Tucson restaurants take precautions against E.coli

September 23, 2019 posted by

tonight dozens of people across the country have fallen ill after eating chopped romaine lettuce now the latest ecoli outbreak is being traced to lettuce fields in southern Arizona and as news for Tucson Zach Briggs tells us tonight some local restaurants are now taking safety precautions due to the e.coli threaten Yuma eateries across Tucson like McAlister’s Deli they’re not taking any chances management deciding and not to sell romaine lettuce this as a precautionary measure 53 people now sickened by the nationwide ecoli outbreak three individuals impacted here in Arizona in response McAlister’s Deli has posted notices saying they’re not selling romaine lettuce in their salads due to a potential supply risk issue instead the salads will use iceberg lettuce spinach and a spring mix being precautionary about it so there’s nothing wrong with taking precautions but at the end of the day I don’t think it’s anything too extreme they caught it they’re gonna take care of it because of the issue according to the CDC the lettuce in question originated from the Yuma area which is known locally as the winter lettuce capitol health officials now advising people to avoid all romaine lettuce products and so far the Pima County Health Department has not received any confirmed cases of e.coli I’m Zach Briggs news 4 Tucson

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