Virgie worries for Alyana’s safety because of Cardo | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

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Virgie, I know you want
Alyana to stay with us. Fine. I want to talk to Alyana. I won’t stop trying to
convince her to stay with us. Even though you know
she’ll refuse? Alyana is my daughter. I am her mother. Am I not allowed
to tell her I’m worried? Cardo is doing everything
to keep his family safe, to keep his wife safe. Remember when
we first got married? Your mom wanted us
to stay with them since I was
an amateur reporter. I wasn’t earning much and
I couldn’t provide for you. But you took a stand. You stood by me. This is different, Teddy. Our daughter’s life is at stake.
Can’t you see that? What I do know is,
just like us, Cardo and Alyana made a vow
when they got married. They vowed to stay together
in sickness and in health. Hello? How is Cardo doing, dear? He’s doing fine, Pa. He’s back to his
stubborn old self. Why is that? He wants to go back to work,
but I told him– Tell him to give it a rest. Ma, you know my husband. Yes, I know him all too well! He only thinks about his
duties as a police officer, but not his duty
as a husband. Ma, Cardo isn’t like that. Why can’t he understand
that your life is in danger too because of Bungo? He’ll never stop until
he kills Cardo! What if he goes
to your house? Virgie, will you stop it?! Just be careful okay, dear? Thank you, Pa. What was that about, Virgie? Your daughter’s already
having enough trouble with her husband as it is, and you still had to
scold her like that? I wasn’t scolding her. I was just being concerned. Ma, I doubt Bungo will even
think about seeking revenge, especially after Task Force
Agila killed all of his men. I hope you’re right. But how can we be
so sure about that? What do we know, right? Virgie, instead of
scaring your daughter, why don’t you try
cheering her up instead? Because she should be scared! As long as she’s
with that Cardo! What do you want to do?
Break them up? Lola, here’s the adobo
you asked for. Thank you, Yolly. I’m sure Alyana and
Cardo will love this. I’ll just be in
the kitchen, Lola. Lola? Oh, Alyana’s here. – Lola? Hi, Tita.
– Alyana! You wanted to see me? Yes, come here. We cooked something for you. Thank you, Lola. It smells so good, Lola,
and you cooked a lot. I’m sure Cardo
will love this. I really made a lot
so you won’t have to worry about
cooking anymore. I know you’re taking
good care of Cardo. Thank you, Lola. I’ll be going back home now. Dear. How are you, Alyana? What? You might not be
saying anything, but I know you’re
having a hard time with your situation
right now. I’ve already made mistakes
in the past, Lola. What do you mean? I gave up on Cardo and
our relationship once because I was thinking
of myself and my safety. And that’s one of the
greatest mistakes of my life. Turning my back on the man
I love the most. I learned my lesson, Lola. I promised to myself that
no matter what happens, I’ll never give up
on Cardo again. Thank you, Alyana.


26 Replies to “Virgie worries for Alyana’s safety because of Cardo | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)”

  1. chicks PH says:

    gusto nyoba mamatay na si cardo like if agree

  2. Dory Dionio says:

    Yung nanay n alyana zyempweee….pWeeee…ang bitter kasi…KING'INA

  3. Jessica Yuper says:

    Pg alala ng isang ina xa kaligtasan ng kanyang anak😘😘😊

  4. Regina Udtujan says:

    Aling vergie ndi na iiwan ni alyana c cardo khit kailan,dhil Mahal nila ang isat isa at ayaw na nya maulit ung mga nangyari dati ndi na cia aalis sa tabi ni cardo 😍 forever cocoyass ❀❀❀

  5. Gellie Coco says:

    Why sooo pretty Alyana?!πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ

  6. Benies Baron says:

    Huhuhu pinipilit kung ndi mapaluha hahahahaha tumulo talaga kainis ka bb alyana huhuhu naawa ako sau nag seselos tuloy ka ky ms alex Romero…

  7. Alvin Recto says:

    Isang bala lang yan si alyana sa kamay patay na yan samantala si cardo may pa aegis pa
    Pa subs naman dyan

  8. jhen mix channel says:

    Small you tubers here sub

  9. Fiorello borge says:

    Ano bang klase Ina c aling Virgie pakialamero may-asawa na Ang anak mo ayaan mo sya Ito Ang ginusto nya para yatang gusto mo sila magkahiwalay kunin mo na tapos ibigay mo Kay bungo

  10. betchay yyy says:

    Minsan ang sarap pektusan ni Barang πŸ™„

  11. Julymah marie Parpan says:

    Minsan aling vergie my point k pero minsan wla n dn s lugar tama nman c tatay teddy my mga snunpaan Kau bilang mgasawa n hirap at ginhawa mgsa2ma kau… Tama k mahal ngkmali kn dati ng smuko s mga nngya2ri s inyo ni cardo pero mypgka2nli dn nman c cardo kya pgmahal mo ipgla2ban at di mo iiwan kht anu PNG pgsubok ang dmating

  12. Eleanor Bautista says:

    Cardo your next menace and will terrorize you more than ”bongo” is your biyenan.Be scared, heh, heh!

  13. Imelda Balmes says:

    Talagang nag alala ang isang ina sa anak piro nanay vergie may asawa na ang anak mo na si alyana kaya hayaan mo na lang siya sa kanyang asawa niya nangako namang si cardo sa inyong na hindi niya pababayaan si alyana dahil mahal na mahal niya ang anak niyo

  14. Mariam Pil-ey says:

    aling vergie maintindihan mo sana ung anak mong c alyana ..cocoyass…4 ever….

  15. Natasha Love says:

    Ganun nga alyana..for better or for worse till death do us part..stay strong always..

  16. sboudreaux27 says:

    STFU Mommy Arevalo. You NEVER liked Cardo from the get-go!

  17. NAVI LAS says:

    Di iiwan ni alyana c cardo kc mahal nya c cardo, gnun din c cardo mahal na mahal nya asawa nya,,,,

  18. Sherridan Gayo says:

    Next time, sana si Cardo naman ang mangamusta sa asawa nya, kahit na palagi sila nag-uusap ni Alyana, iba pa din kapag "kamusta ka na?" ang tinanong mo.

  19. Jane yassi bagay n bagay sila ni coco, Miss says:

    So pretty talaga ni yass

  20. Jane yassi bagay n bagay sila ni coco, Miss says:

    Kaya ipaglban mo ang asawa mo yass

  21. Jesus Christ says:

    Mamamatay si alyana gagahasain sya ni bungo tapos bandang huli mag iinit si cardo

  22. Ding Virgara says:

    Sana lng mkta nmn ni cardo nkksakit xa sa asawa nya..wala n nga oras .gnun p ggwn pkta p tlga sya nya nung kausap nya mjr alex n un…ung episode kgbi pnk nkk inis. N cardo…✌✌✌

  23. Jonalyn Simon says:

    Ganda talaga ni Alyana

  24. cheryl Sarilliosa says:

    Parents concern

  25. cheryl Sarilliosa says:

    Alyana bueatiful girl

  26. Eric Matre says:

    Nanay ni alyana walang pagbabago

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