UK firm supplying 75% of NATO defence technology revealed as Prince Charles visit looms

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UK firms supplying 75% of NATO defense
technology revealed as Prince Charles visit looms a UK satellite company
responsible for supplying 75% of NATO’s defense technology will receive an
honourable plaque from Prince Charles today
ETL systems and Herefordshire designs and manufactures radio frequency
equipment including satellites to be shipped around the world the company
supplies 80 percent of its products to 120 countries previously earning three
Queen’s Awards for enterprise following their outstanding efforts today the
Prince of Wales will be shown around the expanding site by owners Ian Hale
ditchin dr. Eason bear he will meet with staff key customer spectra group as well
as Herefords new engineering University mite of which ETL is a founder member a
commemorative plaque to the owners in all 120 on-site staff will be unveiled
during the visit mr. Hilditch said we are extremely honored that HRH the
Prince of Wales has chosen to command ETL success we look forward to welcoming
His Royal Highness to our site and sharing the passion we have for growing
the company boosting the local economy and serving our clients with high
quality products manufactured in the heart of rural Herefordshire customers
of the business include government’s telecoms companies and broadcasters
across the globe including 75% of the main NATO governments according to ETL
their website reads BTL offers a wider range of product developed for broader
satellite communications that can be used for defense applications such as
radiofrequency over fiber links automatic gain control amplifiers and
hybrid slitter combiner shelves connecting multiple modems to remotes at
very small aperture terminals our large radio frequency router range can be used
for uplink and downlink satellite communication including general traffic
and data management and tvro applications as well as receive only
satellite communication in addition we also provide a substantial number and
size of ifs which matrices based on enigma vulcan and other technologies
which can be used for the government or defense sector one recent case study
shows L systems help to quit the Romanian army who are a key NATO ally
with state-of-the-art radiofrequency products soldier Technology Act or
Manian and in telecommunications company won a contract with the Romanian
Ministry of Defense delivery of 60 transportable satellite communications
terminals but they faced several challenges the company uncovered a
variety of issues and reached out to industry leaders ELQ systems the RF
components team at ETL systems was able to quickly suggest solutions that
resolved the satellite signal distribution Catalan board a CTO solar
technology AK said I contacted ETL systems as I was aware of the company
and its reputation for high quality radiofrequency products I knew they
could provide splitters and combiners however I was delighted to realize that
they could help with more than just the one issue I was thoroughly impressed by
ETL systems it was extremely valuable for us to find one provider that could
solve all our issues ETL is not just providing radiofrequency
products but also delivering new capabilities hundreds of people are
expected on the streets of Hereford today and several road closures are in
place the Prince of Wales is officially launching the gilt in 2020 festival to
celebrate the town’s role as the birthplace of British tourism the
festival is recognizing the work of William Gilpin who believed to have
published the UK’s first tourist guide nearly 250 years ago

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