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October 9, 2019 posted by

The big news today
is that the White House has taken its fight
with Congress to the next level: officially sending word
that it will not participate in any aspect
of the impeachment probe. Yeah. Which is crazy. Like, Trump can’t just decline
to participate. Like, this is not
the Vietnam War. -(laughter)
-And this new tactic… this new tactic
threw everything for a loop. Because, you see, today
was meant to be the big day when Congress would hear
testimony from Gordon Sondland, ambassador to the E.U.
and Jeff Ross stunt double. But just before the C-SPAN
camera started rolling, the White House pulled the plug. We’re following breaking news
this morning, and it’s moving quickly–
the White House blocking E.U. ambassador Gordon Sondland from testifying to Congress
just minutes before he was supposed to appear
on Capitol Hill. He was set to testify
behind closed doors as part of an ongoing
impeachment inquiry into President Trump, specifically about
his interactions with Ukraine. Democrat House Intelligence
Chairman calling the move to keep Sondland
from speaking to lawmakers, “strong evidence
of obstruction.” Wow. Donald Trump’s White House
blocked an ambassador from testifying to Congress. What a completely
innocent thing to do. -(laughter)
-Yeah. Yeah, I bet Trump was probably just scared
that that ambassador would exonerate him too much. You know, Trump’s like, “I got
to maintain my bad-boy image -if I’m gonna run
these streets.” -(laughter) So… at the president’s behest, Sondland pulled out
of this impeachment hearing, which is a big deal. Because although many people haven’t heard
of Gordon Sondland, it appears that everything
Trump wanted from Ukraine went through him. There’s almost no one
who was more involved in pushing the president’s
priorities in Ukraine than Gordon Sondland. NEWSWOMAN: Even before
President Trump spoke to the president of Ukraine, Gordon Sondland, the
U.S. ambassador to the E.U., had been pushing the Ukrainians to commit to investigations
Mr. Trump wanted. The ambassador to the E.U.,
Gordon Sondland, worked behind the scenes
to help carry out Trump’s wishes in Ukraine, a country
that isn’t even in the E.U. Okay, that’s your first red flag
right there. Trump’s ambassador to the E.U.
was getting involved with a country
that isn’t in the E.U.? That’s not his jurisdiction. Yeah, that would be like Santa
doing the Tooth Fairy’s job. That’s not cool.
Yeah, ’cause then it’s just a creepy old man standing
over your kid’s bed. Yeah. You’d just be like,
“What are you doing?” He’s like, “Whoa-ho-ho-ho,
nothing weird. I’m just… “I’m just buying
your kid’s teeth. “Okay, now that I say it out
loud, it sounds words. Ha-ha-ha. The Tooth Fair, eh,
goddamn it, that guy kills me.” And the reason Congress
is so intent on having Sondland testify isn’t just because he was at the
center of this Ukraine scandal. Right? It’s also because
he has text messages that show what was going on
behind the scenes. NEWSWOMAN:
Text messages given to Congress show Sondland
and another diplomat discussing a possible link between investigations
and aid to Ukraine. NEWSMAN:
On September 9, Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat
to Ukraine, texts: Sondland responds: Adding: NEWSWOMAN:
Taylor texts Gordon Sondland: Sondland responds: -(laughter)
-Okay, I… I don’t know if these guys
are guilty or not, but you have to admit those
texts look hella suspicious. Yeah, because
the only time you say, “Stop texting,
let’s talk on the phone” is when something shady’s
going down, right? It’s 2019.
No one talks on the phone. The only reason to talk
on the phone at all is to wish your grandmother
a happy birthday or to commit crimes. Or to commit crimes with your
grandmother on her birthday. Just like, “All right, Nana,
you tell me who wins at bingo and I’ll take care of the rest.” At the same time,
I don’t blame Sondland for wanting
to shut down those texts because do you see
what’s happening there? The guy he’s texting with is being so explicit
about everything. He’s like, “I don’t think it’s a
good idea to commit this crime”” It’s like,
“Yo, yo, yo, yo.” You know who he reminds me?
He reminds me of that one guy on every bachelor party
group chat who has no chill. Everyone else is playing it cool
and he’s like, “I am excited to do
the cocaine tomorrow, guys. See you at the cocaine
and the hookers.” It’s like, “Yo, yo, yo, yo.
Delete, delete, delete.” Now, in response
to the stonewalling, the Democrats have issued a subpoena
to Ambassador Sondland. But that may
take months or longer to wind its way through
the courts. In the meantime,
Congress is also hoping to hear testimony
from the whistleblowers. And, remember, there are now
two whistleblowers, right? There’s the first whistleblower
who has secondhand information, and the secondhand–
and the second whistleblower who has firsthand information. And then, of course, you’ve got
the confessions from Trump, which, I guess,
is small-hand information. I don’t know how this works. Now, normally,
normally getting testimony from a whistleblower might
not be such a big deal. But this time, they’re talking
about taking extra precautions to conceal
this person’s identity. And it could be because the
whistleblower is just shy, or maybe it’s because the president has implied
they should be executed. I don’t know.
Either way… Democrats are looking
at some novel ways to ensure
the whistleblower’s safety. TV REPORTER: The House
Intelligence Committee is taking extreme measures
to protect the whistleblower from a president itching
to learn his identity. And this country has to find out
who that person was, ’cause that person’s a spy,
in my opinion. TV REPORTER:
There are growing concerns about the whistleblower’s
safety. It’s still unclear
when the whistleblower might talk to lawmakers. But the committee
is considering using and offsite location, limiting staff and members
who could be present. TV REPORTER:
Possible steps include a remote location
for testimony, and perhaps masking
the person’s face or voice. Wow! Masks and fake voices
just to make sure that Trump doesn’t know
who this person is. Seems a bit extreme. I mean, all they really need to
do is disguise the whistleblower as Trump’s daughter, Tiffany,
and he’d be like, (mimics Trump):
“Who is this person? I’ve never seen her
before in my life.” (normal voice):
Now, I understand why Congress is being
so careful here. This is serious stuff. I also think at the same time,
this could be a big opportunity
for the Democrats. Because, I mean, if you’re gonna
be disguising the whistleblower, why not just take this thing
one step further and turn it into
the TV event of the year? ANNOUNCER:
Coming soon, a top secret
incremental hearing in the impeachment process will have everyone asking: who is
the masked whistleblower? A sworn testimony that will
have committee members and our celebrity panel
guessing. I’m so freaking confused
right now. -I don’t know who I am.
-(cheering) (whoops) ANNOUNCER: This fall,
everyone will be asking, “Who’s behind the mask?” ♪ ♪ The Masked Whistleblower. Coming soon to Congress.


