15 Replies to “Ubiquiti UniFi Protect, Cloud Key Gen2 Plus Mega Review and Comparison with G3 Pro and G3 Flex Cams”

  1. Tekkers IT Solutions says:

    Thanks for watching. Interested to know what CCTV systems and cameras everyone else is using? Or if you don't have anything at all!? (You crazy people!)

  2. H G says:

    Great video , just fyi ubiquiti has more features that you told , please don't undermine what they do.also they give you these for free try getting that in other providers .

  3. Poppy Vestal says:

    Currently, I am running 12 UVC G3 cameras and 2 Unifi WAPs controlled by the Cloud Key Gen2. I have upgraded the hard drive in the Cloud Key Gen2 to 5TB. And since I'm sharing, I have the Unifi 48 port POE switch and the Unifi Security Gateway (USG-Pro-4). All being powered by a Tripp-lite battery backup that can support my network for 1 hour. Eleven of my cameras are outside with one in the garage.

    All of this is connected via a 48 port patch panel with CAT6 Ethernet cable going to each camera, WAP and network drop. I keep 2 weeks of video and that only takes about about 25 percent of the hard drive. Ok, I'm finished bragging.

  4. stili774 says:

    7:26 Nice Car, a tesla 😃

  5. stili774 says:

    9:17 Disable Auto rotate. The use privacy  , then reactivate Auto rotate

  6. Jerry Pena says:

    9:17 This is because the camera is mounted in the ceiling and you rotated the image.
    Just disable the auto-rotate and highlight what you want privacy and then set it back to the rotation you want.

  7. Ewe Toob says:

    Unifi Protect is what Unifi Video should have been but Ubiquiti is growing and learning so I understand. I just switched my home network over to the new UCKG2+ and really like it.

  8. Ben Styles says:

    Until you use one, you won't know how ridiculously hot these get. Must be in a cool place or you can burn yourself on them. The smooth case is for looks, not functional for keeping things real.

  9. Kirk Eby says:

    Push the tray in slightly then push button. It will pop out nicely.

  10. Sooka says:

    Love this Unifi product lines.

  11. Laurence Fox says:

    Can you use non unifi cameras with this? I already have several IP cameras I would like to use.

  12. Jayme McColgan says:

    Can you save video clips offline?

  13. rootΘ says:

    Unifi Video is free and doesn't have these bugs and you can assign per-use with it, but you have to run your own computer/server. We have 30 cameras on a single 1gbps line and it works fine, generates about 1TB per day.

  14. Roger Miles says:

    A question, when you set up users, I give them a user name and password but when user logs in the password comes up as incorrect. Has anyone had this problem too.

  15. Ed Kaempf says:

    Very easy-to-follow, clear, and well-narrated review. I can tell you did some planning before shooting the video. Thanks for the really useful information about the Cloud Key Gen2 Plus and Unifi Protect.

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