Tough Question on Truancy Enforcement | Kamala Harris MSNBC Town Hall

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you need to focus on the issue of children who are missing 50 60 up to 80 days of the school year because I did an analysis of who our homicide victims were who were under the age of 25 and realized that the society and the system's only response was to prosecute those cases or lock people up instead of asking what's going on I asked and I learned that of the homicide victims who are under the age of 25 94 percent were high school dropouts when I went over to the school district I learned that up to 40% of the chronically and habitually truant students were elementary school students missing up to 80 days of 180 day school year so I started an initiative saying this system has got to focus on putting resources into helping those parents get those kids to school every day and we improved attendance by over 30% which is why when I was Attorney General of California I created one of the first in the nation bureaus of children's justice which I named focus on getting services to children and in particular poor children children of color who was not receiving the benefit of the public services that they should receive in order to be able to live a productive life so that was her answer to Craig Melvin asking about how she did the truancy laws and enforcement in in California she obviously didn't pass the laws but she enforced it and and made it a particular Avenue of harsh prosecution in California when she was in charge and her answer was yes but we we improved the stats there and that improved people's lives overall I think that Craig Melvin was asking a little bit more about yes but you seem to take it out on the on the poor more in the the consequences seem to late on them and so she talked about improving their lives I think it's an important part of the answer and a good part of the answer she should have also addressed look I know and and at the same time if I was gonna be that tough on folks who were struggling I needed to be as tough on bankers and I was except she wasn't she let Steve minutiae slide and so that's why she didn't give the second half the answer my favorite moment though was when they went to a wide shot in Craig Melvin was up on the screen for a second he was like this like I mean I don't know we go over and over and over about like her issues with that but yeah like I don't like the framing that answer and we kind of get a slightly different answer every time it was people stop asking her but I do not like framing that answer its head was helping these poor black kids I was helping them better themselves because we have got to figure out a better way to help black people than putting them in jail I would have rather use that money buying a bunch of bodyguards to roll around in SUV's and just pick this kid the core you are go to school every morning six o'clock anymore and there's rolling around like coaches do picking up their kids then putting parents in jail because we do that already there's a pipeline we're good on them we're good on putting black people in prison I like Brooks SUV strategy much better get their kids yeah and I wish sorry one more thing I wish somebody would announce for the first time in politics look there's upsides and downsides to any action and I am you know and I was and I was really worried about the downside because the downside is we're punishing folks who are not in great shape here but I was doing it for the upside and here's the upside of it it's a more human answered gives you a sense of that there was a little bit of anguish over it and she's not positive that it was the right way to go but hey look it did get these good results but no consultants tell you tell you all the wonderful things you did never admit any of the downsides yes I'm waiting on one politician to say my bad I'm just waiting on one to say my bad well look on the ninety-four crime bill you got a bunch but even even Bill Clinton said my bad to the ninety-four crime boy I agree with you though book and I think that the belief that black people should be punished more harshly that black people and and and I dare to say black people I'm not afraid to say who is was about that focus of that you know the racism towards that that was the focus of that I don't care I am mad at all of them every single one of them forever because I don't care I don't care there is a part in that who helpful because what about when you're helping to be a woman in your black yeah no no it was people who look like me I mean that's why they brought Craig Melvin in from the Great and Powerful oz seat they said in that moment it was like oh we got a surprise for you it's Wofford grad it was to ask her black questions and she didn't get and she gave the answers the politician answers but I agree with you I think that if you're not you are part of the problem you're part of the problem for the black men being in a lot in prison in California where we had that amazing three strikes BS the poor parents going to jail for their kids not going to school without you even knowing what's happening in the house and why don't you care what the issue is at the house that's keeping the kids from going to the schools like I was a woman you took the story here who was ill like what is it that makes you say nah you know what we got a spankin we got a spank them how very Republican of you so lastly I met I want to go back to the miniature everything because if you were doing an equality everybody then okay it's a little bit different equation but man and and they are asking her that truancy question a lot which I'm actually kind of I hear you they've almost overdone it yeah but I'm surprised are they because I thought they'd be softer on kumla and they're not being soft on that they are really pounding her on on what she did there and how she had gone after poor people minorities that said are too much as a prosecutor but oh but they won't do the other side right she let minuchin gave her a a camp a check gave her a donation and then he she let minutia slide on one of the worst financial frauds in all of America and so you can't tell me that you're gonna take it out on poor people worked juggling jobs and are sick and I have probably bringing their kids to school but you're not going to take it out on minuchin and so that's what she should be pounded about and that's what every every town hall should ask her why did you let minutia slide Jesus Christ it was one of the worst frauds we we had and now he's Treasury secretary do you feel partly responsible for him being Treasury secretary because if you had put him in prison he wouldn't be Treasury secretary thanks for watching this free clip of The Young Turks don't forget to become a TYT member today for more exclusive content join now at TYT dot-com /join


