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The U.S has by far the largest defense budget
in the world. It has been at the forefront of many grounds
breaking technology when it comes to military weapons like 5th generation fighter, stealth
bombers, etc. US Navy is the most well-equipped navy in
the world. It operates around 10 nuclear-powered supercarriers
which are more than all the other nations combined. But there is one area where the U.S seems
to have lagged far behind -Anti Ship Missiles. But things are changing as the US Navy has
pushed into production the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile or LRASM. In this video Defense Updates analyzes how
the US plans to destroy Russian & Chinese warships with Long Range Anti-Ship Missile? Let’s get into the details. This video is sponsored by the free-to-play
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using the link in the description below will also get a free premium tank or aircraft or
ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. The U.S has been fighting with adversaries
that have no or very small navy like Iraq or Afghanistan. The inadequacy in Anti Ship capability crept
in mainly due to a lack of credible opponents. America was focusing on military assets that
were more in line with these battles like the development of drones. This lead to a lull in the development of
advance Anti-ship missiles. But things have changed in the last decade
as Russia & China have developed a range of anti-ship missiles that challenge the supremacy
of U.S surface warfare capability. Both of these countries have strong navies
and are actively pursuing ways to counter the U.S Navy by developing a wide variety
of Anti-ship missiles that can target U.S warships from long ranges. Now the U.S is responding to the emerging
threat. The U.S currently uses Harpoon missile as
the main Anti Ship weapon. Initially developed in the 1970s, it has seen
many upgraded over the year but is essentially a 5-decade old design. It is an over-the-horizon, anti-ship missile
manufactured by Boeing. Harpoon ER (Extended Range) can reach targets
at a maximum distance of 80 miles or 130 KM. It has a speed of Mach 0.7, which means it
has high subsonic speed but not supersonic. U.S do have SM1, SM 2 & SM6 supersonic missiles
which have a primary role of air defense with a secondary Anti Ship role, but their small
warheads are not capable of crippling a large warship. The only credible anti-ship weapon is the
NSM The Naval Strike Missiles or NSM is the upgrade
of Kongsberg’s Penguin short-to-medium range anti-ship guided missile. The missile has a range of 100 miles or 185
km. NSM is capable of high subsonic speeds. It has sea skim mode by which it travels very
close to the surface, making it hard to detect and intercept. It is also designed to maneuver to avoid enemy
defenses. It is equipped with a 276 pounds or 125 kg
multi-purpose blast/fragmentation warhead. NSM features an imaging IR-seeker which is
complimented by inertial/GPS navigation. The missile also has a built-in database of
representative ship types to distinguish between intended targets and other objects. But even NSM is constrained by its range. For example, the Indo Russian Brahmos missile
can fly at supersonic speed and have a range of 185 miles or 300 km. Its range is being upgraded. The Russian ramjet-powered P-800 Oniks is
capable of streaking at naval targets up to 370 miles or 600 km away at speeds of Mach
2.5 The Chinese YJ-12 has a speed of around Mach
2, if launched from low altitude and up to Mach 3.2, if launched from high altitude. It has a maximum range of around 235 miles
or 380 km depending on launch altitude. The 3M22 Zircon developed by Russia is said
to have the capability to reach speed up to Mach 8 and has a max range of 600 miles or
around 1000 km depending on launch trajectory. These missiles outrange American once and
because of their supersonic speed will be hard to intercept especially when a barrage
of these is fired. The AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff
Missile is a stealthy and highly precise surface-skimming cruise missile with a range of 230 miles or
620 for the Extended Range AGM-158B. Viewers may note that a shorter range variant
was used in combat on April 4, 2018, when two B-1B bombers launched nineteen of the
stealth missiles at a Syrian research center in Barzeh. Lockheed Martin worked on the missile further
and AGM-158C is developed which is an antiship variant and is named LRSM by the U.S Navy. The missile is subsonic and but since it is
LO (Low Observable), the enemy warship will not see it coming till it is very close. This strategy is a stark contrast to Russian
and Chinese missile which depend on speed to defeat the ship’s defense. It is powered by an F107 turbofan engine and
has a 1,000 lb (450 kg) blast-fragmentation penetrator. The warhead is potent enough to cripple a
large warship. LRASM will cost around $3 million apiece which
makes it twice as costly asHarpoon missiles.US Navy plans to acquire 467 LRASMs with an initial
order of 23. LRASM deploys multiple sensors & techniques
to home in on the targets. The details are here: 1. It has an inertial and jam-resistant GPS navigation
system. This is mainly used for navigating the initial
phase of the journey. 2. A two-way data link is present, which allows
the launching warship to send course corrections data. It will be used for mid-course guidance during
which missile flies at medium altitude. 3. It has a guidance algorithm that can acquire
& target enemy ships when external guidance is disrupted. It is mainly used in the mid to final phase. The algorithm is smart enough to differentiate
civilian ships and low priority enemy warships from the actual target. 4. It has a Radio-frequency sensor which is activated
in the terminal phase. The system homes in on an adversary’s radar
signals—the very radar which is used by the enemy warships to track the missile. 5. In the terminal phase, the Infra Red sensor
is also engaged. It is used to make the last-ditch adjustment
so that the missile can hit specific points of an enemy warship to maximize damage. In this phase, the missile skims close to
the surface which makes it hard to target. It is important to note that LRASMs can be
deployed in swarm mode which will enable it to saturate enemy defenses. LRASM also deploys electronic counter-countermeasures
(ECCM) to overcome the enemy’s countermeasures. The U.S Navy’s carrier-based FA-18E or F
Super Hornet jets will start deploying LRASM this year. This will be followed up with them being deployed
from the cells of the Mark 41 Vertical Launch System. The surface-to-surface LRASM variant will
be fitted with Mark 114 rocket boosters which are jettisoned after launch. Viewers may note that US Navy’s Arleigh
Burke class Destroyers have 96 Mark 41 cells whereas Ticonderoga class Cruisers have 122
of these. So, the 65+ Arleigh Burke class Destroyers
and 22 Ticonderoga class Cruisers will be able to deploy the LRASM seamlessly. A submarine-launched variant is also expected
to be developed. The multiple launch platform makes LRASM fit
perfectly in the US Navy’s “Distributed Lethality” doctrine according to which firepower
is spread across multiple platforms. LRASM will add much-needed punch to the U.S
Navy’s surface-warfare capabilities.



