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sBot Speed – UR from SICK is a
safety system for cooperative human interaction and applications using a
lightweight industrial robot from Universal Robots. In this video we’re
showing you the basic functional principles of the safety system: What the
system does and how it works. sBot Speed – UR safeguards an open-access
robot application. It allows safe entrance of a person to the working area
by combining the functions of a safety laser scanner, a safety controller and
the features of the UR robot itself. The robot will slow down when the person
approaches the hazardous area around it and stop safely when the person gets to
close. And when the person leaves the hazardous area around the robot again
sBot Speed – UR monitors the condition of the robot and triggers an
automatic restart. The safety system works with two field sets. Field set one
is the default, when the monitored area is not being infringed. It has a warning
field and a large protective field. When this field set is active, the robot is
working in normal mode at operating speed. As soon as the warning field is
being infringed sBot Speed – UR initiates a speed reduction of the robot.
After verifying that the speed reduction has been safely achieved the safety
system switches from field set one to field set two. Now the protective field
gets smaller. The robot will keep working in reduced speed, while the
operator is in the warning field. Why do we do it like this? It’s quite simple:
first, the robot can keep working – although at reduced speed. Second, and
most importantly, the person is still at a safe distance from the working robot
and–within the limits of the warning field–can move freely. sBOT Speed – UR.
Safe productivity for your robot.

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