100 Replies to “Trump Stops Sondland’s Testimony and Dems Protect the Whistleblower | The Daily Show”

  1. Amy Brown says:

    The mask whistleblower!! 🤣🤣

  2. Trina D says:

    😂😂👌🏽, At this point, cheating Trump & his Abomination of an Administration needs to be forcibly removed,, he’s at a point where he’s desperately fighting a losing battle.

  3. Truth Seeker says:

    What evidence Trump's supporters need to realize that this guy is nothing but a self-serving criminal?
    – He was the first student in his class but he sues everybody get near his records.
    – He is a successful businessman but sues everybody who might release his tax returns.
    – He loves the U.S. and hugs the flag but dodges the military service.
    – He claims to love the U.S. but at least for 8 years did not pay a penny tax and call it "SPORT".
    – His only interest is to fight against corruption but refuses to cooperate with the investigation that shows his intention.
    THIS GUY is nothing but A CRIMINAL; he has done not a single honest day of work in his life. He has learned nothing in his life but cunning and deceiving others.

  4. ArrPeeGeefan says:

    What is so fucking frustrating, is he is pretty much just jacking off in the faces of America, and the Republican party is totally fine with it, because they're pretending its rain.

  5. Keion Chase says:

    Obstruction of justice……

  6. Heru Odyssey says:

    OMG!! I cried laughing at this, and that is hard for me to do. Top 3 Trevor Noah Daily Show clips!

  7. rek131 says:

    Traitor-Trump: I'm not participating.

    Establishment Democrats: Ok! But can we complain so that people think we care?