  1. Michael Estala says:

    The US uses precision strike capabilities vs massive hit or miss missiles such as brahmos, zircon, and df-21.

  2. trankt54155 says:

    I read the comments here and lots of these commenters have no idea what they are saying.
    A supersonic speed missile have several limitations and 1) would light up like a candle due to its infrared signature from fast speed and 2) also because it travels at a supersonic speed its range is limited due to fuel consumption, or with a comparable range with a subsonic missile it would have to be much larger because of the need for more fuel.
    Ask yourself as to why the US stealth B2 and soon the B21 intercontinental bombers fly at a subsonic speed and not at a supersonic speed? Why not have the stealth bombers fly at Mach 2-3?

  3. Kelly BT says:

    The missile knows where it is because the missile knows where it isn't.

  4. Bryan de Paepe says:

    And now Russian fanboys will be crying out that Russia has hyper-sonic missiles but they forget that the fastest car rarely wins the race due to the laws of physics. There are so many more factors that determine success or failure than just velocity such as accuracy, strategy, tactics, quantity and quality of weapons and training.

  5. wouter kellerman says:

    The Patriot was touted as invincible…….just putting it out there…….

  6. riccccccardo says:

    Imagine if USA put the same efforts to cure hunger, common cold, aids (they created), racism etc…….

  7. a name says:

    You got a good show don't change anything

  8. IloveDoubleD says:

    The U.S. also has a decent amount of subs which can use torpedo's. Subs are stealthy as well.

  9. Double Tap says:

    US is upgrading almost all conventional Missiles with hypersonic capabilities starting now and completed in approximate 24 months.

  10. Ckg322 says:

    Another high priced project that's not very good. It's lack of speed will make it easy to intercept if the for has xband radar like Russia.

