Vaping safety and health risks – the basics

November 1, 2019 posted by

Are electronic cigarettes dangerous? At this point, the public health
expert in me is screaming “of course you idiot, do you know nothing?” Certainly there are very real fears that
these sleek electronic tubes are hooking a new
generation of kids on nicotine, and that this drug should not be
considered safe and socially acceptable in any form. But as with most things,
reality is a little more complex. Electronic cigarettes are primarily
designed to get nicotine into your body via your lungs, without
many of the downside of conventional cigarettes. The beauty of the system is that you
retain the physical experience of smoking, or vaping as it’s called in this case, but
with out the actual smoke. E-cigarettes use a liquid such as
glycerin into which ingredients like nicotine and even flavorings are
dissolved. When you take a puff, this liquid is
vaporized on a hot wire, and forms a cloud of fine particles that, when inhaled, penetrate deep into your
lungs. The good news for smokers is that
electronic cigarette don’t produce many of the harmful
compounds that burning tobacco does. And you get less harmful sidestream
smoke than regular cigarettes produce. So at first blush, e-cigarettes look like
a great way to get your nicotine hit. They might even possibly help some
people kick the smoking habit, although the jury is still out on that one. But vaping on a e-cigarette still means
pumping your bloodstream full of a toxic substance. Nicotine is
addictive. It’s toxic at high doses. And it has a
whole range affects at lower doses that may not be good for you. But surprisingly, there’s not much known
about whether the occasional cape presents a significant risk. However, when you puff on an e-cig,
it’s not just nicotine you’re inhaling. Recent
research has shown that, in addition to what they are designed to do,
some electronic cigarettes deliver a range of hazardous metals and other
chemicals direct to your lungs with each inhale. Admittedly, these only seem to be
present at very low levels; probably too low to be dangerous in most cases. But with out regulations on e-cig
performance and use, this may not always be the case. What’s
worse, because of these potential contaminants,
even nicotine free electronic cigarettes may be more
harmful than people think it they’re not regulated. That said, there’s no reason why the
technology can’t be developed to avoid unwanted contamination. The trouble is,
while agencies like the US Food and Drug
Administration can potentially regulate e-digs on the basis on their nicotine content, it’s not quite so clear how much jurisdiction they have over
other substances that may be in you e-puff, whether they’re intended to be there, or not. If you have any thoughts on electronic
cigarettes and their regulation, please join the conversation in the
comments. And remember to check out the additional resources in the blurb below.


94 Replies to “Vaping safety and health risks – the basics”

  1. mblueboy66 says:

    Whatever the final resolution is on the safety of e-cigs for the vaper, they most certainly are better for the rest of us on the question of secondary smoke!

  2. Patty Bradley says:

    I do hope that e-cigs become regulated, but not banned. They are a wonderful alternative to standing outside in a snowstorm smoking. I agree that they are dangerous and we need to keep them out of the hands of kids; yet many of the e-liquid flavors are obviously marketed towards children. Lots of stuff to work out here, yes, just don't take them away from those of us who can handle them responsibly.

  3. Duane brown says:

    So  you are sayings it legal in the state of michigan for a minor to buy a ecig in the state of michigan please reply because i dont like this

  4. Taniz Sooth says:

    End of the day there not good for you but there better then normal cigs so if your going to do it do it the safest way until it gets safer.

  5. Mark Hidden says:

    As a non smoker I have been a big fan of promoting e-cigs.  They have to be healthier than regular cigs, and the second hand smoke issue goes away. Quitting smoking may be easier said than done for some people so I still think given the alternatives e-cigs are probably better for you. Smokers who have successfully switch say they feel better and their ability to enjoy food comes back.  We can just focus on the negatives we have to keep an eye on benefits as well. Here's hoping for rational regulation.

  6. Knuckles the Echidna says:

    Great video and subscribed!  Watching whilst vaping on a Kanger EVOD!  Vaping Johnson Creek Red Oak Domestic e-liquid mixed with a little Flavourart BiteXtra for 0 nicotine kick!

