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this is not a drill my name is Greta Tim berry we are living in the beginning of a mass extinction our climate is breaking down children like me are giving up their education to protests but we can still fix this you can still fix this to survive we need to stop burning fossil fuels but this alone will not be enough lots of solutions I talked about but what about a solution that is right in front of us I’ll let my friend George explain there is a magic machine that sucks carbon out of the air costs very little and builds itself it’s called a tree a tree is an example of a natural climate solution mangroves peat bogs jungles marshes sea beds kelp forests swamps coral reefs they take carbon out of the air and lock it away nature is a tool we can use to repair our broken climate these natural climate solutions could make a massive difference pretty cool right but only if we also leave fossil fuels in the ground here’s the crazy part right now we are ignoring them we spend a 1000 times more on global fossil fuel subsidies that are natural based solutions natural climate solutions get just 2% of all the money used on tackling climate breakdown this is your money it is your taxes in your savings even more crazy right now where we need nature the most we’re destroying it faster than ever after 200 species are going extinct every single day much of the Arctic ice is gone most of our wild animals have gone much of our soil has gone so what should we do what should you do it’s simple we need to protect restore and fund protects tropical forests are being cut down at the rate of 30 football pitches and minutes where nature is doing something vital we must protect it restore much of our planet has been damaged but Nature can regenerate and we can help ecosystems bounce back fund we need to stop funding things that destroy nature and pay for things that help it it is that simple protect restore [Music] this can happen everywhere many people have already begun using natural climate solutions we need to do it on a massive scale you can be part of this vote for people who defend nature share this video talk about this all around the world there are amazing movements fighting for nature join them [Music] everything counts what you do counts [Music]


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  1. Sandip Mangat says:

    Sooo… Fuck paying taxes… Save the world. Done.

  2. Ken McGonigal says:

    Awesome video! I am sharing with everyone I know.

  3. EcoCentric Homestead says:

    We can double the land based living plant material without trying hard at all.
    In Canada, it's an election year and the politicians are acting like children. Our only possible chance for a government that will address environmental restoration is the Liberals.
    As for me, I am:
    1. forming a true food forest (a garden disguised as a forest)
    2. working with nature, not against her. (no pesticides or herbicides. No artificial fertilizers. Make my own compost)
    3. Selectively managing a woodlot for firewood as to maximize plant growth (which lowers my net CO2 emissions)
    4. documenting my progress on YouTube so the world can see what is possible

  4. MAX BACON says:

    They want us all to ride bikes and buses ,and eat beans for every meal ,but dont worry the rich and famous wont have to change a thing ,its just us gullible working class rabble who will suffer .And if that little Swedish person is "autistic" ,(she seems very persuasive and eloquent to me ),then I am Governor of The Bank of England!.

  5. My Pet Crow says:

    This is wonderful except for one thing. NO ONE has ever been able to solve the McPherson Paradox. Go out, by all means, and do whatever you feel the need to do but also realize that NO ONE has ever been able to solve the McPherson Paradox, therefore…

  6. Alexandra Riggle says:

    As of 3:10pm Pacific Standard Time, 22 people said "Nope, we don't want a liveable planet." Ain't that a bitch.

  7. Bestoink Dooley says:

    I'm so sorry. It's too late. That doesn't mean we shouldn't go down fighting, tryig to save what's left. "Humans evolved to react to imminent dangers, not slow-rolling and seemingly invisible catastrophes as an unintended consequence of our cushy lifestyle. From lofty corporate boardrooms to the filthy streets of skid row, the mass of humanity is following the same biological script of overshoot and collapse seen in every organism from bacteria to reindeer herds. Fossil fuels only enabled the destruction to multiply a million-fold, culminating in one final and spectacular explosion of human activity that will leave the planet nearly barren for eons."
    "Open-ended growth appears to be inherent in nature, all the way from the DNA to the arthropods to mammals, including humans. Open-ended growth is the psychology of a cancer cell. I am not sure I know of a species which has learnt how to limit its own growth. Unfortunately species which transcend their environmental resources can't survive." Andrew Glikson, Earth and paleo-climate scientist, Australian National University

  8. Vance H says:

    Save Our Planet.