  11. Ghastly_Grinner says:

    Russia … and China …Strong Navies 不不不不不不

  12. Troy Blanchard says:

    Let me know when the range is upped to at least 400 miles.

  13. Grigorije Vlahovic says:

    This is huge!

  14. factinator33 says:


  15. Syke Ho says:

    Trolls in the comments section as always! LOL pissing contest no one wants to start.

  16. captmack007 says:

    Does USA need better missiles to utterly destroy other nations pathetic navies??

  17. Brandon Troy says:

    Ummmm can we get a faster… longer range heavy stealth warhead built from the ground up by Lockheed Martin Raytheon Boeing and DARPA And whoever else is dominating AI these days

  18. Ostap Bender says:

    LOL long overdue

  19. Limhachan Kithan says:

    @Defense Updates, so you want War not peace.

  20. Sewan & Sawen Creations says:

    Oh snap…oosa did it again…now if only veterans weren't experiments when they come home wounded and some asshole politicians don't let them get to see real doctors…just nazis in white coats…and fuck you oosa, you sick motherfuckers…ya'll are going to hell for murdering people who stoodnup to protect America and her freedoms…but like those nazi white coats always say, it's freedom to experiment on people dumb enough to serve the nazis in the first place. Ya'll are sick fucking monsters

  21. First Last says:


  22. Hildugard says:

    Better late than never.

  23. Col. Strayga says:

    That's way more than twice the cost of harpoon missiles.

  24. Hildugard says:

    So they are slow and smart.

  25. Matthew Santilla says:

    I wonder if we will ever reach a point in which conflict is mutually assured destruction with conventional ordnance. Strange thought.

  26. Bj繪rn Erik Nilsen says:

    NSM made by kongsberg is fare the best sea skimming missile in the world, and are capable to fly less then 5 m.asl. A lot of forces around the world have bought it!! Japan, Is, po繪and, Germany, Canada and Australia. It's totally passive, so it's ultra hard to detect, and have a lot of countermeasures against a waraty of conterstrikes. But the possibility to detect it is very low before it's too late. You will probarbly have 8-10 sek. To react!

  27. Power Off says:

    U.S. is the strongest country and Epstein did not kill himself!

  28. my back HURTS says:

    Higher speeds higher chances of missing

  29. corey mertz says:

    Dude you have way way too may adds, I wave watched 5, I get the making money thing but come on! No other military channel has even anywhere near that many.

  30. Michael Mcardle says:

    Come on we had it for a long time.

  31. Daniel Kunkle says:

    Good to see the USN get back into the ship killing business.

  32. Captain Planet says:

    Damn just imagine warfare during the medieval times, swords, shields and horses.

  33. M S says:

    Defense budget doesn't have any serious meaning.

  34. Lino Benetti says:

    lrasms can't penetrate Russian CIWS …that Russians have installed in abudance on their ships .
    a preemptive comment ,
    ain't stealthy for russians

  35. Paul Vaughn says:

    Thy know all about it now china copies and makes the same thing

  36. David Uriel says:

    Russians suck !

  37. joao bastos says:

    Simple fisics. Supersonic or hypersonic weapons are like a flag to defensive systems. Satellite tracking and Infrared.

  38. That Car Guy says:

    The Russian missiles should be easier actually to shoot down do to their large size. The US is focused on smaller missiles packing more of a punch, Chinese is more medium sized since they can't make them small enough like the US, and Russia… Well Russia thinks everything bigger=better. Always have. Which is the issue, its such an easy missile to shoot down to do size since it will be seen easier, have a larger mass to hit, etc. Speed isn't everything, something even Russia has learned with its jets.

  39. bigone1ism says:

    Soon to have, counter- counter-counter- counter- counter -countermeasures

  40. WildBill22360 says:

    What happened to Harpoon missiles? Another issue is our cost versus Russia and China that produce their missiles pennies on the dollar compared to us. They will be firing hundreds of missiles at one time, while we will have 47 because of expense. Let's get the Bramos from India and get Israel to help us develop a long range fast anti ship missile. Japan has a new, somewhat secret one. Maybe they will share?