  8. Dmitry Iv says:

    Wow, Tramp is acting Just like Putin, Putin would put this wistleblowers in jail even wile investigation is going, i think this is what trump wants(Putin already did it, with alot of his oponents or people who was telling the truth). 100% USA wont let it happend, just because it is USA.

  9. Mario Pratt says:

    Thank you Jesus that black don't crack, otherwise I'd look like a white 25 year old at the current age of 45 by the time this is over.

  10. Miss Meta says:

    Are they that stupid to think this does not makes them look guilty. Hey "Call me" and I will let them know. Y'all lying. Morons!

  11. Crampets Shain says:

    He doesnt want him to participate in a kangaroo court. I dont blame him I'd prevent that guy from going to that court too. It's a farce so why do it?

  12. ReReminiscence says:

    Or they need to talk on a secure line ffs

  13. air port says:

    When the whistleblower starts to testify, they can play "Call me" by Blondie.

  14. Will Naman says:

    Isn't the real news that Ellen is dating W?

  15. Kyle Gungapershad says:

    What if a whole lot of people stand up and say they are the whistleblower…. just out of curiosity how would that play out?

  16. Geovanny Joya says:

    If he walk like a duck , and quak like a duck, is because he is a duck! And Trump is the whole Zoo complete!!

  17. Firefly Guitar says:

    Trump doesn't need to be involved. Send Sondland to jail.

  18. Nise XYZ says:

    Such a gigantic menchild! This is like when my little cousin used to cover his ears when his mom “was mean to him“ and punished him for doing something he wasn't allowed to!

  19. Lady Luna says:

    honestly i think theyre trying to protect the whistleblower from trumps supporters, he's called them a spy, the enemy, a traitor, and encouraged his execution. lord knows what his base would do to act on those words

  20. William Limarjo says:

    WTF, today scandal is more dirty and treasonous than a blowjob and flirting inside WH.

  21. Diweni says:

    why is Trump still in office? … I miss President Obama

  22. William Redmon says:

    Lmao it's pence

  23. Jaime Jorn says:

    can, someone, anyone make this insanity stop?

  24. Adler Post HC says:

    America is turning into a crazy american movie about a crazy America

  25. christian macri says:

    Nobody talk about the Biden oil corruption in Ukraine. Shhhhhh…not a word

  26. I Shot My Boss says:

    Will Trevor apologize if the whistleblowers end up being Jared and Ivanka?

  27. g. kiss says:

    trump is going to use the military CODE to get rid of the country's involved with his cover ups that he can't stop from telling on him . Wake Up America, trump has the mind of a Spoiled Brat ! not a grown rational thinking MALE. trump is VENGEFUL white America thought it was fine when he enforced his upgraded changes to the jim crow laws to the White privileged movement, now they got a shit storm mixed with an once of reap what you sow on their hands and no way out except the truth and nothing but the TRUTH 📰📃


  29. engelstraene3 says:

    I feel like there should be a rule that when the president refuses to cooperate in the investigations they automatically get impeached

  30. thebigjul says:

    How can he still be in office after such an act. His behaviour only should make him an enemy of the USA and he should be in prison already. But only in the US that corrupted kind of sons of bitches can rule the country.

  31. Jesus says:

    He always has a fall guy. People have went to prison for him. Funny his accountability is not his at this point. 🤣

  32. Justa Dragn says:

    I don't understand Trump, like at all. Why prevent someone from testifying when you already personally released the transcripts of the calls then publically admitted that yes, you think not only should Ukraine be looking into Biden, but you'd have no problem with China doing the same? This makes no sense. And people actually voted for this fool? Definitely one of the things that makes you go, "hmmmm".

  33. Jesus says:

    Stop blaming everyone but Trump. 🙄Geesh

  34. Jesus says:

    I'm sorry, didn't Peach peach release his conversation? He is his own whistle blower. 🤣

  35. Husky Passion says:

    a spy is when you act for an other country, not when you act for your own country.

  36. Jai ShriRam says:

    Plot Twist : Melanie is the whistleblower

  37. Chris Felkin says:

    When is the govt forum to discuss the USA being built on stolen land and by free slave labor which made many wealthy and created generational wealth for others? We’re going to keep ignoring that?