  9. ValhalaFiveSix says:

    Go Greta!

  10. Sergio rodriguez says:

    Favor incluir traducción en más idiomas para llegar al resto del mundo

  11. Daniel Grace says:

    I'm educated in business optimisation. How can I use my skills to help?

  12. Simply Human says:

    Learn about restorative powers of mycelium.

  13. Reggie Bald says:

    Only everything we love is @ risk!

  14. manic .miner says:

    yep, quick, before china build another 300 coal power stations.

  15. Daniel Grace says:

    Trees are good. But you don't want a monoculture, biodiversity is king!

  16. jessica jessicuhh says:

    Makes me proud to work in the ecological restoration field! 🙂 Native plants for the win!!

  17. Safir says:

    Vote for Yang!

  18. Howard Jones says:

    Up to 200 species are going extinct every single day!!? So that’s 73,000 in the last 12 months alone, what is your evidence of this and may we have a list please?

  19. John Fouke says:

    Keep RISING UP everyone. Our power is just beginning to swell. We will save ourselves as we save our environment. Fantastic video! Great respect to all involved.

  20. Nilay Gadia says:

    Degrowth is the solution…nothing else.

  21. Jacqui Owen says:

    Love the message and proposed solution.
    I feel strongly about "Nature is a tool"
    as if we control nature. We don't and that thinking got us into this situation! We certainly can work with nature to recreate a biosphere which is compatible with human life.

  22. system abc says:

    i hate propaganda and that nothing from history got actually

    enlightened. dont trust the governments

  23. Jasmin Mis says:

    Ask Mr.Putin for S-400 missile lounchers so that you can blow up dirty factories,otherwise yours efforts will be futile.

  24. Dominic Adams says:

    I'm all for matural climatr solutions like trees. So how about we dont cover vast quantities of land with solar panels and turbines? Maybe we could turn to the power source which provides 55% of Americas low carbon energy? The one which uses between 400 and 750 times less land than renewables. The reliable energy source with the best safety record by several orders of magnitide due to its complete lack of pollution.
    I am if course talking about nuclear!
    Listen to the science Greta
    Thats straight out of your mouth. Dont be a part of the ideology which seeks to dismantle nuclear for the benefit of the fossil fuel industry… After all, natural gas is the perfect partner of renewables and will be well beyond our ability to stop this crisis.

  25. Olive Eclipse says:

    Pathways cleared …. get rid of those fat-boi s.

  26. Ganralf Primula says:


  27. adrienne nonami says:

    Do some research and thinking before you do this.

  28. Frank's School says:

    Folk huts q.v. with deep-soiled living roofs work quite a bit like trees. A village of them, tightly packed, would look, from the air like a forest — year-round.

  29. SEGAClownboss says:

    Also be sure to research renewable energy, develop electric vehicle technology and radically re-structure the way we operate our agriculture.

  30. Gerald Comeau says:

    No doubt about it. Greta has girl power. George Monbiot got it from her. All the grannies love her. It’s so simple. Plant a tree or two or more. Adopt a tree. Hug it until it suffocates. Girl power will overtake deforestation. No more invasions of mountain pine beetle. No more illegal logging in the boreal forest. No more slash burning of rain forests. No more leveling of jungle for palm oil plantations. No more habitat destruction by industrialization. Hugging trees never worked until now but don’t worry about it. We have Greta.

    Mahatma Gandhi led the one million people salt march. He was killed by an assassin’s bullet. Martin Luther King made the: ”I have a dream” speech. He too was killed by an assassin’s bullet. Roger Hallam is trying to mobilize a rebellion to avoid life extinction of the planet by greenhouse gases. He is in the jailhouse now. George Mobiot is hoping to take his place with girl power. Why do I find that depressing?

