Travel insurance: What it covers, what it doesn't

June 16, 2019 posted by

good idea I have travel insurance well it really it depends on some of your needs and it depends on where you're going and also how you're feeling how healthy you are what you need to do is ask yourself some key questions are you traveling outside the country that usually means it's probably a big ticket trip so that's something to consider is there a good chance that you're going to need to cancel maybe there are some relatives that are having health conditions back home you want to make sure that you're there to be there for them or can you afford to lose the money you've paid for it that's probably the big a big one those are things you need to consider if I decide I do want travel insurance what what should I look for in a plan when looking at what's where the biggest claims are we talked to folks at square mouth which is an online aggregator looking at a bunch of different types of insurance plans medical nearly a third of claims are for medical reasons trip cancellations another big issue and then some of the other things that people are want coverage for lost or delayed baggage and travel delays those also can be covered depending on the type of coverage you look for and the cost can vary widely it's usually about four to ten percent of the cost of the trip so if the average cost of the keishon is $2,500 and you have to pay 250 for that insurance just for that peace of mind for some people it may be worth it you mentioned the variation in cost from four to ten percent is this a situation where you get what you pay for that is exactly right one of the key things to look for the most important thing is what the exclusions are you want to make sure that if it does cover medical conditions that it also covers pre-existing conditions if you have one you also want to make sure you don't pay for something you don't need you may already have coverage with certain insurance coverages that you already have namely how you pay for your trip if you pay for a credit card with a travel credit card many of them already cover lost baggage baggage delay some of them do cover that you want to look for that you also want to look at what happens with different types of insurance carriers go online do some comparison shopping and then the other thing to consider is when you're going to buy this policy do it as soon as you book your trip that's the best bet because you're going to be able to have your pick of a lot of different types of coverage if you wait to very close to leaving on your trip you may not be able to get exact out of it exactly and they may charge you more one tip I will give people is if you're going through this because I've dealt with myself if you're going through this if you think there could be a chance that you end up canceling even before you buy insurance make sure you buy directly from the airline and directly from the hotel if you know you're in a situation where you may have to cancel a trip make sure you're not using a third and also if you're looking at the cost of a trip and versus travel insurance maybe paying that extra for a fully refundable ticket right makes sense again you have to really know your family's needs to decide whether or not you need to get the travel insurance and the trite type of travel you want to do you you

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