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Meet Nadia. She manages a team of people who
travel all over the world, and it’s her job to ensure that they are safe while they
are travelling. That’s why Nadia uses Travel Safe 360, the most comprehensive travel risk
management solution ever. Yes, ever. Nadia used to spend hours manually filling out travel
risk assessments by hand. Used to. Now, Travel Safe 360 generates travel risk assessments
for her thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence. They’re not your traditional
travel risk assessments either – every assessment is tailored to the individual traveller, giving
specific training recommendations and action points to mitigate risk. Nadia also used to
rely on itinerary tracking to know where her people were, which worked right up to the
point of them stepping off the plane. Now, Nadia is able to leverage next-generation
check-in technology that enables her to know where people are and if they are safe without
the need for constant tracking. Travel Safe 360 allows Nadia to custom-select a geographic
region, and auto-locate every traveller within that region. Over time, Nadia knows that her
business needs will change, and she will find herself needing more users one month, and
fewer users the next. Nadia also knows that Travel Safe 360 is fully scalable, meaning
she can add or remove users as she needs to. The best bit? Travel Safe 360’s intuitive
admin console allows Nadia to see how many travellers she has on a trip, if any of those
travellers are above the acceptable level of risk, and if any of her travellers have
signalled that they are unsafe. She gets all of that information on one screen, so she
doesn’t have to waste time hunting for vital information, especially in the event of an
emergency. Thankfully for you, Travel Safe 360 isn’t just for Nadia. We’ve built
Travel Safe 360 to help us provide Travel Safety for everyone – which includes you
and your people. We are confident that with Travel Safe 360, your people have never been

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