VIDEO: High schoolers get a taste of law enforcement training

July 18, 2019 posted by

do you have what it takes to be a member of law enforcement well this week high school is from across our state we'll have the chance to find out in the fourth annual future law enforcement youth academy Chandra Evans Amara's visited the campus Yale University to take a closer look before the Sun came up 30 high school students left for a two mile run Monday morning and these early wake-up calls will only continue these next few days well every morning to be waking up they'll be doing a lot of PT with myself it's all part of the Future law enforcement youth academy or flame this week-long camp was started by the New Haven field office of the FBI and the Yale University Police Department a few years ago by the time this week is over they will be the best of friends these high schoolers from all across the state will learn both in and out of the classroom at Yale University they get to kind of delve into the law enforcement process on every level be at the federal state municipal level they'll meet with members of law enforcement including local police judges and federal agents they'll also do practical exercises in areas like investigative forensics and counterintelligence campers we spoke to say they couldn't wait to dive in I've looked forward to it for a month for some this camp will help them figure out what they want to do in the future while others have a clearer picture already I want to be a special agent working crimes against children the program has been so successful it's being replicated in other states a team from Albany New York is here to shadow us to see how they're going to start their program they're hoping the fillet of family grows large and large every year the camp wraps up on Saturday Eva's marinol 3 Eyewitness News

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