49 Replies to “Tough Question on Truancy Enforcement | Kamala Harris MSNBC Town Hall”

  1. Xnerdz says:

    I think they're pounding on that question now so that when comes the primary debates, that question wouldn't come out as much, or would appear completely worn out. Don't be mistaken, the mainstream media is never on your side. They always have a corporate motive, in this case it's protecting one of their cherished puppet in the future.

  2. Kitchen Utensil says:

    What Cenk said is factually incorrect, he said that Mnuchin donated to Kamala and then she “let him slide”. This is not true. She “let him slide” in 2010, he then donated $2000 to her Senate campaign 6 YEARS LATER. Cenk was implying that Mnuchin bribed Harris, which is just not true.

  3. Jimmi Stone says:

    Bernie voted for the crime bill yet all you centrists gonna vote for the crime bill lol

  4. Jimmi Stone says:

    Do it like the movie old school

  5. Chantay Berry says:

    The constant disparaging of Black women in Congress. These people continue to push a man that doesn’t support reparations.. you call yourself Progressive 🤔🤦🏾‍♀️

  6. Jax says:

    So we just gonna gloss over the people she unjustly prosecuted….girl bye. You helped the school to prison pipeline thrive.

  7. Brandon Cook says:

    In the US, bills are not black and white. Sometimes, grotesque bills are wrapped up with great bills as political traps and that’s just the nature of things.

    When voting, you should always consider why a candidate voted for a particular bill. Biden and Hillary loved the crime bill because of an inherently racist reason (blacks are criminals) but Bernie was forced to vote for it as well.

    The reality is that Bernie voted for it because of the violence against women act and spoke out against the tough on crime aspects of the bill.

    It sucks, but context matters.

  8. Yusif R says:

    lately Cenk has been talking about how he's not in favor of worker-run co-ops and giving Kamala Harris too much of the benefit of the doubt… I've been steadily losing faith in TYT for over a year now… seems the $20 million seed money has pushed them right….

  9. Miss Grinch says:

    Is this literally the ONLY negative thing about Harris people are going on about? This is all I hear about that woman is the truancy thing. Other than her letting Mnuchin go. We are literally fighting to get Trump out and all y'all keep going on about is Harris and her Truancy report. Who cares about that. I'd rather have her then Trump.

  10. Don Cline says:

    Dis sista hot.

  11. Shaquandra Destiny Freeman says:

    Black kids get DUNKED ON by truancy officers!

  12. Finding Happily... says:

    That’s why she will not get my vote. As a matter of fact not impressed by any of the candidates going up against the conservatives. He will have another four years.

  13. Jawan T says:

    Among the annoying cast of TYT, Nilda looks the most annoying as she sounds.

  14. Mila says:

    Tyt is msnbc lite

  15. MrKgb63 says:

    Ah yes, the old,“it became necessary to destroy the town to save it” mentality.

  16. Rolando Gomez says:

    Aida Rodriguez for president!!! !!!!!!!!!

  17. TURN ME ON DEAD MAN says:

    Aida and Brooke are morons

  18. Arnold Strong Numero Uno says:

    Why can’t LO ask all the questions so she’s not sideways in a chair? Are these questions so shocking that he can’t? Nothing earth shattering….

  19. Oiled Up And Ready ! says:

    CNN laying off hundreds of workers !

    TyT……… crickets ……

  20. sevelino taliauli says:

    no, you locked them up. there was no assistance provided. in fact, the "assistance" that was provided was some old white lady going to the schools talking about how they don't want dumb kids running around CA when their parents are getting their nails done with their gucci hand bags and big hair, and if you don't comply, you'll serve misdemeanor time.

  21. Em Jay says:

    Helping parents by locking them up. Naming a regressive punitive program after children and justice… A republican at heart.

  22. Em Jay says:

    What a slimy political answer. she's preventing those poor kids from being homicide victims by locking up their parents. Kamala Harris certainly didn't miss Spin 101 class in Swamp School.