  7. avp3player1 says:

    I'm 22 years old. Been smoking since I was 18 years old. When I got my ego twist I LOVED IT. I mean it taste good, smells good, no second hand smoke, and is actually fairly cheap. 

    Been 4 months since I smoked a cigarette and I don't ever want to go back to tobacco. I LOVE my blue berry flavor e juice. Lol I love candy flavor ejuices and they taste and smell soo much better than burning tobacco…

    I just wish there was even more research out there that can prove if e cigs are actually a safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. As of now I'd like to say yes but… I'm not a doctor educated on the subject. 

    So until that information really goes official, I will vape on. 

  8. fo3 says:

    Regulated?  Regulated by who?  The same interests that promote chantix, a drug that causes people with no prior mental issues to flip out, assault people and kill themselves?  Regulated by the same interest that sell "quick mist" – NRT spray that contains much the same ingredients, eg Propylene glycol, glycerol, flavours,
    Acesulfame potassium and Hydrochloric acid?
    I'll just vape plain PG, VG and nic thanks, without supporting the pharmaceutical industry responsible for the aforementioned products…

  9. robertb640 says:

    I had been a pack-a-day smoker for over 30 years. About 6 weeks ago, I switched to vaping.

    I have not smoked a cigarette since, nor do I have much of a desire to do so (eg. once in a while I get the urge, but I take a couple of vapes and the urge quickly passes).

    I feel much much better physically and do definitely feel that my quality of life has improved.

  10. howcin says:

    What are the risks of using non nicotine hookah juice and not putting into your lungs, just your mouth?

  11. Hatezyed ✞ says:

    Is it dangerous if i'd smoke a nicotine free flavour ? Does it still include some of the toxics? And are there some other ingredients that causes addiction to the e-cigarette? And are there any difference between the companies that make those flavours? Are LiQua flavours OK? Plese answer<3 & sorry for my bad english

  12. Osman Oz says:

    I have been a smoker ofr almost 8 years, then i try e-cig, i loved it and its been almost a month now, did not even try a regular cigarette since.. Also i have started with 18mg of nicotine liquid, now i am down to 9 already. Planning to get rid of any kind of smoke in 6 months. I would recommand every smoker to try it !

  13. Patrick Raes says:

    Well just order my first ecig so hope thats the first step towards better health , will see what happends lol

  14. PF Anderson says:

    A few other issues to possibly address? 1) There have been (few, but some) reports of e-cigarette devices that were flawed in manufacture and did nasty stuff like explode in someone's face. This is another aspect for the attention of regulators. 2) Vaping is a drug delivery mechanism. Nicotine is only one drug. There is talk about using vaping as a tool for delivering other medications that require inhalation, such as asthma meds. 3) People have mentioned the issues of e-cig flavors that are clearly being marketed specifically to children, and how the devices are being marketed as cool/fun/sexy for young adults. The research is showing that youth that start with e-cigs are more likely to convert to conventional cigarettes, and that for this population e-cigs seem to be ineffective in helping them stop smoking. 4) Remember the phrase "gateway drugs"? There are recipes all over the Internet for how to make your own e-cig liquid, and those recipes include directions for how to make e-cig liquid to deliver illegal drugs. I think the genie is out of the bottle on that one, but it is certainly an issue to address in public health circles.  

  15. zackwong100 says:

    is there a e-cigarette that just make vapor? i just want to play with the vapor. i dont want to harm my health just want to play with vapor!

  16. Kat McGee says:

    Beautiful video =)

  17. Ron Bartley says:

    Shared.. Nice video

  18. Liz Smith Currie says:

    The flavorings in e-cigarettes have been approved for ingestion, not inhalation and may be harmful, too. And those flavors (Gummi Bear, Captain Crunch, etc.) are specifically targeted to entice kids WHO DON"T SMOKE to start a new addictive habit. The ads look like repeats of commercials for cigarettes we saw a decade ago. The lack of research, policy and action has allow this unregulated product to explode in our schools. Oh, and to top it off, kids are smoking hash oil in them. 

  19. FortNikitaBullion says:

    How do you think these metals get into the vapor?

