Totally Creepy Jordan Peterson Makes Case For 'Enforced Monogamy'

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resting Shapiro's face have you read the New York Times article on Jordan Peterson has amazing line such as mentioning that despite his obsession with cleanliness his office is a mess and that during lectures on his tour he often cries often well clean your office the big takeaway that I saw I haven't read all of it yet is that basically he essentially says that sort of monogamy should be enforced and everybody needs to like you know like men needs to be delivered sex and and so they she was like doesn't that sort of like contradict your sort of non-compulsory politics and you know a very talented violent attacks are what happens when men do not have partners mr. Peterson says and society needs to work to make sure those men are married was it no one who's married has ever raped anyone he was angry at God because women were rejecting him mr. Putin says of the Toronto killer the cure for that is enforced monogamy what that's why actually why I monogamy I don't even know understand that that's not very libertarian but wait a second he's not talking about enforcement agha me he's talking about enforced mating well this is the farther this is a further quote he said but aside from interventions that would redistribute sex mr. Peterson is staunchly against what he calls equality of outcomes in an effort to equalize society he usually calls them pathologically evil Wow otherwise women will only go for the most high status Matt I okay but this is that's not enforced monogamy is you somehow must pair up with one while he's conferring ball he's conflating that exactly he's he's he's synchronous you would have a knock on him it would have a knock-on effect what you don't understand knock-on effect maybe I need to reevaluate the Jewish Question you dubby you are assigned why who are you are raped married to who you then must be faithful to right and then you're not taking up any other other women for the other right but right but but wait a say wait a second the I'm sorry this is the wrong use of the word monogamy and it's not I don't know that it even has a knock-on effect of in Agra parts the second book he's conflating two things first every man needs to have sex or it's dangerous and then they need to be married and marriage needs there needs to be enforced monogamy that's literally that's what he's saying okay but he but the you know forced monogamy is a second-order issue that's whether or not your wife is going to change the rules in that what saying there needs to be enforced mating yeah but he's saying like we can get there if that's if we enforce we have society like pressures towards monogamy because then the like alpha males are taking up less of the women you know that sort of thing oh I see so the inspiration on the men you can only sleep with one woman at a time yeah it's like yeah of maximum income but for sex so basically terrible policy totally I totally I even really call that policy debate Chris Ryan on this exact yes actually he should yes I agree is a debate Chris Ryan I'll facilitate debate but I'd love I love the idea though that it is incredible you know cuz at least like Walter block used weird sex examples to justify doing nothing to benefit society and Jordan Peterson that's a bold move to be like oh you know restrictive redistribute of tax policies that's Soviet on the other hand we literally need I was trying to fix the culture in many ways nothing far right about that god I'm not far right want to have a fascist rape state that's all what you call a fascist rape state I think they're just unbelievable contagious chameleon what do you think the implications are I mean the argument here though okay let's say there are not any high status males who are available at that time the implication is like the women are still going to have sex with like the Jordan Petersons yeah exactly the world exactly exactly who's laughing now who's laughing now Sam this is also obtained by week it's honestly like it's also why we should have forced roofies that's again all what do you know the roofie color Ruthie conversation is very interesting I've actually literally I feel like we could put a shot clock on that countdown if you don't like the effect roofies have on you maybe you don't like God she hated God which is why she tried to reject her roofie


36 Replies to “Totally Creepy Jordan Peterson Makes Case For 'Enforced Monogamy'”

  1. Mona Moore says:

    Oh well if he's didn't want "forced monogamy" than women have the right to replace men with better men!! This is not make any sense 🙄

  2. Ryan's Songs says:

    Essentially??? That’s not at all what he said …

  3. fireworks 2017 says:

    The incel hack jp would be perfect in a dictatorship.

  4. Tati says:

    Help me understand, we already live in a society where monogamy is socially enforced, most people are in monogamous relationships and that's the accepted code, so what does he mean by enforced monogamy? I know he does not mean, "by law", but if it's already enforced socially, what is left to be done? I dont get it

  5. David Black says:

    Wow you guys really nailed him, you should have him on your show and broadcast it unedited to expose him fully

  6. JR TwentyTwenty says:

    These people are absolutely pathetic. It's like listening to a bunch of weak kids who feel bullied so they just make fun of someone else to make themselves feel better.

  7. Animesh Sharma says:

    Take his entire point out of his basic premise and context and then make fun of him .

  8. Joy Bradford says:

    What you guys just said about Peterson it sounded like that Libertarian Muleneau. (Probably spelled wrong. )

  9. ajakowski says:

    I think Peterson is a charlatan, but he isn't talking about rape here and your arguments here are straw man-type. It's more like what Michael said at some point: maximum income for sex.

  10. MJW238 says:

    To each according to his horniness, from each according to her hotness.