  31. Kiters Refuge says:

    Unfortunately this is not the answer. Natural approach like what Ethiopia did by planting trees is too little too late. Increasingly I see Greta Thunberg as a distraction rather than someone that has a clue as to the urgency of having to exponentially ramp up CO2 sequestration technologies with the whole of humanity behind it. Before you say, no way, that tech. is at kilo-tonne level, I would have to beg to disagree. US National Labs has come up with using Sarcosine (Ammino Acids) and PyBig to cheaply and effectively sequester CO2, if you do not carry out the last step they propose and simply dump the PyBig salt into the oceans. You could use the hundreds of power station cooling towers operationally without any need to do anything except to add Sacosine to the water, and enrich CO2 to levels of about 3/4 of a mole per liter. Thats the first part. The more problematic would then be to produce and PyBig (4 USD per Kg) and then store it…in the Billions of tonnes. There are 200 cooling towers in India alone. Therefore the scale would be at gigatonne level which is what is needed for us to QUICKLY in the timeframe necessary (and not a tree growing timeframe which is too late) sequester CO2.
    As I write, and knowing humanity, by the time we align, it will have been way way too late.

  32. S A says:

    💖 Thank you for shining your Divine Light across our precious Planet.

    May you ever be guarded and guided by your Angels and Divinity.

  33. Beyou Itcould says:

    This madness needs to stop now. The science does not indicate that there is a climate crisis now or in the foreseeable future – period. There are however a number of flawed climate computer models that do predict a range of warming scenarios as a result of increased CO2. These models, designed to prove causation between increased CO2 and Temp, have so far not been able to correlate with reality – so how an earth can they accurately predict the future? The science is not settled and nor should it be until actually proven. Shutting down discussion and twisting data to fit an argument is not science or helpful.

  34. Steven David Stoffers says:

    so this means air travel, commercial and private air travel…… is untouchable…. still. we talk about everything except cutting our emissions, yeah, and also dong something on the aerosol effect if we did do that, or mitigating it as much as possible… and working like demons on "carbon removals" as impossible as that seems. because if you go thru thru the drill with any degrees of seriousness, you not only know there is nothing on the horizon to make "flying" a magical low carbon thing but that it was, and still is, the reason we cannot get anything serous done. and then, as long as one person flies to Disneyworld, many if not every other sector and people as individuals will balk at major sacrifices. and may changes are definitely in the cards no matter how we approach this. or even if we don't do anything to scale, just as we have always done up until today in 2019.

  35. Interstellar Beat Teller says:

    -For the first time in history, we can converse and publicy, directly challenge our political leaders and those big corporations thru social media. challenge them with the facts to their greedy faces

  36. Blu Pam Marshall says:

    All new buildings should have solar panels and green zones.

  37. Elwit Kauesa says:


  38. Trevor Sutton says:

    Where I live insect populations are way down.native and commercial bees way down.frogs.lizards.gheckos.goannas.snakes. echidnas.yabbies.plants.trees.i can remember almost all life in abundance now even the mountains have a receding hair line (trees keep disappearing up higher) it is the darling downs in qld Australia.its ecological collapse but no one cares.after floods things didn't come back now a drought has hit but I don't think it is a drought it's warmer all year round last 5 winters are like autumn and this doesn't feel like a natural drought it just won't much as its changed since childhood and as bad as this current non rain period is.people still are in some type of bubble.buts it's worse than that they know but most don't care.bats are now driven too where low income people are.i keep suggesting that people should be allowed too keep native life as pets because humanity will let everything go extinct otherwise. I'd rather see laws changed for all native plants bees animals to be used by anyone than too see anymore country lost a mammal a few months ago.still still Noone cared.the change I've seen in last 35 years in my region is frightening I call it the cooking of the frog.noone is spotting it.if this is happening all over earth I think ecological collapse is here at the pnr level by 2070 at latest.if anyone reads this please encourage correct use of soil.water.and looking after all beings.otherwise civilization collapse and human extinction will less than 500 years away.much less

  39. Here and There says:

    Programmed children.

  40. bigjoeangel says:

    No chance, you're all fucked.