  20. xts vapor says:

    e cigs should be unregulated and tax free live on vape strong

  21. Stuart Silva says:

    Summary: Electronic Cigarettes are less dangerous than regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes can be harmful but the evidence is insignificant, unsubstantiated, or merely prospect. Vape on!

  22. John Hall says:

    Use a clearomizer instead of a cigalike and only use high quality organic juices….

  23. myjaku hintai says:

    now days its not so hard to find pg/vg base ejuice that has been tested . these horror storys of metals in juice are from "selected "testing from basement mixers . any decent company that produces these now wont .

  24. NAthan Hendershot says:

    i just seen a video that some of the substances are produced at high temps like 12 volts but at lower voltage some of these chemicals are none existent in the vape

  25. Blade Vamp says:

    I hope they make safer 0% nicotine liquids, and then the types smokers would like. It would allow such a broad range of smoking that anyone could get involved. I own one by try to smoke it every once in awhile, sense not much is known about their affects.

  26. ethan malburne says:

    what's better for you? Smoking OR vaping?

  27. Rahul Travels says:

    Guys try 100% VG (with nicotine) over VG/PG based E-liquids. There is no throat hit and I enjoy it much better….no coughing!

  28. Wade Patton says:

    My sister was just refused service at the "vape shop" because she wanted to switch "flavors" in order to alleviate pain in her chest/lungs.  They told her to see a doctor and wouldn't sell her anything.  That would never happen in a tobacco store-where "menthols" might be the recommendation.  She is seeing a physician tomorrow.  She is a heavy user and needs a healthier addiction. 

  29. Steady Growth says:

    Propaganda once again.

  30. techtiptricks says:

    I just love how the experts are quick to say "they don't know much"

  31. Choochoo Dino says:

    Smoking, Vaping, it is all the same. it is unhealthy. However, perhaps there could be a more safe way to do it. Just like eating unhealthy food, there are better alternatives. perhaps maybe using safer chemicals like helium from ballon's could be safer (maybe, i don't know, i am not an expert on this stuff!) Someday, we could find  a better solution. though for now, e cigs are right now, the better solution.

  32. Isak Tilja says:

    Is it dangerous to smoke non nicontine containing liquids? I would love to try smoke rings and stuff but i have astma

    Any tips? Or just don't do it?

  33. Mikey Bustamante says:

    Unless you're getting your juice from a vendor over seas or a cheap unregulated shop, the only things that you're getting out of vaping are vegetable glycerin, food flavoring, and nicotine (depending if you use nicotine or not). I have many friends in the E-cigarette business, and I watch them make the juice from scratch. The only way you're going to get anything else in your lungs is if you don't clean your e-cig.

  34. Ahman Millener says:

    Just an FYI! Most of the E-cigs I have scene with extra chemicals are the more generic ones. The Better brands tend to be cleaner. If you choose to Vape / E-cigs more I recommend you set yourself up with a custom. This will allow you to control the chemicals the way you want.

    FDA is not the best idea at regulating E-cigs on the grounds that they are already Biased by the Analog Cigarette companies themselves. If you were to weigh the Pros and Cons you would quickly understand that you will have a better life without as many toxins as Analog Cigs!

    Just don't buy the cheap crap / generic brands.

    PS- ONE bonus is that you can make the E-cigs taste anyway you want. Cloves is good but it's a acquired taste..

  35. Elgan Bruner says:

    <– has vaped for 5 years, visits M.D monthly, has annual check up. No health issues. I'm not saying this to ruffle anybodies feathers or say, whoo hoo look at me vapin for 5 years and no health problems, they're as safe as breath mints. All I am saying is this, 
        "As a chronic vaper, AND someone who smoked nearly 2 packs a day for 12 years, since I have started vaping not only do I feel a million times better physically, I have not noticed, nor has my doctor found any health issues related or non related to vaping." Essentially I've vaped hardcore as fuck for 5 years and I feel absolutely fine, which would not be the case if I were smoking death straws (cigarettes). That is my story. Good luck anyone who is trying to A.Quit B.Switch to vaping. You CAN! do it! I loved EVERYTHING about smoking cigarettes, now I wish I had been vaping the whole time.