  11. hughtubecube says:

    That’s noot what I mint

  12. Austin Fahrenheit says:

    I miss the reasonable left. There are plenty of rational ways to criticize Peterson but resorting to wild accusations like this makes it look like you're really struggling. It's things like this that make people vote for Trump in order to keep you at bay. Look at the like / dislike bar. Look at the president. I hope the left can get it's act together. What a shambles.

  13. Miss Amazon says:

    Women are treated as second class citizens all over this planet but women/sex seem to be the 'perceived' solution to the troubles of all males!! 🙄🤔😏

  14. Elizabeth Weinraub says:

    The free market solution to this "problem" would be to legalize prostitution rather than enforce monogamy.

  15. Avant-Tom says:

    The last 30 seconds of this is hilarious

  16. greenghost2008_Progressive says:

    He is not arguing that women shouls be forced to be married to people. Enforced monogamy is when most people are against monogamy

  17. james 13 says:

    A coincidence that all these men are beta males ? Lol

  18. BFKC says:

    Writing some paper or report on how Jordan Peterson fails would be the easiest topic ever. Always when he gets concrete, he is like the biggest nutcase one can imagine, and when he is in the realm of abstract "argument", it's pure deflection, and of course hypocrisy, as shown again and again. (There is ultimately nothing even to deflect. He could basically ask his interviewers to write some farce piece, and that would be fine.)

  19. blattimus says:

    Totally creepy and sexist YouTube channel uses CNN-level fake news and feelings-based propaganda tactics to smear Peterson for contradicting the one approved opinion on every subject which your corporate masters have allowed for the brainless hive-mind idiots.

  20. John Mortensen says:

    You folks have the intellect of 3 year old children. Grow up.

  21. Coffee & Comics says:

    JP is a moron.

    He advocates bigot positions like:
    Don't make laws to enforce equal rights. Eg: force stores to serve black people/ gay people.

    He comes from Canada & advocates against a public health system in the U.S. Which is mind boggling hypocritical & cruel.

    He advocates for religious superstition & dogma to be held higher than equal rights & equal treatment.

    That's 3 off the cuff. There are more. He is full of terrible ideas. He is so long winded, full of shit & smug.

    Oh shit yeah, I forgot, he advocates for "forced monogamy" so beta retards like himself can get a woman. Which sounds a lot like "equality of outcome", which he advocates against.

  22. Twittering Machine says:

    I’m not surprised, because all right wing YouTube pundits like Peterson talk the same rhetoric as Islamic extremists such as ISIS, Saudi wahabists, and groups like HIizb ut Tahrir.

  23. Lou Bloom says:

    The irony of Jordan Peterson’s fans claiming that MJ is taking him out-of-context while simultaneously ignoring the entire context in which he gave his defense of “enforced monogamy”…

    Newsflash: we already live in a society that “enforces” monogamy, so what’s the next step, bucko?

  24. Lou Bloom says:

    Lmaooo trickle down for incels

  25. Harper Sanchez says:

    Wow, what an educated take away.

  26. Zozepe says:

    Jordan Peterson has came up with the socialist equivalent for the sexual market

  27. Jarrett Watson says:

    Enforced monogamy is the encouragement culturally( not by law) of having one partner. As opposed to a polygamous Society where people have sex with multiple partners eventually the few sexually dominant males end up with all the women, they become overly aggressive and mistreat their partners. Lots of males and up with no partners and become very angry and resentful.

  28. Think more jones says:

    That dude with the roblox haircut needs to read the whole article. Listen bro just because you losing hair don’t mean you can be stupid your hair is receding not your IQ

  29. Pure Logic says:

    How the hell are people taking this seriously, a blatant misrepresentation of JBP and his stance. If you’re watching this video please do yourself a favor and watch what he actually said.

  30. Lynda Morgan says:

    If you actually want to know what JP meant by enforced monogamy instead of the spew these individuals are saying about he meant, here's a good clip. IF your interested in actual truth.

  31. greenghost2008_Progressive says:

    Stop lying about Peterson.

  32. Tracy Haus says:

    "The perception that we need a predicated entitlement of the triglycerides rampant within the abhorent system of random indoctrination is inherently flawed"….thats about as much sense as Peterson makes..only misogynistic types who are too lazy to read themselves find him as intelligent as he thinks he is.😉

  33. Chris Griffin says:

    This is such TOTAL FUCKING BULLSHIT! Maybe it you actually took the time to understand or listen to what he said.

    What a bunch of hacks

  34. JIck Jalck says:

    this videos full of shit,

  35. Transformative Teacher says:

    The ORIGINAL Jordan Peterson Diss Track (a la Eminem Killshot) at:

  36. Marc Colten says:

    Isn't this the plot of that Handmaid thing?

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