Tips To Help Avoid Online Surveillance

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it used to be that if the government or anyone else wanted to spy on you and find out what you were thinking they'd have to put in a bit of work to really track everything governments needed a real human spy to watch you that meant that spying was a labor-intensive job in heavily surveilled countries like East Germany where the government wanted to keep an eye on everyone two out of every 13 East Germans ended up being used by the Stasi as an informant these days it's a lot easier and takes fewer people to spy on one person or spy on everyone for that matter for that advance in mass surveillance you can thank modern technology you're probably still safe from surveillance if you're just writing or thinking or talking on your own in your own house but the moment you use the Internet to save edit or share something things get a lot simpler for the 21st century spy you might have heard that sending an email across the internet is like sending a postcard unlike a sealed envelope your message might be seen by a few people on the way in fact the majority of traffic on the Internet emails phone calls photos video instant messages is viewable by anyone who has access to the computers that your message passes through from the computer in your home to your local ISP to the final destination of your message and all points between and on the Internet there are a lot of points in between whenever you visit a web site or save a document or send a message online your data goes through at least a handful of computers and probably many more these computers aren't owned by you or the final recipient of the message but their operators or someone who hacks into them can look at and record everything about your message including where it came from and where it's meant to be going some of these computers direct traffic for thousands or millions of people so if you can put the digital equivalent of a spy camera in those computers you could quickly collect the private thoughts of an entire population there's a way however to make your communications private even as they travel across the public and that's by using strong encryption encrypted messages are turned into a form that is unreadable except to the person at their destination since the Ed Snowden revelations more and more websites and internet companies have been using encryption to protect data in transit but it's still not the default for many Internet services to increase your own use of encryption and to protect your data you can use HTTPS Everywhere a browser plug-in from the Electronic Frontier Foundation that tells websites you visit to use encryption when they can the more people use encryption more expensive it is to monitor everyone which means that spies will have to go back to targeted tailored surveillance instead of trying to be a cheaper version of East Germany Stasi spying on everyone if you'd like to know more about using encryption and HTTPS Everywhere check out surveillance self-defense from the Electronic Frontier Foundation you


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  1. Tough Picks says:

    Winner of a video, been searching for "home surveillance cameras amazon" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Conrayden Surveillance Equalizer – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

  2. CommonSoldier101 says:

    Hillary should’ve watched this video.

  3. w0bblyc0bbly says:

    who cares if there spying on our shit literally could not care less if some guy somewhere sees what porn iv opened or some shit, only reason some one would be worried would be if they had something to hide, it ain't perfect but nothing in life is.

  4. Thomas Adams says:

    Who cam here from TYT lol.

  5. Baker 531 says:

    lol how funny would it be if the NSA were the people that made http everywhere and when u use it it just sends it to them and there just playin us

  6. Will Fuqua says:

    Besides using HTTPS Everywhere, also use a good VPN that doesn't keep logs and uses good encryption.

  7. JRMCNEA says:

    Really? HTTPS?… You call that secure? Do you guys know how HTTPS works?….

  8. Alex Ownz says:

    What are you shady people doing on the internet?

  9. Jackerty says:

    This video doesn't explain anything.

  10. Andy says:

    if you werent on a list before you are on one now

  11. Jose Mendoza says:

    use Tor/I2P.

  12. Mudassar Nawaz says:

    Create a solution to a problem. Supposedly a problem

  13. Captain Euro says:

    This video has the same graphics and sounds as many Google videos. It's probably made by the same company.

  14. eric madrid says:

    7 dislikes = 7 Spys

  15. eric madrid says:

    7 dislikes = 7 Spys

  16. Legendary Amazing says:

    In the age of exhibition it's a hard sell to get anyone to care about being watched.

  17. Daxxon Jabiru says:

    The Young Turks

  18. noah nolastnameforu says:

    They did not mention tor.

  19. Dustin DeBolt says:

    Thank you Young Turks!

  20. Shwan Noori says:

    2:10 "My naked photos"

  21. Raj Haa says:

    What about android / iOS?

  22. MikeWanDoe1 says:

    How to avoid online surveillance… Don't click on videos that tell you how to avoid online surveillance.

  23. schmoab says:

    Narrator is Canadian. A spy perhaps?

  24. pleure retroish says:

    the more you use it, the more expensive it is for them to track your info… but they can just raise tax to cover that and i think they are willing to take that necessary step.

  25. PeanutButterBruce says:

    TYT lead me here

  26. georgyorgy2 says:

    The Young Turks

  27. Gary Berry says:

    I'd like to say that I love America, I love it so much I am not being blackmailed by the U.S. Government to say this to you communist liberal youngsters.

  28. Feras Al Hati says:

    Can this be used on website like Facebook and Google? Know that those two companies among many are complying with the NSA in it's demands.

  29. rtswift says:

    i bet the NSA can already decrypt https connections.

  30. Tony W. says:

    Who creates your animations? Can you link there name? I would love to see the rest of their work. Thank you! And nice video.

  31. KennyS says:

    1:34 hax

  32. Mahmod Mokhtar says:

    its funny that cretin youtube video are blocked in my country but when i add HTTPS its not blocked even some other sites who support this extinction will probably work hehehe its a helpful trick because my internet speed is low (avg of 1mb/s) so using proxy while watching youtube is very annoying

  33. eowbvrwjer says:


  34. White Heterosexual Cis Male says:

    Why is it "bad" being watched UNLESS you are doing something illegal?

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