Using PSCP – Putty SCP (Secure Copy) to transfer files securely

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hello youtube and welcome to another tutorial so today we'll be talking about the s copy command or the secure copy comment so are you ready let's get started so actually s copy is a comment that allows you to transfer files between two machines using the SSH protocol so it's very secure way to transfer files between two machines and today I will show you how you can transfer files between your lindo or Windows machine and Linux server so first let me download it so you fire up your Google and you just type putty and you go to the putty dollars bitch and just in the middle you can see here you can download this program called party s copy actually it's command line me I just download it to my desktop as you can see here so you can ask you cannot Dutch just the down double click it in order to use you get the program but you must use your command prompt windows in order to delete this comment so i will open my command windows prompt as you can see here and then i go to the directory where i download my PS copy application so here is it is on my desktop so I go to my desktop CT desktop and then I can execute this command line I just type PS copy and hit enter as you can see I have a bunch of options here and how to use this comment so I will leave that just for a moment and I'm going to open putty in order to connect to my Linux server so I just double click on my body program but E is very famous program for connecting using the SSH protocol to any Linux server so in the hostname all top just the IP address of my Linux machine one and T two one sixty eight dot one dot 250 okay so I'll use just a root login and password in order to connect to my machine so login as a root and password as you can see now I am in my Linux box so for example if I go to our territory here Mata desk file for example and I just want to show what exists in this directory so our in secret common list LS so as you can see here I have a bunch of files and also directories here so I will leave it just like this now I will try to upload this file here called overview the doc from my Windows machine to my Linux here to this directory called disk 5 ok and in order to do that in very secure way we use this application that we have just downloaded called PS copy or putty secure copy so I will return back to my Windows command prompt here ok so in order to do that is very simple now as you can see here I'm a desktop directory so my file also reside in this desktop literally so I'll just type this command P s copy then space then the name of the file I want to upload which is our view our view dot doc then here space then the login that I have used in order to connect to my Linux machine which is root at an IP address of my Linux box as you can see here is 192 168 dot one dot 250 then column then I have to provide full path of the of the directory I want to upload this file here as you can see if I return back it's M&T slash disk five so I'll just type /mnt slash desk five then I hit enter as you can see here it's asking me for the password in order to log toll again to my Linux box so I'll just that password as you can see the file now is being uploaded and upload is successful to verify that I will go to my Linux machine and I will show again what is in this disc 5 directory by issuing the command LS or list as you can see now here I have uploaded this document overviewed attack so it's very useful comment if you want to upload or download files from Linux machine if I want for example to do the reverse thing or show you how let me first delete this file that exists here in my desktop so I will delete it ok now I will try to download file from this Linux machine to my Windows desktop so as you can see here I am in the desktop directory all I have to do which is to reverse the path so in order to download file from my Linux box it's very easy all I have to do is to reverse the options so I will just type my command here party is copy then this time I will begin by the pet of the tacky month I want to download for my Linux box so I'll just type the login new route and IP address of my Linux box Cullen then the footpad as you can see here it's MNT it's large disc 5 and the name of the file which is overview the duck so in order to download the file you have to know through the exact full path of that file our view a duck then space then where I'm going to download it so here I'm going to download to to this current directory so I'll just type dot slash which means the current directory which is desktop and then I hit enter it's very simple and it asked me me for the password because I'm collecting to the Linux box as you can see it's getting downloaded and my document returned back to the desktop so it's very useful comment that you can use instead on FTP in order to download files or upload files in a very secure manner using the SSH protocol as always I hope it has been informative for you and I want to thank you for viewing bye bye


37 Replies to “Using PSCP – Putty SCP (Secure Copy) to transfer files securely”

  1. June Luigi Villarante says:

    Hi, i've got an error. it says – FATAL ERROR: Network Error: Network Error: Connection refused. What should I do? Thanks

  2. Shriram Joshi says:

    – I have one doubt.
    It worked perfectly well for File transfer from Server to local machine.
    How do i do same in case i want to download entire folder.

  3. cjhawk67 says:

    I don't know why it just occured to me now but I just realized i can much more easily use the coreftp client (maybe filezilla to?) to secure ssh connect with a full gui to send files back and fourth super easily

  4. Rice says:

    You saved me.

  5. Sam Brown says:

    I was not able to connect to Linux Mint with Putty, got error: "Network error. Connection refused.". I was able to ping the IP address. Any advice? Thanks.

  6. Skyjus 10 says:

    Now I am doing this C:UsersWinDesktop>pscp -r [email protected]:/ng/server /Desktop
    and getting this: unable to identify /ng/server: no such file or directory

  7. Skyjus 10 says:

    What should I do?

  8. Skyjus 10 says:

    yo when I typing this scp -r [email protected]:/mc ./

    I am getting
    More than one remote source not supported

  9. aniket aakarte says:


  10. Taggin Crewz says:

    good video

  11. Ashutosh yadav says:

    I'm getting network error: connection time out ?
    What to do ?

  12. Maurice Muteti says:

    Well Explained

  13. César Sousa says:

    Thank you

  14. Shushumiga says:

    Thanks it was simple and well explained ^.^

  15. kareem snp says:

    thank u men

  16. Stefan L says:

    Really good explanation on how to copy files using pscp! Thanks a lot!

  17. The Real Generic Cereal says:

    Thank you so much. I feel so dumb, I was tryig to execute the comman from the wrong directory.

  18. Morten P. Larsen says:

    Great presentation on pscp… but for the love of god, leave out the music! Totally unnecessary

  19. DrkEfron says:

    Could be used to sync files to from folder to folder? I mean, if i used this command, and tranfered 3 objects from linux server to PC, and then a new one was created in server, next time i run it, could just sync the folder adding only that file instead of trying to copy all the folder again? This is a problem i have been trying so work with, but i can't since no command i've found can make a simple sync, and Windows doesn't have rsync.

  20. Abdul Mukit says:

    Why put music in such videos!! People search for instructions in such videos, not music. Music makes it difficult to hear the actual instructions. Not a single person came here to listen to what music you put on. They are here for the instructions.

  21. Alfhonso 004 says:

    Thanks you so much

  22. Sandeep Raj Deepala says:

    if we want use private key file for user authentication ie -i, then which private key of windows or unix must be used in the command.

    and do i need to run any other setup before executing the command.

  23. Fella FH says:

    thanks u. you made the process so easy 🙆 you explained very well thanks again

  24. says:


  25. Robiant says:

    From windows to linux works fine but, when i try to copy a file from linux to windows i get "Cannot create file" error. Any ideas?

  26. Elham Karimi says:

    Thanks.. The the most useful guidance.

  27. Carlos Vel says:

    Can I also use another authentification method other than password? I want to use public key since I disabled pw login

  28. Shane Redelinghuys says:

    Very helpful and straightforward. Thanks a lot!

  29. Ian Sebryk says:

    check out SuperPuTTY. it's an AIO. great for dopey windoze systems.

  30. raju kadduri says:

    Thank you so much for useful information….

  31. Anil Maharjan says:

    How to transfer files from local system to server automatically? how can we do that please help

  32. thebigswami says:

    Good Educational Video. However please kill the music. It's distracting.

  33. Gerald Blondel says:

    OMG … the piano!!!

  34. James Scott says:

    Relaxing music and very clear explanation. Thank you very much.

  35. Bhu Gurung says:

    Cheers fella

  36. jugnu kumar says:

    can anybody help me please. i did not understand which path you have given after opening the putty
    like u have given cdmntDi which path is this.
    please help me

  37. Slaye says:

    ty so much for this! Thank you for you time!

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