  38. goldennn nirvana says:

    "i gotta maintain my bad boy image to run these streets." the sad thing is i can actually see Trump saying this

  39. MoVon R says:

    Wow the new Watergate 🤔. Loose lips sinking the trumptantic.

  40. Shane Giglietti says:

    How the hell did we allow this to go on so long especially when there is so much evidence against this ignorant orange asshole. He needs to go

  41. Admini Gaia says:

  42. Elle Tuppen says:

    Thank you Trevor for making these important proceedings manageable with your lashings of great humour!

  43. living my dream says:

    Trump is a coward.

  44. oscar vargas says:

    Yeah, if killing that guy in prison was a walk in the park, imagine what would happen to the whistleblower .

  45. Bjørn Bjercke says:

    I stronly beleve Zippy is the whistleblower.

  46. Jay R says:

    It is very crazy that this and the bone saw story are taking very lightly by media. But lord knows if a regular person made this same argument it would not stand.

  47. Robot Hunter says:

    What the hell do you think they use for currency in fairyland? TEETH! Things are weird there.

  48. grumbles says:

    It's actually really scary to think that they need such extreme measures to protect someone who is supposed to already be legally protected, because THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is calling for their execution.

  49. Samuel Yeo says:

    By blocking witnesses subpoenaed for the impeachment probe Trump has started a war with Congress,obstructing justice and abusing power. With this going on,no country can ever trust America and any deal can be revoked any time.

  50. Stress Davis says:

    Weird. Sense this impeachment shit came up, I've heard nothing from a trump supporter. Not even on Facebook…

  51. michel gent says:

    Haha America is crumbling. Looks similar to the roman empire fall

  52. UCON says:

    After pulling out of Syria I think the party is done with him.

  53. VicZX6R says:

    Dumps older sister has judge experience…how these dumb ass deplorables thinks the orange pumpkin gets away with obstruction of justice, collusion..sneaking in Miss America dressing rooms… pussy grabbing… bashing military service members yet has the tiny hands to grope my American flag which I've honorably served and protected when this spoon fed dipshit called for 5 "fake" bone spur defurments!!! Fuck TrUmP!!!

  54. Julian Davis says:

    Where's his wife maybe she's The whistleblower

  55. Jose Fuentes says:

    Hmmmm.. ok does anyone remember what Cohen testified.. playing out almost to the letter..
    Wow what A sad time in American history..

  56. Ričardas Baika says:

    I like how dony is totally ok when HE doing it. But when it is done against him, " OOOOO SHIT IT'S ILLEGAL"

  57. 47chromeAKs says:

    Mask? Fake voice? It’s obviously Batman

  58. cycoklr says:

    If I have nothing to hide, I would love to have the whole world hear what any witness has to say about events in question. But then again…

  59. rene trossman says:

    The sick irony of Ukraine not being in the EU while Sondland, the EU ambassador was pulling the strings and the mouthpiece for Trump, while Taylor called them out in text messages. The reply, "call me", is especially telling. Pathetic grifters who will be found out soon.

  60. Shokase says:

    I would like to decline to stop paying my taxes. 😂

  61. Godspare says:

    5:34 trump has grey hair 👨‍🦳

  62. George Afara says:

    The demonrats have wanted to impeach Trump since day 1 in office; he's their daily nightmare, you see 😉

  63. Stolya Production says:

    Fuck america

  64. Isabel Ayala says:

    If he did nothing wrong why is blocking testimony?

  65. Brandon Moreland says:

    And this is why Trump Will Survive impeachment, oversaturation by the news. They are about to dedicate wall-to-wall coverage 24/7 about every aspect of this guy's life in every aspect of what he could or couldn't know so that by the time he does testify he won't need to ask because you've already spilled the beans. Same thing with the Mueller report, Trump is only all-powerful while you pay attention to him. Right now is the time to follow through with process not sensationalism. I'm telling you if you ignore Trump he will get more and more irrational is his need for attention will grow more and more he may even resign just to get that attention

  66. Deborah Blackshear says:

    Arrest his behind Gordon Sondland, Send The Federal Marshall to Arrest him. Don't let Devin Nunez NO anything, he can't be Trusted, he is a traitor, spy.