  41. ROBERT CURTIN says:

    Go Greta!!!

  42. costin saceanu says:

    i use pornhub to plant trees…i am doing my part…

  43. Insert name here says:

    None of this makes sense. This is what happens when the weak minded get infected by delusion fairy stories.

  44. Marcus Soileau says:

    It is too little too late and we are genuinely screwed. Humans will probably get caught up in the 6th mass extinction that is well underway.

  45. Craig Walsh says:

    Just thought, here in Kent I have not seen one wasp. Are they becoming extinct?

  46. joel fildes says:

    Less carbon,more carbon fibre…

  47. Grebb Minor says:

    In my opinion the planet cannot be affected by us because we are nothing more than a surface parasite, a flea on a dog.
    Having said that we do impact greatly on other species with all the crap we produce!!
    A big problem to come is that the third world people want what we have in the west and their industrial revolution is to come, more plastic crap!!!
    I fear the worst is yet to come, as for the planet itself it was here before us and it will be here when our species is long long gone, people will never ever stop consuming and affecting other species 🙄

  48. Dannyaber 1971 says:

    Hemp that's the way forward,hemp and more hemp.look it up it does more than just make rope. All of us but a load of seeds and plant them. Just scatter them .along with the trees we should plant hemp.

  49. test _ says:

    fff = trash

  50. Malcolm W says:

    Too big of an ask ?
    An Earth saviour will require the collective efforts of everyone & every country that will also include the militaries of every country. The risk of a nuclear war is real and everyone goes about their daily life behaving like zombies as if this threat doesn't exist and it really is going to be game-over for all life on this planet if nothings done.The danger escalates.
    For this to work there has to be a one-world government free from religion & excess wealth, need to get the population numbers down from 7 billion to around 3 billion without using war, that will mean no babies born for 10 years every so often as a start, all property to be state owned so everyone pays a fair rent instead + so many other issues.
    Tree planting in earnest + any other measures.
    If there was no religious feuds, wealth advantages over others & all militaries disbanded, then all war threats will end.
    But the reality check right now with current technology is we are in near hopeless situation, if the pollution & changing climate don't get you then the nukes will.

  51. Mira Qaemi says:


  52. Peaceful Bossa says:

    Love you Greta.

  53. Rudiger Glique says:

    As someone who was thought that our sins would send us to a hot fiery hell, I am asking that you please stop frightening our children

  54. salvador avendano says:

    We need to start buying only electric cars .

  55. Desterii DelQuonomonna says:

    We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction in the 4 billion year history of life on Earth.

  56. lyco46 says:

    No mention of a vegan diet, the most destructive thing we can do is eat

  57. T ME says:

    Help me to plant trees :

  58. David Primeau says:

    You need to inform yourself Greta, the real culprit is environmental degradation. Bees are not disappearing because of CO2 increase or a .3 degree climate increase.
    Arctic ice is not gone.
    Soil is not gone because of CO2 or global warming but because of environmental degradation.
    A forest is a renewable resource. Shouldn't we be using forests?
    "Fund" will not solve the problem.
    "This film was made with zero net carbon" may be true but was energy used? Energy is much bigger than carbon in the scheme of things.
    The simplicity of this video is insulting but palatable to the dumbed down.

  59. modvs1 says:

    The TRUTH is a powerful Thung.

  60. James says:

    Fossil-fuel, wood are the best renewable sources of energy
    Overpopulation is the problem.
    One month from now there will be 7 million extra humans on Earth.
    Reduce the population you reduce the pollution increase the population you increase the pollution common sense

  61. 20.09. Globaler Klimastreik! says:

    Yesterday: global climate strike record with Fridays for Future. 💚
    October 7: block New York, Paris, London, Berlin,…. with Extinction Rebellion. 💚

  62. KathwithaK says:

    Oh Greta, I often get demotivated when I try to act in ways to help the climate because I feel that I can't make enough of a difference or that I have created a bit of waste or used some unclean energy unnecessarily due to bad planning, even though I am definitely using much less than before I learnt about how close we all were to the point of no return. When I see that you are still so publicly fighting after all this time (about a year now, right?), it gives me the energy to keep fighting myself and to influence the people around me to do better too. Thank you, Greta!! You have educated so many people and encouraged them to change and to continue changing. More and more people are following you every day and helping our planet.

