I wouldn't recommend using them like like that that was that was pretty rough because grenades are really clunky are people gonna be coming from that town over there and did he know what did anyone go to that crate over there I am kind of out the circle right now I know but that is only because I'm just having a look around yeah I mean I didn't know that she was there but she just popped up when I was looking at the crate so I got lucky could use the soul snatcher but honestly I'm just having a great time with the Fox the Fox Trot right now okay it's moving in now gotta move back towards the circle we'll look around me so when it comes to actually winning games I'm pretty certain that movement is the key like you have to be this is why people like our on bikes are in vehicles all the time you've never want to be like one those people that sort of sits in one location and fires because in this game you give away your location so easily you want to be constantly making the enemy have to find you you want to be the person you want you want to be the person getting into third party fights with people you don't want to be the person getting third parties or what I mean getting third parties what this generally means is when you start to fight and with someone else and then someone else just pops up and start shooting you it's the most frustrating thing in the world because you didn't know that they were there that's called third partying so you want to be the one that's third party and the way that you avoid getting third partied at least try to avoid getting third party because right now I can't where are the gang shot from down there where does he go okay this is another reason that BOTS are annoying because they do this and I just won that was a bot right so the bots start shooting me from behind this is what that was so nice the box starting me from behind I need Lee thought it might have been another player third partying me if I had turned to shoot the bot which wouldn't have killed me cuz BOTS take Bly boss just don't kill you I would have potentially lost the fight with the guy on the top of the hill then the bot which you can tell Zabar because they they jump in location they they are really bad at shooting and they all wear the same bloody outfit if I turn to kill the bot first because they were behind me I probably would have ended up losing that game I didn't lose that game because I took the only human out that mattered they some reason didn't they were also obsessed with killing the bot so they didn't even see me coming up to the side of their there their construction oh it's rough it is rough because you could have very very easily it lost that game if you were like turning to kill that boy in that situation but I think there's a lot of good lessons you know from this thing needs really really really important to constantly keep moving in this game it's really important to know which guns are the best and when we're doing lots of testing on that in the next week and it's also really important to to make sure that you are playing for ranking if you really care about getting up in the LAT leaderboard like playing for position is much better than playing for kills when it comes to gaining points so if you want to gain points quickly just absolutely play for position don't take too many early flights at fights and chill and you know chill as much as you can alright well that's that's me getting 13 kill game which actually was really good and we just actually crushed people with the Fox try I think I don't even think I got a kill with another gun that wasn't the Fox Trot so yeah that was really awesome thanks for watching guys see you soon


10 Replies to “Tips for CLIMBING RANKS easily in Cyber Hunter | NEW Mobile Battle Royale!”

  1. 13lade says:

    Character creation video when?

  2. Taeee Vante says:

    how do u improve ur rating

  3. THE BEST GAMER says:

    Thanx bro 😀😀

  4. Vg-FrameFred7 says:

    60 % oh any match has bots

  5. RNG KöN-TiKi says:

    So how do u spot the enemy, can u see them on minimap?

  6. julian12465 says:

    5:20 Eh, it’s meta because it has a large ratio of general performance to difficulty of use. Sentinel and Son of the Sky get you better results—especially if you have their cores—when your aim is on point because of superior damage output and practically identical stats(reload speed and accuracy differences are marginal at best), though Foxtrot’s mag size is definitely a boon in highly populated areas or pressure-based support roles.

    I personally like to go Flamingo/Soulsnatcher and Son of the Sky. The latter is top three in damage per magazine(not considering heavy weapons), outdamages almost everything(including shotguns at close range for some reason), has the highest dps in the game with headshots + core, and the ability to perform at close range.

    The former covers up the only real weakness of Son of the Sky, which is that it lacks trading power at extreme ranges(even though it beats out every other automatic weapon in the game for that, having the highest base damage per bullet). Flamingo beats out the Soulsnatcher’s instant-kill potential with core, but falls just a tiny bit short otherwise.

    Anyway, that setup ensures a high-to-top tier option at every single range, so I recommend running it once you get used to the game.

  7. Irisviel Einzbern says:

    Yahoo machine guns for life XD
    Though can't say I see that combo often. At Senior at least.

  8. Rex says:

    I like playing squad matches to improve my aim and playstyle, though squads is hard asf sometimes.

  9. Garvon Douglas says:

    Could you do a video on weapon rarity…
    I'm honestly not sure which are "go-to" weapons in this game…

  10. Ash Main says:

    I have a Galaxy S7 Edge not sure if its gonna crash when playing the game.

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