  23. Ray Fernandez says:

    vice had a great video on the US being a Oligarchy, they responded to stop this to join their web sight, we need to be aware of this because this is the biggest reason our politicians are fake.
    great job Vice, people should already know this, but it comes in one ear and goes out the other, nothing you can do about Koche brothers, Soros, or other. oligarchs. You can not compete with them or do a thing to them, but be aware that most of what you see on TV is fake on both parties. It's a game to keep us ignorant, nothing we can do to them, but they pay big money to keep us hating one another. They even act like they hate trump, when Trump is one of them, paying both parties to make sure he doesn't pay taxes. By the way all of them pay the politicians to make sure they never pay taxes, don't think it's a Trump thing only.

  24. zak girard says:

    How is locking up a kids parents going to help the kid get to school?


  25. James Hamann says:

    Increasing school attendance is fine. Did it actually improve the the pipeline?

  26. MidScream1 says:

    Lock em up Harris 🙂

  27. Ra-mesu says:

    lets face it Robert Mueler is nothing but a Mealy mouth coward too..

  28. M S says:

    Kampala is a black women who will obliterate the black man and push the gay agenda with Jussie smollet

  29. Ankur Bhaskar says:

    Should the same question from Carl in the 2nd debate of the 2016 general election come up again in which if either Kamala or Trump can say anything nice to each other, all Trump has to do is thank her for not putting Steve Mnuchin in jail, and he wins again. Harris is a BAAAAAD choice for nomination.

    Also it seems like for the most part people forgive Bernie Sanders more than anyone else for the 1994 Crime Bill because of the VAWA & Assault Rifle Ban provisions, which given where he was coming from at the time is pretty forgivable in my view.

  30. Norm Haletty says:

    The incarceration Queen Kamala is the woman who tried to keep a person locked up that had already been proven to be innocent.

  31. Jeffrey Turner says:

    Only things Sen. K. Harris can do to help America going forth…
    1) Get out of the way.
    2) Get the hell out of the way!
    P.S. Vote Bernie Sanders

  32. imnotmike says:

    Aida is so awful. Cenk usually tamps down on her worst impulses, but she certainly pushes these panels in the direction of unreasonable, irrational, and straight out racist and sexist.

  33. phirah79 says:

    I love when Brooke said "we have to figure out a better way to help black people than putting them in jaill". Amen! The charter school where I work serves in crisis youth and we have "chasers" that literally chase our kids and do just what Brooke said. They go to their house and they go to their hang out spots and they find the kids and bring them to school. They are all amazing with the kids and build relationships with them and make them feel cared about. It really works. If we did that the right way in public schools, not in a criminalizing way but in an encouraging way I believe it would work there too.

  34. Cunt says:

    Shcools brianwash kids to be liberil anyway

  35. ping oh' says:

    Black people

  36. Paul B says:


  37. Alexander Aggadi says:

    Helping parents get there kids to school by throwing them in jail.

  38. TheManSplainer Mansplaining says:

    Lol. You guys have no chance winning in 2020, but its fun watching you struggle.

  39. MalleyaBull says:

    Truancy laws are just a sieve. Do them when nobody is looking

  40. Konrad von Marburg says:

    Like a physical pipeline?

  41. Wendell 717 says:

    Oligarch privilege allows them to use racial groups and the whole lower class in general as political science projects for their sick neoliberal purposes.

  42. TCt83067695 says:

    They definitely need to ask that Steve Mnuchin question

  43. Saraza says:

    This law affected me. I missed 100 days. Why? I was developing a chronic illness. Yet I was still at the top of my class. My work was done on time, I had a 504 plan, and gave doctors notes explaining my condition as well as any time I missed more than 3 days in a row.
    We did all of this, followed the law. Yet my mother was threatened with jail time for “assisting in a minors truancy” she was told by my school principal
    “You’re holding back your child from getting a proper education.”
    “You don’t want your child to learn”
    “We should put you in special Ed class if your really that sick”
    I had to graduate at age 16 because of worries of legal action.

  44. Ken Hawk says:

    You guys should have shown the question being asked of her to help put this video in greater perspective.

  45. Men In Black says:

    Kamala Harris is a Zionist first American last. She went to the Golan Heights a year ago to give her blessing to the confiscation of the land.

  46. Petrazenka says:

    Why do black youth skip school?

  47. lichga100 says:

    This woman is a racist and rapist protector. No wonder this NaziTV promotes her

  48. Phil M says:

    Just shut up 🤐

  49. Jacorrian Spears says:

    Send SUVs to pick them up???????

    If you aren’t gonna say anything intelligent please stfu.

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