  36. Aiden Laing says:

    I'm 11 and I tried one will I get addicted

  37. Elliot Gardner says:

    Anyone that has been to a concert, theatre performance, or lazer show is a second hand vaper. The major ingredients in fog fluid are the same ones used in e-fluid. This stuff has been dumped on millions of people for a long time, and if it were "just as bad" as normal cigarettes we would have certainly realized it by now.

  38. Joseph says:

    Caffeine is also addictive, toxic at high levels, and has a whole range of effects at lower doses that may not be good for you. The PC brigade just has a pathological opposition to anything that looks like a cigarette or contains nicotine. Meanwhile they're trying to make smoking cannabis, far more dangerous than e-cigarettes, socially acceptable, with little opposition.

  39. Chriscom28 says:

    Quite well balanced. If they do cause health problems then it merely means the product needs to be improved. The basic principle it's self is pretty clever.

  40. Vivian Grant says:

    I tried the e cig for about a week and my chest started hurting. I am not going to continue. I will take mine back and get a refund.

  41. The Heavy Hand says:

    All bullshit, if you make your own e-juice your all good. you know whats in it. Any insitute that says that vaping is the same as smoking are getting kick backs from tobaco campanies and drug companies. I was a pack a day smoker for 20yrs. and quit with a ego one mega vape. It been 4 months. I can breath better and not tired. so explain that.

  42. Tyler S says:

    It's not an ecig it's a vape I hate that we have nothing to do with cigarettes besides nicotine that's it get it right

  43. Reviewed Popcorn says:

    I just started vaping with no nicotine using disposable ones, my chest hurts and i am not even inhaling. wtf??

  44. Kylie Dee says:

    I vaped like at least three times and I'm fine. I'm not even addicted I don't do it often.its been 6 months since I last vaped. Just don't swallow the vape or just get the non nicotine like I do.

  45. Admiral8Q says:

    I'm an addicted smoker. e-cigs are banned where I live. But the flavoured ones are not.
    I think that is backwards. Even some coffee shops put nicotine in their coffee to make it more addictive.
    Please do a comparison of what you get smoking a real cigarette compared to an e-cig. (without the stupid flavour)

  46. Shade DE silva says:

    i am just 12 and i started using e.ciggs when i was 9 is it bad?

  47. Chillen 225 says:

    I was a two pack a day smoker and anyone who tells to stop vaping I'm going to say fuck off

  48. Anonymoose says:

    "Just a few toxic compounds"
    I'd like to know what they are exactly.

  49. Hope Lopez says:

    wow fuck that video let's see even if it was true they listed no more then 30 toxins hmm cigarettes have over 4,000 fuck the fda approval all they approve any way is bad shit now that something good comes along everyone is getting there panties in a bunch

  50. bobbycone2 says:

    Vaping will get you off cigarettes! 100% effective! If u want to quit smoking!

  51. shaquille&shazil Gotawa says:

    Some people say vaping is safe and some say not,,,what actualy going on?
    Is that about income from the cigarete taxes?
    I stop smoking and start vaping i felt my healthy change to be better and better i can run or doing exercise without difficult to breathing,,media can give us information but we are people to judge what better for ourself

  52. bobbycone2 says:

    Tobacco is regulated and the government let's thousands of harmful chemicals get added and/or become inhaled after smoking. What the fuck makes us think the govt will make vaping any sager than it is already? They will do it for the money, nothing more! I'm worried it may become worse if the regulate. However, I would be for regulating the ejuice. I'd like to see only VG, PG Nicotine, and a food grade flavoring that is deemed safe to be allowed. Nothing else. Don't want Diacetyl, don't want other flavor additives, don't want anything that is not food grade and considered safe for inhalation. That and Id like to see more testing and research done on the coils/types of metal and heating points where the metals break down and can become harmful by releasing toxins into the vapor. Basically I guess I'm saying I may trust an independent study more than govt. They got too many special interest!

