US Government Separating Immigrant Parents From Their Children

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kristan Nielsen who is the secretary for the Department of Homeland Security had to answer a few questions in front of the Senate Homeland Security and government affairs committee now during this line of questioning Kamala Harris senator Kamala Harris got to ask specific questions in regard to the Department of Homeland Security supporting and allowing children to be separated from their parents as immigrants are trying to cross the border now the New York Times had recently written an explosive story about this and Kamala Harris wanted to know if the Department of Homeland Security is allowing for this to happen where did they get some guidance on this and what happens to the children now I love the way that this all unfolded because if you pay close attention you can tell that Nielsen is doing everything she can to deflect or hide the fact that yes these children are being separated from their parents let's take a look at the first video have you been directed to separate parents from children as a method of deterrence of undocumented immigration I have not been directed to do that for purposes of deterrence no what what purpose has have you been given for separating parents from their children so my decision has been that anyone who breaks the law will be prosecuted if you're a parent or your single person or you happen to have a family if you cross between the ports of entry we will refer you for prosecution you've broken US law so Nielsen uses different wording there she says oh we will prosecute the parents okay but what does that mean prosecuting the parents usually means yes putting them detaining them and then putting them through a court system but in the process of that happening the children get taken away meaning they get separated from their parents and they get placed in you know custody and then later may be foster care and if the children aren't able to or if they aren't able to find relatives in the United States or in you know the country of origin then that child can be detained indefinitely it's a huge issue and you know it might sound like it's a good way of deterring people but it's cruel it uses a ton of taxpayer resources which is something that people should care about even if they don't care about the well-being of these children and you know it's a traumatic experience for innocent kids who haven't done anything wrong intentionally obviously so Jing jumping yeah so Jeff Sessions when asked about this said if you don't want your child separated then don't bring them across the border illegally it's not our fault that somebody does that so I know that that's really persuasive to a lot of the right-wing first let's just note that he acknowledges yeah of course we are separating them so I don't know why Nielsen's pretending too that that's not what's happening right she seems to be trying to dodge the question for no reason Carla Harris with good questions and good follow-up when she said are you separating them for the purpose of deterrence and Nielsen says no not for the purpose of deterrence in other words yeah you are separating them just say say it right and and I'm gonna get back to why that happens sometimes right and Obama did that sometimes so but when you look at sessions quote about if you don't want their kids every border illegal that's their choice well it's true that is their choice but it they might be making that choice because of tremendous violence in the area and they're worried about their kids life and their safety so ok but they made that choice but we also get to make a choice so in some cases we make the choice to separate the kids from the parents if the parents for example did committed a crime here in the United States well then we would say we don't have a choice yeah what do we do put let the parents just go if they killed someone you can't do that right and we can't put the kids in jail with the parents so you got to separate the kids from that and the parents that happens so that's a choice we're making so but in this case they have not committed to any other crime their crime was simply to come here and in the past we made the choice that it's not worth separating the kids in a really traumatic way and then shipping them off in according to the Washington Post that we're going to ship them off to defense military bases right we'll explain in a second you know the the mechanics behind that shipping them off to military bases with people they don't know without their parents and imprisoning their parents for up to six months for crossing the border in the past we made the choice of that's really traumatic let's not do that let's just send them back it's not to say hey welcome here's your nice mansion on a yacht no you're not allowed here you got to go back now the Trump administration is saying nah let's punish him a little bit more put them in jail for six months and then their kids if you know sad day for them go to a military base into foster care not only is it cruel to the family which by the way I want to really emphasize these are not people who have been living in the United States who had committed a crime and as a result are being prosecuted their kids were taken away for them that is not what we're having a discussion about these are people who are coming from Central American countries where the gang violence has gotten so bad that they're worried about this their own safety and the safety of their children so they come to the United States seeking refuge and just the mere thought of them crossing the border into the United States is considered a crime under the trump administration and in an effort to deter this from happening and an effort to punish them for attempting to do this they will separate the kids from the parents and then the parents will be put in detention awaiting a trial by the way which is paid for through our resources our taxpayer money and that kid is also put in custody and so that is a disastrous