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January 11, 2020 posted by

This video shows how to find the warranty information for your HP product from the HP support website. First, open a web browser, then go to support.hp.com/checkwarranty. Choose to let HP automatically identify your
products and serial numbers or manually enter this information to determine
your warranty status. Click Identify now to allow HP to automatically
identify your products. If your computer needs additional software
to identify your products, click Install, then follow the prompts to download and install
the HP detection software. The product identification page will detect
all HP printers and computers running Windows 7, 8, and 10 that are associated with
your computer. Select your product from the search results. The warranty status details for your product displays. Next to Warranty status, the page shows if
your product is still in warranty and how much time remains before your
warranty expires. You can find additional helpful videos at
hp.com/SupportVideos and on our YouTube channel, youtube.com/HPSupport.


18 Replies to “Warranty Information For Your HP Device | HP Support Website | HP”

  1. LENOVOVO says:

    Thank HP for the video!  You know what, I've found another way to check your warranty status, which is,  the HP Support Assistant.  I hope you guys had a very happy new year. 🙂  Anyways, have a great day! 🙂

  2. Atma Butu says:

    Why my new product has warranty started 8 months before?

  3. srihari vaila says:

    is their any way to increase warranty permium of my hp laptop i bought it this year. 2018


    How to buy 2 or 3 years extended warranty for laptops?

  5. Scet Eee says:

    i buy laptop in amazon store how to get warranty id

  6. R Kumar says:

    Hp 250 gs laptop purchase date finding

  7. Ankit Gautam says:

    have buy a pen drive, how to check these warranty?

  8. Hardik Pandya says:

    Are these warranties transferable to another country? I live in India and If I Import laptop from the USA? Does HP Support International Warranty and Support?

  9. Aakif Shah says:

    URGENT I brought hp cc129tx laptop on 19-jan-2019 . Today i checked its warranty status online it shows only 9 months remaining, device activated on 28-august-2018 . What should i do? Hp provides 1year warranty on this laptop. Does this mean i have been cheated by hp dealer?

  10. Ricky Chongthu says:

    I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, after 6 months the keyboard stops working, it still has 6months manufacturer warranty, where will i claim…?

  11. Mohann Scarlett says:

    Hi, so every hp laptop has a 1 year free warranty period?

  12. rishab bairagi says:

    This warranty is from the date of purchase?

  13. Jony Chauhan says:

    can i upgrade my laptop's ram myself without voiding warranty

  14. Dushyant yadav says:

    I purchaged HP laptop 2 month before it shows warrenty dates wrong and it has expired , how to resolve it ?? please provide mail id so i can share my invoice details @HP SUPPORT TEAM


    poor service

  16. Deepika Rekapalli says:

    I bought a laptop in flipkart… How can I Get my warranty id?..

  17. Vishal Gupta says:

    Sir warranty extended online registration video please

  18. Shxvxmusic says:

    I live in India and if I buy a hp laptop from US and if there is any problem with my laptop so will it be repaired in India?

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