  53. beastlynikko says:

    I'm a vape God

  54. Nikola Maric says:

    there should be no lead in e cigs because simply there is no lead , for coils mostly kanthal a1 is used which is a mix of aluminum ,chromium and iron , which is safe when heated and inhaled .. there are also titanium and nickle coils , altho nickle may be unsafe if over heated , you shouldnt be even holding nickle with an unregulated mod.
    Still there is no lead

  55. Tabv TV says:

    You dont have to get nicottine in the,

  56. Jaegar Howatt says:

    Nice video, But I kinda have to throw a fit about some things. This is purely to educate you, the creator of this video, and everyone reading.

    1. The public health expert in you? Do you realize there have been hundreds of scientific studies by universities, FDA, etc. And they all deem vaping perfectly fine at normal heat levels (Higher watts means you need more airflow.) The body breaks VG down into simple sugars, PG into lactic acid (the stuff that makes your muscles burn) and flavorings simply get absorbed into the lymph and actually digested!

    2. The people that are hooked on nicotine are gonna smoke and harm themselves if they cant vape. It's that simple. They might be "hooked on nicotine" but in most cases that's not how it is. Me for example. I vape 3 mg nicotine. Very low. I get the same amount of nicotine from only 3 cigarettes on a day where I actively use it, and that's not even everyday. My friends and a lot of vapers I know are the same way.

    3. And yeah some are obsessive. I went through an obsessive phase when it was "cool" but now I am just professional as fuck. By professional, I mean I make my own juice using pure, food grade USP certified vegetable glycerin, pharmaceutical grade nicotine, and organic, food grade flavor concentrates. I vape for such a small fraction of the cost of being a smoker it's insane. A bottle that costs me 5 bucks to make lasts 2 weeks, easy.

    4. Your diagram of an ecig is SO outdated. The vast, VAST majority of e-cig users have upgraded to variable-power tank or dripper systems. I use a dripper system. This allows me to build the coil I want at the perfect resistance for me and vape happy. Big ass clouds, bomb ass flavor.

    5. I want to make very clear that by vaping at lower temps, using food grade trusted American juice(or homemade, just not chinese shit) AND by keeping the coil(s) and wicking clean, the possibility that the vapor "may contain" harmful metals is second to none.

    6. In your video, you write on the board,

    Burning=Lots of toxic compounds
    Vaping= Just a few toxic compounds.

    Bullshit! You haven't provided any evidence for anyone to believe any claim you might have regarding ANY toxic compounds in e-cig vapor. (But remember, there IS unsafe vaping.)

    7. Nicotine is not what kills smokers.
    We know what kills smokers.
    We know that e-cig vapor does not contain these things. Yet here you are saying "Vaping, a better way to get your toxins." Do you understand you get way too many views to be doing this! You're just fueling Big Tobacco scare campaigns.

    8. This is where it all comes together. My mom has smoked cigarettes since she was 16. She has used the patch, the gum, the lozenges. She tried hypnotism. Worked for a while but she would end up getting stressed and buying a pack. The doctors found cancer in her thyroid and on her lips. She had surgery on her throat and then had to put cream on her lips to burn the skin off. Lovely right?

    Well my mom found vaping. I make her juice and she hasn't smoked in over a year. This is what people don't understand! My mom has had YEARS tacked on to her lifespan thanks to this stuff. So all I ask is do your research before you make a video.

  57. Teznor says:

    Another thing about these, is your inhaling vapors into your lungs. damp vapors to get all that nasty stuff stuck on your lungs. I don't smoke or vap, and I don't know why some people do.

  58. jonnyfly69 says:

    this guy sounds like he is a tobacco expert, what I mean is paied for, his next video will be what about the kids.if he looked at the government studys back in the fortys the fda said nicotine a lone would not kill you in the amount that vapers inhail , then he says the others parts will cause harm, not so pg in meds, pg in tooth paste, falvoring can be found in food. are people getting sick no

  59. Nicholas ‘Nik’ Gerse says:

    Vaping is completely fine on occasion. I take a hit maybe total of 5 times a day with very low nicotine.