way to handle this situation if you don't care about being humane you don't care about you know the lives of these people okay I mean I disagree with you and I couldn't disagree with you more on that perspective but in the very least understand that if you genuinely care about your taxpayer money or your resources being misused this is a prime example of it being misused they're not committing a crime simply for coming to this country to seek refuge that is not the way that they were treated in the past but it's the way they're being treated now so if you're wondering why they're going to military bases because there's not a lot of places to house them so the military is not in charge of them Homeland Security is but they're using the military bases to house them and there's not that much space there's only a space for a little over 10,000 kids we're at 91% capacity now 10,000 571 kids I don't know what they're gonna do when they run out of that space I'm not sure they know what they're gonna do when they run out of space now to be fair to the Trump administration at the peak of when there was a huge migration in the country of families again because of violence and other socio-economic conditions happening in the year 2014 the Obama administration had more than 7,000 children in in bases in Oklahoma Texas in California so it's not like this has never happened before it has happened but it has happened under completely different circumstances so during that year you had a large number of unaccompanied minors coming into the United States no one was prepared for it and there was no shelter no housing no plan put in place to take care of that situation right and so he didn't do it as a way of punishing people and by the way Obama had many problems when it came to his own actions in regard to immigration but with that said his intentions there were very different from the intentions that were seeing with the Trump administration yeah and so that goes to my final ironic defense of the Trump administration here they told you they were gonna be vicious and now they're being vicious so we shouldn't be surprised Trump said he'd murder the family members of people he considered terrorist that's you know in the Middle East and in the case of immigrants he said he didn't believe in catch and release so if you don't believe in catch or at least that means you're gonna imprison the people that come here that means you're gonna separate them from their family in the past only 10 percent of the people coming here had come with kids or were kids themselves are not with adults now it's up to 40% because the crisis that's happening in Central America and the Trump administration is making a choice to be vicious to them separate the family from the kids imprison the parents and not care about any crisis or whether their lives were in danger in Central America whether that has to do with the war on drugs that we started and and so if you like that I'm sure you're thrilled yeah I show them take their kids away and the three-year-old a seven year old put him in a military base and and we stuff more of them in there and make that choice and we're thrilled with that choice okay then your Trump voter and you should be happy that's what he promised you that's what he's giving you for the rest of us is that the country we want to be where we don't say hey I know you're trying to come for freedom I know you're trying to come for opportunity I know you're running away from something really really dangerous and you're trying to look out for your family we can't have you in the country and we can't have you crossing the border illegally so we're not going to allow it that's one choice we can make or we can say I'm gonna punish you and take away your kids and put you in prison yeah that's not the country I want right and I just want to add one more thing to this because these conversations are nodding at this point because we constantly talk about what kind of band-aid we want to use on a gushing wound we never have a discussion about the core of the issue and what's causing all of these people to leave their homeland looking for refuge okay it's because of gang violence why is there so much gang violence in these countries Honduras El Salvador Guatemala what's going on does the u.s. play any role in that right why are these gangs so powerful where are they getting their weapons from why is it that they're you know they have the money to do what they do is it because they're trafficking drugs if you legalize drugs there's a possibility that these gangs won't have the amount of power that they do we don't have a discussion about what we're gonna do about those gangs and whether or not the United States plays a role in empowering and embolden tting these gangs instead we just have a discussion about how we can punish the victims of that gang violence and and finally we've seen this movie before so if I know the right way ideology is there's gangs because you know they're Latin American you know how they are they pursued rapists and criminals etc and there's nothing you could do about it no if you look at history it's a very easy guide so when we did prohibition on alcohol what we get we got gangs vicious gangs inside the United States we could have said well that's Chicago of course all the Americans in Chicago are brutal and vicious savages they would do gangs no matter what no they did gangs because they profit it from selling alcohol because everybody wanted alcohol and now there are vicious gangs because they profit from selling drugs why because people want drugs and so if you do prohibition it leads to gangs every time so Anna's absolutely right the actual problem is the war on drugs but we play these silly little games to demonize and demagogue because it gets people votes in this country and and the casualties of that war are these kids and these parents that have come here that we have now 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20 Replies to “US Government Separating Immigrant Parents From Their Children”

