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more than 1 billion vehicles are traveling every day it brings convenience for people on the other hand terrorists and criminal organization may use vehicle to hide or smuggle illegal items the high-level security locations such as airport military base prison border hotel etc are vulnerable to the dangers and vehicle inspection is critical to prevent illegal items from entering designated places Dawa technology has dedicated itself to the surveillance industry for decades under vehicle surveillance system you VSS is newly developed for vehicle inspection two types you VSS are released to meet different application scenarios stationary you VSS is an ideal option for permanent applications where ground can be dug up for installation portable you VSS is convenient to be removed and is suitable for temporary checkpoints stationary you VSS consists of you VSS scanning module loop sensor power cabinet and PC you VSS scanning module adopt self developed linear color industrial camera which can grab the whole and clear image of under vehicle chassis with 4500 millimeter width and 50 kilometer per hour speed 480 w LED array provides dynamic light to capture clear image either day or night or other extreme light conditions stainless steel structure supports max 50t loading ip68 waterproof and wide range operating temperature ensure its operation in harsh outdoor environments ANPR camera can be integrated together which helps customer to manage the vehicle better the portable UV SS uses an all-in-one portable box design no construction required plug-and-play and flexible the system can be easily setup at locations to quickly improve security like checkpoints events location etc pc-based client software provides an easy-to-use GUI which can review HD images of under vehicle chassis live videos and records professional algorithm provides low distortion image and can synthesize the image within 1s after vehicle exit from loop sensor it is ideal to zoom in the image to see the details or search the record easily through plate number or time douwe you VSS has been widely deployed both in China and international markets International Airport in Vietnam Turkey Ministry of Health Shinyoung Zeller security station Fujian Nuclear Station Beijing prison etc high customer satisfaction is ensured with Dawa you VSS as secure smart reliable vehicle inspection system


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