  60. Anthony Lawler says:

    dude i jst wnt a straight answer… yes or no… do i vape to get healthier than i was on the tobacco? or what… or am i risking myself in other ways… i wna quite… im just too ill willed to atm

  61. Junhui Chow says:

    all addiction is bad, even game .. so is normal cigg ,just that e-cig wont kill you faster

  62. Rob Graham says:

    started vaping three weeks ago, havent touched a cigarette since. and im working on weaning myself off the vape now.

  63. Volnog. Eire says:

    it is safe goverments are saying its not because they want to keep earning money from ciggarets

  64. Rolle Jarvi says:

    is it possible to make 100% safe vapor/cloud? thats the biggest thing vapers want:D

  65. Tiuipop2013 says:

    If some flavors contains dangerous toxic's, wich flavors doesent

  66. It’s TESSA BROOKS says:

    I vape but I use nicotine free homemade vape-juice

  67. peter laps says:

    Just put my fingers down and decided to stop smoking cigarettes after clinging on my Chest yesterday afternoon when taking a drag. I haven't smoked since then and I'm now about to sleep the following day. Although I have started to smoke a vapor. At least I do not sting in lungs when I smoke it. But I'd like to know more on this if anyone has any comments please feel free to share.

  68. Its Aquatii says:

    Answer: yes

  69. THEPOOLEND says:

    vape is better than cigarette

  70. Alicia Meagley says:

    they are a life saver, sure they may not be incredibly safe but if you use them correct and you get the correct e-juice for you.There is nothing wrong with it. i smoke 60mls in a week. they have helped me off my bad habits and i feel healthy as a horse. i would definitely recommend to anyone trying to quit.i smoke a TON and i am healthy and i don't wake up hacking anymore. it is well worth the money. not to mention i vape with one of the strongest mods around and join competitions frequently. its quite amazing. please,if you are smoking consider this.

  71. Hamza STX DSM says:

    E cigars will mess up you heart a little bit or is it a just all safe electric cigar

  72. VBre Hock says:

    I've been vaping for only three months and that means no cigs for three months. Every puff on a real cig was inhaled with a dose of denial. Now I think of real cigs as absolutely vile and keep telling myself that. Now i cringe at the thought of ever having a real cig and only use the lowest 3 mg of nicotine. What ever the critics may have a comeback with I have not had a real cig for 3 months and switching was so easy.

  73. Nic Hofberg says:

    I haven't smoked a single cig in months after buying a vape device. I know a half dozen ex-smokers who vape who tell the same story. One guy quit cigs for vaping 5 years ago and is still going strong ^^ Vaping is a miracle for addicted smokers. Start vaping today and STOP SMOKING.

  74. Spectre says:

    FFS, whoever is doing this is so misinformed, it's actually sad.

  75. Jonathans World 101 says:

    This is how the tabacoo industry trys to make you smoke cigarettes by making you think that its unsafe and your better off smoking cigs then vaping I have been smoking cigs for 10 years I Always had chest pain I told my self that I won't to quit smoking it really works start vaping

  76. Gix Lip says:

    I began E-cigarette "6mg tobacco" 5 days ago, and its going fine until now, after 34 years of smoking 3 to 4 boxes a day. thx for the E-cigarette

  77. niclaus _gt says:

    What if ur using nicotineless juice

  78. XPIRITUAL says:

    bullshit …. the e-juice is made of vg:vegetable glycerin , pg:propelyne glycol and the flavor …many times with or without nicotine …vaping dont caus damage at all …is logical … is very easy to understand with just this … the cigarette burn and make smoke (combustion) … e-cigarettes or vapes make steam and dont burn they only heat up i make steam …. example cigarette : it's like when you burn a campfire vapes: it's like when you put to boil of water for te .. or potatoes …. here I leave you a link so you understand your idiot before you say something search and investigate …. link: link 2:….look at the videos …


  79. Echo Rivera says:

    Great video — and makes a good case for regulation. Love the drawings you did for this video!

  80. Angela Baiers says:

    Metal coil, synthetic liquids, nicotine-they are not safer.