  1. Ayush Acharya says:

    TYT isn't neutral, it's so biased.
    For TYT, securing the border ain't the issue. The security of Americans isn't necessary for TYT, security of illegal aliens' kids.

  2. Grant t Imrie says:

    Ah tyt. Always completely objective, rational, unbiased and non partisan in their politics and reporting

  3. 800lb Gorilla says:

    Wait…. so these people are fleeing countries where they are threatened with torture, rape, murder, war, and no prospects. But they aren't shit-holes?

  4. 800lb Gorilla says:

    You know who else separated children from their families?
    …Southern Democrat slave owners.

  5. Tyler Larkey says:

    I hope we have some Germans in the world willing to set Cenk straight about these Nazi comparisons. My great grandmother knew greatly of the horrors of the Nazi party. She was a German citizen who's family left Germany.

  6. bruce baker says:

    Propaganda of the lowest order, try looking at the very real statistics of "Illegal Immigration" and the enormous cost to Taxpayer's! If you want asylum do it "Legally"

  7. lifesucksdlckhead says:

    As it unfolds, hillarius, they have found 700 of the children found to be victims kidnapping with people who were falsely claiming to be they're gaurdians

  8. Edward Terry says:

    When Trump calls these countries 'shitholes,' Liberals proclaim them to be paradise on Earth.
    But, when it comes to pushing a Leftist agenda, suddenly, Liberals can't stop talking about what a bunch of shitholes these countries are.
    Funny how conveniently that works. 🤣

  9. nosuchthing8 says:

    Republicans are like the guy from chitty chitty bang bang that was rounding up and jailing children

  10. CJBM says:

    Come on, get serious liberals…nobody forced their parents to come ilegally to the US…every administration have done it before…get serious!

  11. Darryl Ray says:

    The immigrant kids. Separated. Are living a life of learning, games, fun, and most of A.C. feeling nice and cool from the heat. Asurance of being taken of. A life their parents can't provide. These kids to them. Are being treated like royalty.

  12. dstarwar says:

    They're children for God's sake. It's frightening when a society becomes numb to protecting innocence. Worrying.

  13. Kagiso Edward says:

    Yeah … I mean … Let‘s be concerned about children now! Let’s not be concerned about the thousands of children who were raped or murdered on the way to the USA who were encouraged by the left to take the dangerous journey. Let’s not be concerned about the millions murdered via abortion and paid for by US taxpayers. Let’s not be concerned about the illegal kids placed in cages while Obama was POTUS. Now all of a sudden, children's lives matter. Let’s let parents commit illegal acts and let them continue to be parents even though we do not do that for any American citizens who as parents commit crimes.

  14. Sam Pak says:

    American has taken illegally childern. It should be condemn..

  15. andrei-stefan nedelcu says:

    Hmm these guys should try a career in law. Arguing that entering the country illegally is not illegal seems to be a winning strategy.

  16. charles botha says:

    This is truly awful. Families should to not be separated. Jews have a concept called Tikkun Olam, which means healing the world. I know that the horrors of The Shoah are very real even to those who are third generation survivors. I have a brilliant idea, let's have family reunification for these immigrant families in Israel.


  17. wandering spirit says:

    Stay home and do not cross our borders illegally.
    Break the law, and pay the price. The free ride aboard
    the US tax payer gravy train is over.

  18. Riki, The Free-Spirited Inspirationalist says:

    This is how you create monsters. A lot of these children may grow up with a particular attitude towards the US. All children grow up one day and people never forget how you make them feel. We should think of what influence we are to them. Ijs… Smh…

  19. Stupid Paranoidflake says:

    So f*cking tired of haters. Now we have a country run by them and supported by other haters. How much longer before the gays, lesbians and transsexuals are all thrown into empty wal-marts because they have been deemed undesirable by the haters? Then it'll be the african americans. Then the native americans. Then the developmentally disabled. Then the disabled. Then more specific undesirable genes…like hair color…eye color…Gee, doesn't it sound like NAZIS?

  20. Don Boulet says:

    Once again, the media (and TYT) is using politically correct wording to soften the actions of the government. Just like it took them so long to correct the terms "falsehoods, untruths, etc." for the now commonly used and appropriate word lie. Separating is the soft word for CHILD ABDUCTION of which the Trump, his fellow banana Republicans and ultimately all American citizens are guilty of. This is yet another policy to potentially turn people into future terrorists. With Trump and his current Pardon policy, is the next step to order border patrol/military to start shooting anyone (including kids) that approaches the border only to pardon them if they are to be charged criminally? Sad that these illegals are fleeing such deplorable lives in their homelands only to be further (and to have their greatest fears of losing their kids) victimized/traumatized in the most ultimate, demeaning manner. Please stop using the soft word separating, maybe if the correct child abduction phrase were used then people may start to make/demand some changes. Soft words only embolden the abusers because it sure sounds way better than what the actions truly are. If a child abductor was to go to court and say to a judge and/or jury " No, no….I didn't abduct this child…I only separated them from their parent(s)", how do you think anyone would respond? Do you think a defense attorney would let his client or himself try to argue the case in this manner (other than Rudy Giuliani perhaps or Trumps other "lawyers")? Time to stop letting the Whitewash House dictate the language of their deplorable actions.

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