  41. Mark Anderson says:

    We need shipping container ships full of container sized weapon systems.

  42. David Wright says:

    we look so far behind the Chinese & Russians who both have supersonic/hypersonic missiles. What happened>?

  43. Todd R says:

    These missiles have radar avoidance.

  44. philip dias says:

    It needs to dart to supersonic (or hypersonic) speeds in the last phase of its approach to be more successful – even with a swarm approach.

  45. philip dias says:

    I prefer the Russian approach of 500 to 800+ pound war heads and faster speeds : however, those weapons are huge. Current us ship launch cells are not big enough. I suppose thrse new ones are a good compromise.

  46. JOE BLOW ME says:


  47. Carlos Nuckols says:


  48. Triumph says:

    I dont understand why people constantly bash on the harpoon just because its old.

    Its still one of the best anti-ship missiles out there, its proven to be reliable, low cost, it was constantly upgraded, there is another big upgrade planned in 2019 to make the submarine ready and another one in 2021 to make the less likely to be countered by ECM.
    The weapon is FAR from obsolete.

    Sea-Skimming missiles are usually never detected until 10 seconds before they hit, in most scenarios this is not enough time to react properly unless the crew is already on high alert (which cannot be maintained 24/7).
    They cannot be countered by certain types of ECM because they operate indepently, but they can be fooled by chaff, because a harpoon is basically a fire and forget weapon that locks on the very next target it can see after it has travelled a certain distance.

    It is very hard to make a sea-skimming missile very fast, the most common way to increase a missiles speed is to make it fly higher, which is terrible for stealthiness, or to make it bigger (more fuel, stronger propulsion) which is also terrible for stealthiness and more likely to be hit by counter fire.
    The smaller a missile is in profile and the lower a missile flies the more stealthy it becomes, this is a really simply concept.

    US Navy is certain so far that a harpoon cannot be intercepted by a missile defense system because it is so hard to detect and there usually is not enough time to react, but it could be intercepted by something like Phalanx (if on high alert) and it can be jammed by physical target fooling systems like chaff.

    The russians for example develop very fast high flying anti-ship missiles that perform a special and unpredictable attack maneuver before they strike, with the simple idea that a mach3+ missile that does not fly in a straight line is also very hard to intercept even if you detect it way earlier.

    Different concepts and both can work, but in no way is the harpoon a bad missile that needs replacement, that like saying they need to replace the Abrams tank…

  49. vwbora26 says:

    100 miles does not equal 185 km , just saying

  50. Walter Hailey says:

    First time Ive seen an or any clips of American targets being a put right look alike for its missile actually targeting that Russian red deck ship admiral K something forgot the name .. straight up letting them know anyway you want it…

  51. El Capitano Guillermo dodo says:

    What kinda nonsense is that?
    Blowing up boats, flying planes in buildings, Vietnam war,

    Bunch a idiots.

  52. Jason Davies says:

    I don't understand the relevance of having like 120 missiles soon as Russia America or China start firing missiles at each other ships you're talking about a war and we all know there are no winners

  53. S M A RAHMAN says:

    I dont think China give any fruit to USA or any other Countrys Fighter jets / any weapon system. All those people who chat trash and big about US and try to portrait China less powerful or little weaker than US they are living in big delusion. China can take control over the world in any given time if they have to. US is no more the only big daddy in present time.. so chatting big trash can only make ur self feel better but thats not the reality. U cant get respect if u dont know how to give respect first. No one can do or create good things if you cant appreciate others good work.. USA may produce very good weapon system but China makes Masterpiece. World has seen USAs most advanced anti missile system in Saudi Arabia…
    Chinas hypersonic badAss missile system will fruit the hell out of USA before trump open his filthy mouth to say any trash….. he wont get chance to take his last shit… so stop dreaming wet of jerking China off.

  54. tunedskillsz says:

    It seems like there are many new anti ship missiles made that look to be unstoppable. This is a problem when most of Americas power comes from its navy, like the carriers.