  63. jackbootbadger says:

    You want change? Then fight the mega corporations and the banking system. They are for profit only. They don't give a damn about you or the environment.
    Stop buying and using their products.
    Coca cola, macdonalds etc. Soya products, fast foods.
    Close your bank account and open a co-operative bank account.
    Stop voting for Agenda polititians who are in bed with Corporations and Bankers.
    Stop watching the News and it's propoganda and bullshit.
    Connect with your innerself through yoga and meditation and stop using the word "hate".
    This is the only way that change can happen.
    Just remember one thing, if we do wipe ourselves out in a nuclear war, the Earth will recover it's self, even if it does take a couple of thousand years.
    Spread the word.

  64. AO Studio says:

    Maybe our children should go to school to learn how to solve our problems #fff

  65. Tad Blackington says:

    Its all about gettting our heads around the ecology of the situation and via permaculture, green design/energy and rewilding build a sustainable world. We owe this to our kids and all the generations to come, profits be damned.

  66. Walter Wendner says:

    Thanks for posting 👍!

  67. Kenny says:

    Why do XR refuse to debate the safety issues of 5G?

  68. Common Sense says:

    Utterly pathetic using a child to push a fake agenda . Poncing off young children using fear as your weapon . Whoever's behind this should be ashamed of themselves . Remember 'acid rain' – giant hoax just like this .

  69. Steven Hopkins says:

    Ironically, having less children will be the only way to save the planet.

  70. bungyscuba bungyscuba says:

    There are real solutions but they require sacrifice. The likes of XT would no longer be popular if they asked for sacrifice.

  71. Miki Dewberry says:

    screaming sycophantic liars, using the weather for Political gain, nothing to do with saving the planet.

  72. S K says:

    Do you your children your grand children want to live on this planet and enjoy the life what are you doing to protect it ensuring the planets future

  73. Tomi Grguric says:

    200 species going extinct every day is a lie. Try and find a list. It's just more fear mongering from the climate alarmists. The Maldives was predicted to be under water in 30 years time back in 1988 but they've instead opened 5 new airports in 2019.
    By all means plant more trees… It's what my ancestors have been doing for centuries.

  74. Khali Mo says:

    Why don't you talk about the animal agriculture? Who is the leading cause of all the climate crisis?

  75. Samantha Bailey says:

    Say Permiculture! Say it! We can't plant these tree in a monoculture style. We need to plant and maintain our planet within the permicultural way.

  76. TheGreenMind says:


  77. Oliver Gill says:

    1.2 Trillion required globally….

  78. seven proxies says:

    Get rid of Autistic Jesus, get actual scientists to represent you, and you might just be worth listening to.

  79. Savvy Dad says:

    Straight up bullshit. You young kids are being used and lied to. The climate problems are created by tech.

  80. no way says:

    It's not simple. The rainforest is burning because people live there and want to survive on farming, logging, gold mining, etc and their population is growing. Without population control, protecting the forest is not possible. There will always be more people who want to hunt, grow crops, get resources to build their homes, than protectors. And is it even ethical to shoot at people who just want to live? It is not an easy task to give everyone access to all the resources that they need when their population is growing on a planet with limited resources.

  81. Voidisyinyang Voidisyinyang says:

    I thought George promotes Nuclear Power? It's natural right – uranium mining, etc.