  67. Omar says:

    And what will the Democrats do? As usual, nothing. There will be lots of talk and yet another ignored subpoena.

  68. Ashdrey1337 says:

    I still dont understand this system…. They try to impeach him over this phonecall, when literally everything else he does is way more shady. "Oh theres an FBI investigation against me? Let me replace the head of the FBI quick" "Oh theres someone wanting to testify against me? Lets block his appearence"
    LIKE WTF? how can u not impeach him on these facts?

  69. Ofentse Nkhumane says:

    Durban or are they just going never disappoint me he always said he know how to make me love there's always laughter there was never a show that I didn't know

  70. john lee says:

    Whoaaaa… remember what happened the Epstein???⚡🔥💣😈

  71. Emmanuel Tk says: just did a cinematic video please check it out and tell me what you think. Thank you very much.

  72. Kevin O'Donnell says:

    This is totally misrepresenting William Taylor. He is clearly aware of what is potentially happening and he is trying to ascertain what is being asked of him. He's not a villain.

  73. rose mary says:

    trevor makes the best trump impersonation ever lol

  74. HaloRocks says:

    Trump: "Look, I'm having soooo much Presidential harassment right now! No president has ever been treated as badly as me!"

    Me: Laughs in Obama. Dude, is 2 1/2 years the "selective memory" span of Trump and his puppets?

  75. Glory Kun says:

    Arent it just mellania the whistle blower

  76. Mohna Priyanka says:

    Bill Taylor being so explicit and the guy with no chill analogy ♥️😂

  77. Crusty Cobs says:

    Hypocrite, liar, traitor, fake, cheater, womanizer, manipulator, con-man, crybaby, criminal.
    This is not the kind of person who should be President, he should just resign.

  78. Djoudie Alexander says:

    It's not a power conflict between two parties that's a war that could transfer to the puplic

  79. Nathan Watson says:

    Masked voices are of Beck Bennett and Elizabeth Moriah in her "ironic" processed voice (daughter watches her squishy makeovers).

  80. Fauler Perfektionist says:

    Everyone keeps saying what an idiot Trump clearly is, but he keeps managing to pull BS like this. How about we start anticipating his moves if he's so unintelligent?

  81. Joseph says:

    Does this reminds anyone of Death Note or it's just me? lol

  82. 月下风火 says:


  83. MARKIECURLUE Malma says:

    Why testify behind closed doors ? I thought we live in a democracy . Nope We live in a scientific dictatorship ..

  84. mats smaling says:

    No innocent man wants to kill a witness

  85. Does itMatter says:

    Why not arrest him and drag his will not participate ass to court.

  86. Boar Stud says:

    A sure sign of guilt, GOP trying to cover up their bungling POTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Daywalker392 Hemi says:

    It would be funny if it was Melania!!!!😅

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    Trevor is a gem…keep him🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I'm weak.The "Santa"joke tho

  89. Nai the fish Guy says:

    This show TRUMP is totally GUILTY.

  90. trexation says:

    Once again I would like to remind the people of the United States Of America of a plain and simple fact. Just for the sake of it:
    This is all happening right now in your country. It is real. It is really happening right now. People should remind themselves of this fact from time to time.

  91. q perry says:

    These are amateur criminal!!!! First rule of crime, you don’t do no talking over the phone 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

  92. TheCurlsCrazy says:

    How can they just say " we will not come" 😀 wtf this should be illegal

  93. Clinton Harold says:

    Block all of them Trump. This is becoming a joke. From one thing to another.. BS

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    Yup, trump is going to get away it. And not get impeach 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  95. Larry Pierre says:

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    Stop saying you dont know

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    Whatever happened to ignorance of the law is not an excuse what is that only apply to us minorities

  98. Lynne Hand says:

    Impeachment probe does sound a bit invasive. I don't think I would cooperate either.

  99. Daxaaar The Bot says:

    Masked Whistleblower Show? I'd watch that.

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    Another episode of "What if Obama did this?". 🤷🏽‍♀️

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