  55. Zachary von Szeremy says:

    Your video description does not match the video's content.

  56. Erol Germann says:

    It was about time those anti ship weapons were taken seriously and are now under development!!!

  57. Dr Bendover says:

    if the missile shows up on radar it doesn't really matter how fast it's going but if you have stealth no one knows it there till it's too late, what happened in Syria was just a taste:)

  58. The Green Bastard says:

    What good would these be against the likes of Russia and China when they would have already been taken out by Russia and China's (almost) impossible to defend against hypersonic anti-ship missiles?

  59. Dennis Bell says:

    Thanks good vlog.

  60. TheCrackupboom says:

    Just because America spends the most money in the world on its military doesn't mean it comes close to getting the most military capability from those dollars; many of which are wasted on legions of support personnel engaged in tasks such as keeping different races and ethnicities from attacking each other to, in essence, sexual referees, who have vast workforces at all military installations. Then we have to look at he manufacturing capability of the Chinese vs Americans. Chinese build one mile of high speed railroad for 30 million and it costs America 150 million. In addition the Chinese don't have to have their ships on the sea at all if hostilities commence. The Chinese can shoot their missiles from far inside their country and knock out American ships. Admiral Hyman Rickover said the aircraft carriers would last two days in war. The Chinese ballistic missile force is decisive in my opinion.

  61. Aaron says:

    We are not planning to blow up any Russian ships. Just stop.

  62. Jim Sia says:

    foolish ,takes years for US to catch up

  63. Lairdriver says:

    I'll say this, the US doesn't have a specific need for a hypersonic ASM. But they already one in a new variant of the SM3. The Chinese and Russians think that firing a missle at mach 6 at 500 km away is more efficient at ship killing than a missle capable of course corrections, skimming sea surface and interconnectivity with other systems it can take data from. In a doctrine of war scenario, it may be favorable to fire anti ship missles that destroy or disable ships but leave the crew a chance to survive. This would help with de-escalation. If the Chinese fired an ASM at an aircraft carrier – that would kill 5000 people. The US would do everything up to and including potentially using a nuclear weapon to destroy a Chinese fleet. But if they shot the carrier and disabled it without slaughtering everyone – there is room for de-escalation. But if you are using hypersonic missles with massive warheads – there is no room for defending yourself against retaliation.

  64. Dirty Sanchez says:

    Sorry china and russia. You continue to suck dick lolol

  65. silent watcher says:

    Fake news. US never had long range anti ship missile.

  66. Jpts13 says:

    Unfortunately they are behind Russia and chine already

  67. prashanth.L gowdas says:

    LRASM missile dont have radar jammer or hypersonic speed in phase 3 .so it's will be defended by enemy ship easily.. ..

  68. terry waller says:

    Even the Littoral combat ships are getting a new anti ship missile that can also be used against land targets. A Group of LCS's can launch attacks from multiple directions in conjunction with attacks from Arleigh Burk destroyers and Ticonderoga Cruisers. In addition to F35's.

  69. Joe Venecia says:

    21 dislike were chinese.

  70. THEfamouspolka says:

    Need info on the US's strategy to defeat incoming supersonic missiles to our surface vessels.

  71. Skoll _ says:

    The combo of the subject matter and the factual and friendly presenter is a little disturbing in an Orwellian way. Do like the vids though. Also slightly disturbing;)

  72. Mr2pint says:

    The Russian and Chinese missiles are fake which is why the United States of America has not had to update its own anti-ship missiles. The US has the best anti ship missiles so no need to worry

  73. Etech2x Won says:

    Who is making bets on who, or what, will be the 1st to be on the receiving end of one of these??? Hmmmm Lets hope it never comes to that…but you just know, it won't be long..

  74. Aurobindo Ghosh says:

    the missile couldn't be bigger than it is?

  75. B2G says:

    Most people don't know that these big fast ASMs need to fly very high because they are too fast to sea skim. Any ship radar will be able to see them from hundreds of miles away giving it much more time to react. Low, slow, and stealthy ASMs like the NSM and LRASM are actually more lethal despite being slower. Most ships will only be able to use close-in defenses once the missile is able to be tracked.

