Toyota Safety Sense ™ Automatic High Beams (AHB) Settings and Controls | Toyota

December 9, 2019 posted by

– This is video three
of a four part series where we’ll go over the
settings and controls of the various systems within
Toyota Safety Sense, or TSS. Please be aware that certain
features and settings may vary by Toyota model. This video is about
Automatic High Beams, or AHB. Automatic High Beams found
in both TSS-C and TSS-P uses an in-vehicle camera to help detect the headlights of vehicles ahead and the tail lights of preceding vehicles, then automatically switches
between high and low beams depending on the lighting conditions. Let’s watch Automatic
High Beams in action. (dramatic music) (car engine running) To engage AHB, press the
Automatic High Beam button. When you push the AHB
button, a window will pop up informing you that you need
to turn on the high beams to activate AHB. To do this, turn the selector to AUTO, and push the left stock on
the steering column forward, away from you. When it’s dark, the system will activate and an AHB indicator will illuminate on your instrument cluster. The system will now engage high beams at speeds above approximately
25 miles per hour, as long as it does not
detect a vehicle ahead. The high beam indicator
on the instrument cluster will be illuminated when
the high beams are engaged and the AHB indicator will turn off. When the system detects a vehicle ahead, it will switch back to low beams, and the AHB indicator will turn back on, and the high beam indicator will turn off. To deactivate Automatic High Beams, simply pull the left
stock back towards you, or press the AHB on off button. Be sure to always drive safely, obey traffic laws and speed limits, and focus on the road while driving. Refer to your Toyota owner’s manual for additional information on Toyota Safety Sense limitations,
operation, and instruction. (calm music)


9 Replies to “Toyota Safety Sense ™ Automatic High Beams (AHB) Settings and Controls | Toyota”

  1. The Gaming Norwegian says:

    1:00, why make it so damn comlicated? Why not just make it as the EU models is… Push the stalk forward and the car does the rest itself. stupid that u have to press a button for ti to active and push the high beam stalk.

  2. Scott Hall says:

    Why 25 mph?? If it's dark it's dark!!! Even at 10 mph yep still dark

  3. Ryan Clayton says:

    I still miss the foot button on the floor for this, lol

  4. Dan Page says:

    I love this feature. I used this mode on the highway this summer and it worked great! I feel like I've jumped into a time travel movie with the new tech.

  5. JOSHaka OGER says:

    So in auto it's high beam… because I can pull the stick towards me and they get brighter I thought auto wasn't high beam 🤔

  6. Tony DePalma says:

    I have a 2017 Rav4 when I am turning into my driveway I need the high beams so I do not drive into the ditch. The system will not turn allow the high beams to turn on – for some reason it thinks there is a car in front of me. I want to turn off the Automatic feature.

  7. S Hong says:

    My husband had Toyota Tacoma when we lived in Nashville but someone slammed in behind his truck total his truck

  8. Jeffrey Dean says:

    How do I turn off AHB on a 2017 Corolla? There is no button for me to push and I absolutely loathe this feature. Let me choose when to turn on my high beams!

  9. SWAT Team says:

    This should implement long time ago, very hate those car with build in white beam.

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