  81. No Outlet says:

    I started vaping to see if I can quit smoking. First 6 days of vaping I had 3-5 cigs a day BUT after 1 day with vape I developed a really bad cough no other cold symptoms just a hard deep cough with some flem or mucus. So I don’t know if the vape caused this? Or is my body breaking up the crap in lungs. Or I have a cold with no snots, no watery eyes. Any tips?

  82. japonaliya says:

    Here is the truth.. I smoke an occasional pipe and cigar. No effect on my health because I only smoke a few cigars a month at most, and my pipe is unlit more than it is lit. Furthermore, I don't inhale so the lung damage is nonexistent statistically. Even other cancers and heart problems only are of a concern to heavy smokers.
    The same with ecigs.. I use mostly organic VG, don't inhale, and use no nicotine or at most 3% so again, I double dare the anti vape hysterics to deny me the right to vape while at the same time legalizing pot!!! What a joke.
    Also, the campaign to regulate ecigs because they might be used by teens and ban flavored juice (in San Francisco) because kids like sweet things is ludicrous. You already have to be 21 to legally by ecigs, so if kids can still get them, why a "ban" at all? How come they don't ban flavored sweet alcohol when kids ARE drinking underage all the time? I don't see a ban on wine coolers, margaritas in the can etc.
    I am a fucking adult in a free country, but I feel more like a colonist in 1775! So when is the 2nd American revolution going to take place?

  83. Kenneth Nicklowicz says:

    Make ur own juice then you know whats in it! I have and saves money too

  84. AceFalconZ says:

    Go study about some PG n VG u smart

  85. Ricky !!!!! says:

    97% safer then combustible cigs

  86. Fr. Jack Kearney says:

    Wow…time to update your video. The jury is now out: vaping is definitely an evidence-based, relatively safe way to quit smoking.

  87. Charlie Dunn says:

    The jury is not out on quitting smoking. Vaping WILL stop you smoking. I smoked 20-30 a day for 15 years. I tried everything, lozenges, gum cold turkey, couldn't do it. I saw the hype of vaping and went ahead and bought one. Haven't touched a cigarette since I started and it's been 2 months. Now instead of worrying about dying young from cancer I look forward to watching my son grow up and meeting my grandchildren. Don't think about it, do it.

  88. CodeNameBravo says:

    Where the hell did you get your misinformation from, I've seen countless high ranking specialist's in the field of cancer, health, heart, lung, all say there is no toxicity in vaping except nicotine, and even nicotine is not as addictive as they make out, the say it's equivalent to caffeine.

  89. CodeNameBravo says:

    The cost of vaping to the government and tax payers is Zero. Yet they want it banned or regulated as the big tabacco industry pay the government money yearly to drop lawsuits against cancer. Cigarette sales dropped dramatically in 2016 and e cigarettes increased on a very high scale. Tabacco pays money to government, tabacco sales drop big time, everyone is changing to vaping, work it out sheeple they control everything and your health is not worth their loss of money from the big tabacco industry and Big Pharma.

  90. Dpoplabs says:

    Risk is definitely there with vape… but just go twords vape or don't choose a nicotine delivery device at all…

  91. mrs D vapes 2 bfmv says:

    vaping while I watch this🤘 pg vg and nicotine is all that's in the juice your not inhaling metal false information

  92. Justice Warrior says:

    Many of the ingredients mentioned are likely in your water supply and the air that you breath, likely worse. One thing we do know is that vaping is far far safer than smoking tobacco many studies state at least 95% less harmful. I smoked for 40 years and quit cold turkey using the vape method and never looked back, I feel healthier now than I did 20 years ago, so there's that.

  93. Justice Warrior says:

    Many states want you to continue to smoke combustible tobacco, because of the tobacco settlements and all the capital appreciation bonds (CAB) based on the future sales of tobacco and of course the revenue. This is likely the main reason why the US decided to attack the vape market.

  94. Marina Garza says:

    I doubt anything inhaled into your lungs at such an extent is healthy and I would not trust anyone in the e-cig industry that claim it's safe.

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