  76. SmithN' Wesson says:

    Should have focused on making high supersonic cruise missiles with long range. It's easier to engineer a mach 2.5 cruise missile instead of a mach 6 one due to the heat. And it's fast enough at mach 2.5 to be hard to shoot down since it allows little reaction time.

  77. Victor Suarez says:

    Trump is fixing the crippled military Obama left behind,

  78. tobigforyou says:

    Nothing on the Kh-32?

  79. GreensOplenty says:

    rush area 51 crowd – "its a ufo!"

  80. J. VONWILL says:

    Can we put our money in better things please like clean water or something?

  81. mabel del mas says:

    May I invite you all to clean your karma? In India, they know that karma controls life, illness and death. Yet, in India today, more than eleven million people are cleaning their karma. They are escaping the karmic trap, you see. In the West, more than 10,000 people are doing the same thing. The Indians are right, you see. Here is a simple 35 minute video that will show you your karma and tell you what to do with it. http://www.instant-freedom.com/path.html
    And, if you want to take a further step, please click on Second Attention on the menu.
    Good luck.

  82. alias177 says:

    Focused on drones not missles…. No Obama cut funding and that's why we are 'behind', including hypersonic. Thanks Obama.

  83. Nikon Sarkar says:

    West of dollars,in front of Russia,any Russian ship can't be even touch by this joke,

    All most every anti-ship cruise system play massive manuvare in terminal stages, but they are best because of combo of hypersonic+ manuvare , supersonic+ manuvare.

    And as I understand laser weapons are not effective agnest any crussmessile so all countries are trying to develop hypersonic crussmessile at any cost


    Trump wont fire on his bosses in Russia & China. He's more likely to turn on NATO. Ask the Kurds .

  85. Adya Soni says:

    The LRASM is nothing in comparision to Brahmos see its speed…

  86. Eric Christen says:

    The question is how visible or traceable are these missiles? Anti- missile defences exist on ships, right? What might be an idea here is to have decoy missiles mixed with the real ones, as well as diversionary missiles of a different type. Missiles equipped with jamming devices could be effective. These devices could distort ship equipment readings or project holographic missiles as diversions. Create additional confusion by staggering the assault with overlapping projectiles. If you guys need additional ideas consultants that are patriots, I'm at your service. See www.christolides.com.

  87. 邾邽邽邿 苠迮郅郈邽郱 says:

    overpriced susbonic junk made by garbage company)) even the engine is just a derivative of old design from 70's)

  88. albert johnson says:

    russia has the edge over the us on missles.

  89. Evan Horn says:

    War Thunder SUCKS Donkey!!!

  90. B K says:

    Making this operational would only mean a first strike would come from land.

  91. Noble Young says:

    綾賅丹領儭烘an Can We Please Blow Some Sh孤 Up Now

  92. P. Hamilton says:

    It seems that any warship….is just a target waiting for a missile to destroy it. You can imagine that all the Nations using War as a means of Elitist Profiteering….have missiles like these…or will soon have them. Besides, Hyper Sonic Missile Tech is said to have been sold off to US adversaries during the Obama Era…which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

  93. Raj says:

    I think this channel will lead to ww3 不不不不

  94. Alton Xander says:

  95. chris r says:

    You can have the best military in history but if you have a government full of globalist traitors that can corrupt people's minds with their bought media, it will not make a difference. They will invade and take over right through the back door with the brain washeds blessings.

  96. A Papa says:

    They won't have time to reach their target jenius

  97. Mahyar says:

    Another useless Holywood style weapon with fancy name and shape but utterly ineffective in battle but cost the taxpayer dear.
    These weapons are mainly to fool and scare countries that have zero or very little technological capabilities like Afghanistan, Lybia, Zimbabwe, etc…

  98. John K says:

    Get on with it

  99. V Philip says:

    Like all US products it fails.

  100. Glenn Ridsdale says:

    NSM is NOT an upgraded Penguin. It's designed by the same company (Kongsberg) but is an entirely new weapon.

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