Top 5 Guard Dogs In The World

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top five guard dogs in the world originating from Japan the Akita is a
large powerful an alert dog that was developed to hunt big game such as bear
elk and boar they are courageous and profoundly loyal to their family a dog
with the correct Akita temperament should be accepting of non-threatening
strangers yet protective of their family when faced with a threatening situation
Akitas are very good with kids and it is said that the breed has an affinity for
children the Rottweiler is medium to large in size with a powerful and
muscular build they are intelligent strong and loyal making them ideal
police and guard dogs Rottweilers have been bred for
generations for the use of their protective instincts and independent
judgment when their family or territory is in danger
they are often quiet calm and easy going but do need a lot of training and
socialization when being brought up potentially dangerous behavior in
Rottweilers usually results from a responsible ownership abuse neglect or
lack of socialization and training Rottweilers are a thinking dog who step
back and look at the situation before taking action Doberman Pinschers are
well known as intelligent alert and tenaciously loyal companions and guard
dog’s personality varies a great deal between each individual but have taken
care of and trained properly they tend to be loving and devoted companions the
Doberman is driven strong and sometimes stubborn owning one requires commitment
and care but if trained well they can be wonderful family dogs with a consistent
approach they can be easy to train and will learn very quickly as with all dogs
if properly trained they can be excellent with children originating from Germany the German
Shepherd is a working dog originally bred to herd sheep they are respected
and well known for their work as police and military dogs German Shepherds are
highly intelligent and loyal making them great family pets and guard dogs they
have the willingness to learn and an eagerness to have a purpose also making
them great for search missions being highly active the German Shepherd needs
to live with someone able to give them plenty of exercise
these dogs also love children making them the ideal pet originally developed
by 19th century gamekeepers to guard estates the bull mastiff is a cross
between a bulldog and a mastiff this strong and powerfully built animal is
super smart and fiercely loyal they also have a willingness to pleased making
them great family members and natural guardians of their home and owners there
is no special training for this dog to react appropriately if its family is
endangered in any way bull Mastiffs are active dogs making them successful in
obedience agility tracking and carting if an intruder happened to make it into
your house this dog has the ability to tackle and hold them until help arrives
bull Mastiffs may appear red fawn or brindle make sure to subscribe and like
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100 Replies to “Top 5 Guard Dogs In The World”

  1. DramaLamma says:

    I remember when my massitiff got so mean we got a trainer and he stood behind de the fence she got on top of her legs barking in his face he didn’t move she fine gave up after 10 minutes and liad down

  2. El Asil says:

    no other dog will be a better guard than my kengal.

  3. Funny vidoes says:

    ow no one number a KANGAL

  4. Daisy Vitali says:

    Ive had german, dobe and rott all great !!! I also had a ble nose pit she was a great watch dog!! Why are pits not up there?

  5. abhi ram says:

    I have a german shepherd

  6. Robin hood says:

    You forget Boerboel

  7. Jerome Rovnak says:

    Robot Voice = Takes OUT , that Warm Fuzzy Feeling- GET Real No Talking Machines – Why don't You Like People ?

  8. Marcus Harris says:

    I owned a Belgian sheperd rott mix

  9. Robert McCormick says:

    Robot voice should be outlawed on youtube

  10. Kailua Hawaii says:

    Mastiffs are the best!!


    You forgot to mention boerboel

  12. loopylunatheboxer puppy says:

    Robot voice fuck off

  13. D. Fox says:

    I own a English Mastiff about 180 lbs. hates people on our property. He Wil protect 100%

  14. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    I have a bull mastiff and he is so loving yet when someone is on our property he won’t stop barking and scares them off, one time someone was tugging on our doorknob and knocking for 25 minutes and my dog wouldn’t stop barking, and he kept on jumping at the window non stop. Another time this guy stuck his hand over the fence and my dog jumped up and snapped at him, I can only imagine what he would do if he got his hands on an intruder.

  15. Chiru Jason says:

    Who cares a game bred apbt will tear all these shits in to two because they are dog(animal)aggressive😝

  16. GRAKUS DIEZ says:

    Can't believe Malinois is not here¡¡

  17. azeem Shah says:

    Lets legalize pit bulls such wonderful dogs there I had them for 30 years I had no problend with them.

  18. the54thfloor says:

    Omg. Stop the robot voices!

  19. Neil Murray says:

    Airedale Terrier is the supreme guard dog…

  20. Geetha Potheri Potheri says:

    German shepherd is the best

  21. Brian Murray says:

    Don't forget about the Cane Corso! I think he beats out the Bull Mastiff.

