UMC of El Paso — First in Region To Use Palm Vein Biometric Technology

March 4, 2020 posted by

We’re going to start again so I need you to do a five-place slight all the way the patient’s secure system is basically a biometrics registration system patient safety is our number one concern and what this system allows us to do is scan a patient palm and so that this way there is a vascular print that is only particular to their identification and so it is positively identifying that patient at time of registration in our environment or in our community as with a lot of communities we may have multiple patients with the same name and potentially the same date of birth so what PatientSecure does for us is positively identify that patient so as an example we may have a patient that comes in whose name is Carlos Martinez when we look in our registration database we may see that there are 20 Carlos Martinez so then we will ask the patient well what is your date of birth and that of course would reduce the number of Carlos Martinez but let’s say we end up having three Mr. Carlos Martinez with the same date of birth what PatientSecure does is narrow that three Carlos Martinez is with the same date of birth to that exact Carlos Martinez with that vascular recognition but of course in our environment as an emergency department down the level one trauma center in our region the main benefit that we see for our patients that do come through the emergency department and our trauma center is if in fact they are enrolled in patients secure when they come in for services all we would need to do is to scan them into the system if they’ve been enrolled then again the benefit of course is that they would all automatically come up as a positive identifier so that this way our nursing staff would already have access to their medical record you know we are the first in the region to deploy PatientSecure there are other facilities nationwide that are using it at this time but we are the first in the region

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