  82. Ted Rees says:

    Sorry Greta, you have this backwards. The thing of value is the living ecosystem. That is what is being degraded. It is being destroyed by our bad direct actions, and climate change. We need to stop climate change to protect the living ecosystem, not rebuild the ecosystem to stop climate change.
    We don't have time to wait for the growth of forests. We need immediate reductions in our CO2 emissions. Furthermore, most of the emissions are coming from the people living in the cities, not from people living in the mangroves or forests. The city people are the ones that need to get to work replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy in their everyday lives, right now. Sure, the people living in the forests and swamps can do what they can to protect and expand the life there. But the billions that live in the cities need to stop eating meat, and stop using fossil fuels. Of those two, ending meat consumption will have the most bang for the buck, and the most immediate effect. It will take many decades to pull the excess CO2 out of the atmosphere and oceans. It took 250 years to put the excess CO2 in.

  83. sylvia belgeonne says:

    This is exploration.. facts are being manipulated to appear as something else… blind following creates uninformed minds

  84. Josh S says:

    so true lets all plant trees everywhere we can!

  85. LiftGrabber Car Share says:

    Love this channel

  86. Chubby Chubs says:

    Swedenistan has definitely got a bleak future sadly

  87. Len Zi says:

    We need to stop planting trees.
    We need to put ground under protection.
    We need to let nature come back.

    Please stop tree plantation!!
    Nature is most resistant against climate, because nature is adjusted best to the ground and the climate.

  88. Bonnie Hoke-Scedrov says:

    I live in a townhouse in Center City Philadelphia with a third floor deck. This year I planted nine dwarf fruit trees on that deck and I’m planning to plant more. I am also attempting to grow more and more of my own vegetables by growing micro greens in my basement and on that deck. I’m trying, I’m trying. I lose sleep at night worrying about climate change. Gave up eating all animal products a year and a half ago (whole-food plant-based diet). Keep speaking up Greta. I’m listening.

  89. Joe Bloggs. says:

    I found this quite patronising.

  90. Nick002 says:

    Stop Breeding…?!

  91. Draveller says:

    ahh bless, how's George Soros Greta, still funding your rise to fame and funding Extinction Rebellion ?

  92. N. Uff says:

    CoolesVid: Wie die Ölindustrie Klimawandel-Leugner finanziert. ​ tinyurl/y38xgqpn

  93. N. Uff says:

    CoolesVid: Wie die Ölindustrie Klimawandel-Leugner finanziert. ​ tinyurl/y38xgqpn

  94. Sam A says:

    Amazing, genuinely inspirational! I will do anything and everything in my power to help ensure nature is prioritised.

  95. peter zimmermann says:

    What a shame…now they start lying like all the other environmental organizations (sea shepherd excluded). Not a single word about people’s diet (vegan)…meat and dairy being the driving force behind deforestation, climate change & mass extinction…

    Not a single word about human population…there is no easy solution to fix the problem with 7.5 billion people and counting…

    TRUTH is not POPULAR is it…

    Where do the required trillions of trees come from and who is going to plant them? Decades pass before seeds grow into climate effective trees…

    Yes, we need to stop using fossile fuels NOW, but now is passing as you read this. Now is not tomorrow or in 20 years. Stopping now as in real time, civilization will collapse…

    OVERSIMPLIFICATIONS & LIES are not helpful…

  96. aaron poole says:

    Stop lying

  97. Dave Carlson says:

    Asia bundles up seedlings and airdrops them over fire zones to restart growth, local villagers, poke holes and plant them upright.

    The whole world needs to start doing it…

  98. Adam K says:

    This movement is part of normalization of pedophilia. Disgusting .

    Happy grand solar minimum PLANET IS COOLING AS WE SPEAK. I feel sad to all of you that soon will need to deal with the fact that you have been lied to and that you are willfully ignorant sheeples..

  99. Linda Muvic says:

    Extinction is natural, it’s just our turn.

  100. JackyDOS says:

    can you pls give us in europe any information about the robinson-papers (a study about the human made (!!!) climate change by exxon and friends from the 60ies. it also shows up that exxon builded some special things for the climate change on some of their platforms and pipes to save the oil-producement.) i think it´s very important to speak about the truth :). if we show everyone the truth about their lies, we can beat that rightpopulism! <3 take care, and i thank you all every day for what are you doing, cause we are sitting on eden and doing a perfect man-made fake hell, cause the little white boy wants to play monopoly all the time!

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