  22. Herbert Leichtfuss says:

    Fuck robot voices!

  23. Ralphruhl3 says:

    What about the Kangal , the Fila , the Alabai, the Ovcharka, the Boerboel, the Bully Kutta, Tosa Inu, Tibetan Mastiff , Neapolital Mastiff and other giant agressive breeds?

  24. Vaishali Patil says:

    Rottweiler is the best dog breed

  25. bhcpp says:

    I never subscribe to mechanical voices. Just saying.

  26. bhcpp says:


  27. Jon Pip says:

    Pit bull and akita and even a boxer

  28. Joisner Rodrigues says:

    DOBERMAN is best

  29. Renee Anderson says:

    The best bullmastif dogs you can get is a full blooded blue pit mated with a full blooded labordor he will have webbed feet and he will be so smart and out swim any dog and really beautiful and I promise you he will lay down his life for a kid he will kill you if you hurt a kid

  30. Keith Gandara says:

    All that mention dogs are really the best guard dogs…

  31. Tony Ashford says:

    I will stick with my Rottweiler, we have had 5 two of the 5 died doing their job by protecting my grandkids both killed the rattlesnake that killed them most dogs wouldn’t have done that

  32. Hydra Odisy says:

    I would add bouvier dogs to the list you hardly see them anymore but great guarddogs. In the 80ies they where common dog in the Netherlands these days you see a lot of mastif type dogs. But i think the best guard dogs are the German, Dutch and Belgian Sheppards alongside with Dobermans, Bouviers. And let us not forget some Russian breeds like Alabai and Caucasian Ovcharka. You have to have real balls to enter a yard protected by those Russian breeds.

  33. Chris O Neill says:

    I'm sorry folks but the "German Shepherd"??!!!! That breed of dog is only known as the German Shepherd because it was used by German soldiers in both world wars!! It was only brought to the so called Western world by 'The Allied Forces' after each war and was nick named "The German Shepherd"!! That dog originates from the Alsace region of France and is originally the Alsatian!!! Give the dog its proper title please- ALSATIAN!!!!

  34. Sione Matekitonga Haunga says:

    Dog fight

  35. Bilal Rajpoot says:

    I think u forgot about pakistani bulldog which is very grate for hunting guarding best then these all

  36. Collins Sichivula says:


  37. Dutch says:

    Dobermans have a great way of smiling.

  38. Cargo Karas says:

    Boerboel.. A South African Dog…

  39. Venkat Babu says:

    Globally we have to get rid of all the 🐕. And 🐈 and rats and rodents. The first phase. Why because humans are not that and they waste time no one goes to work except clean arce.

  40. Joyce Williams says:


  41. Joyce Williams says:

    The best guard dog in the world is the one that goes 'slam off' when someone crosses the line. the taco dog can do that.

  42. naga rani says:

    I have german Shepherd

  43. David Austin says:

    The best guard dog is any dog that will give its life to protect its family

  44. The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo. says:

    My boxer is the biggest push over in the world, but if you try to rough house me or my family he will get between us. Would hate to see him get mad at someone. He is incredibly awesome with children and infants.

  45. mastermind says:

    I wish the video was about more dogs, say 7 or 8 where you could have introduced the Belgian Malinois, Boerboel and Cane Corso.

  46. Charles Warren says:

    I completely agree with the piece on mastiffs. They're magnificent animals.

  47. derek lambert says:

    my dogs

  48. Tom Billard says:

    Nonsense. Borboel, Caucasian mountain dog, cane corso, mastiff etc

  49. Tony Ashford says:

    Hate to steal the thunder but we have had 6 Rottweilers and all but the last one gave it’s life protecting the family and we haven’t ask the last to do it yet

  50. Darvin Orbita says:

    Robot voice, no dogo argentino, no cane corso = GARBAGE VIDEO, DISLIKE👎

  51. Shawn Gotts says:


  52. Richie F says:


  53. Kurian Xavier says:

    People don’t know much about Bully Kutta … I’ve a 220 lbs BK … he’ll fuck anyone who tries to harm us …

  54. TOMMY WATKINS says:

    Cut the robo shit!

  55. Brian Harris says:

    Marines used Dobermans with great success against the Japanese! They dont bark and the handler would put his hand on their throat and they would know snipers in the area! Great Dog very good family dog.

  56. Fabio Manetti says:

    rott's the best.

  57. Peyton Gwinn says:

    not a very well thought out video. Akita as a top 5 guard dog?

  58. Jacky Claros says:

    Chow qoiing dog

  59. Shichi Dan says:

    Screw your subjective video, robot lady.

  60. Robin hood says:

    I think gsd is one of the best .

  61. Felix Athel says:

    The videos contain this voice, sucks.

  62. geoff says:


  63. andreas zervas says:

    What do you mean the 5 best guard dogs ? The 5 best guard dogs in size?If malinois is not in the 5 best guard and protection dogs then which?Guys be serious!

  64. ML Gaming says:

    Kangal and cent Bernard are the biggest

  65. Bamshankar Mishra says:

    Very bad

  66. Scott Colegate says:

    I like TURTLES!!

  67. Tao Miles-tucker says:

    Gotta be a shar-pei for me they are the most loyal and protective of any dog I've ever owned,there home and family are everything to them and they make that quite clear to any stranger who seems a threat. I've had a pitt, 3 rottweilers,two staffs a Springer and a mini snauzer but nothing beats a shar-pei

  68. Warren Bond says:

    If u have to.give meds to ur dogs dont usr glass syringe or droppers plastic ones are safer

  69. Dr Orlando says:

    fila brasileiro….

  70. ashish jagtap says:

    Good video mam

  71. Felecia Battle says:

    Do anyone have a bull mastiff pup for sale

  72. WarBrixStudios says:

    crazy voice

  73. Roger gr says:

    Akita nr 5? Lol…..

  74. Roger gr says:

    Rhodesian ridgeback, Cane Corso, and Boerboel should be in your list. Sheppards are not strong enough…..

  75. Joanna Taylor says:

    I had a bullmastiff brilliant guard dog as was my dough de bourdoux

  76. subhash chandel says:


  77. Nobody Somebody says:

    I had two bullmastiffs. One Anita. And one greatdane..Now I can't have any of them. Homeowner's insurance won't allow those dogs.

  78. sam7748 says:

    Chihuahua 🙂

  79. J.Shirk says:

    Give me the loyalty of a Rottie any day over 2-3. Rottie is part mastiff so this whole thing is out of whack.

  80. WI Patriot says:

    Ruined the video by using text-2-speech…

  81. wayne goff says:

    Kangal is the premier guard dog.

  82. K S says:

    I have a bull mastiff and she would attack unless the burgular brought her some treats

  83. Amber Whitaker says:

    no a pit pinscher and a german king breed is the best guard dog and stop the siri voice

  84. Mike Muñoz says:

    Chihuahua should be at least number 3 on this list!

  85. Gretel Bullmastiff says:

    Our Bordeaux died with 11 years. Now we have a Bullmastiff and she is 2
    years now. I can say that there is nearly no difference between these
    two breeds. They are friendly family dogs with a strong and sometimes
    obstinate character. Unfortunately, both are prone to health problems
    but they are NOT aggressiv.

  86. Gretel Bullmastiff says:

    Our Bordeaux died with 11 years. Now we have a Bullmastiff and she is 2
    years now. I can say that there is nearly no difference between these
    two breeds. They are friendly family dogs with a strong and sometimes
    obstinate character. Unfortunately, both are prone to health problems
    but they are NOT aggressiv.

  87. vikas singh says:

    मैने दुनिया के सारे नश्लो के कुत्ते देख लिए ईमानदारी से कहूँ तो देशी इण्डियन पहिया डॉग से ज्यादा मुलायम चिकना चमकदार और समझदार कुत्ता कोई भी नही है
    कोई भी नही

  88. john Doe says:

    Cane Coro 1!

  89. Quizzy Bett says:

    I own two boerbels they are good with the family but only attacks on command

  90. hd31 says:

    Bull mastiff are as dumb as a chocolate kettle. Whoever made this video doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about.

  91. Seamus Lannon says:

    Doberman over rottweiler shit, same with German Shepherd is Pure shit. Number one I agree!!

  92. Frank Buys Houses says:

    Any puppies

  93. Memes are real says:

    Bullmastiff super intelligent lol mine just often walks in to wave his treat around then on the way out walks into a cabinet runs in the kitchen then into a fridge

  94. Šandora Boerboels says:


  95. 24nikita says:

    This is all rubish. The best guard dog in the world is a Cane Corso, ask him yourself.

  96. tedfio1tedfio1 says:

    Cane Corso!

  97. Syncrity says:

    I have a 3 and a half old bull mastiff and he is awesome

  98. H. de Jong says:

    Forgotten GSD my friends ?

  99. Denise says:

    I have both Rotti's and Dobbie's just love them!!!! Best dogs for protection – only thing more dangerous is me!

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