Warrior WeakAuras BFA Patch 8.1.5 + Guide – Arms, Fury and Protection

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hi everyone this is Luxthos and today
I’m bringing you yet another WeakAuras video guide will be covering arms fury
and protection warrior for patch 8.0.1 these weakauras will be updated
for the entire duration of battle for Azeroth before we get started I want to
thank every single one of you for your incredible support over on twitch and
youtube you guys are amazing keep it up I’ll keep producing content so let’s get
to it in the description below you will find six different links to all the
strings you need to import into weakauras you need to install the add-on
WeakAuras to the latest version that you have available to you right now so
simply get those link open them up copy WeakAura import string get back into
world of warcraft into the addon click import paste the string that you just
got click import is there you go we have one out of six we’ll do this entire
process for all of the six group so let’s get that done it might lag a
little bit because some of these are very big the warrior WeakAuras have been
very complex and they are complete so it might like a little don’t don’t panic
just let it go through and everything should be fine there we go we are done
we can now close WeakAura add-on if you are new to this this is what it looks
like out of combat so I’m only showing you your resources bar and your
utilities as soon as we enter combat we’re gonna show rotation interrupts DPS
cooldown and specific the way this works is usually if a spell is glowing
you should probably prioritize it right now two DPS spell are glowing this
is because I’m simply I simply want to show you what is important so you have
avatar and bladestorm as arms and right now your two priorities should
probably be to apply rend because I’m spec into it and to apply Colossus
smash so we’re gonna go ahead and apply rend before applying Colossus smash
Colossus smash and then if there we go we’re gonna be able to go into a normal
arms rotation everything is gonna light up at the perfect timing so it’s gonna
tell you what you need to prioritize there you go one cool thing about Arms
Warrior is you’re not gonna I’m not gonna make you spend resources on slam
if you’re not gonna be able to cast your next move your next Mortal Strike also
slam is gonna be replaced with will win if I detect that your are closed to
three targets or more in an eight-yard radius so if you stay in combat and you
can cast will win as soon as you move away from those three targets slam comes
back into the rotation isn’t that nice so this is something unit I’ve been
trying out and I’ll be updating old weakauras
to implement this change right now I’m SPECT into skull splitters so it’s
showing up in my rotation skull splitters need to be cast only when you
are under 70 rage so conditions and trigger are placed accordingly sudden
death is gonna be tracked every time that it procs so we’ll try it we’ll try
to get one live right now just to show you what it looks like while we wait for
that I’m simply gonna show you the rest of my specs so storm bolt is currently
being tracked as an interrupt and impending victory is simply replacing
victory rush so if you’re using victory rush it’s simply going to show you when
it’s available impending victory is gonna track its its cooldown double time
is simply going to increase the number of charge Oh
of charge yeah pretty much rent is simply gonna be a DUT that you
apply for your your rotation fever for battle if you’re expecting to fever for
battle I’m gonna I’m not getting any Sun and death so because it never rocks when
you want to we’re gonna go into fever for battle it’s simply gonna replace
slab with will win in your rotation there you go I got one so as soon as you
can hit that do it oh I pressed that okay I’m gonna close
yet on Massacre it’s gonna change trigger so it’s it’s gonna affect some
spell because the priority is gonna shift a bit but it’s not gonna show
specifically anything on your bar defensive stance is gonna be tracked as
a utility down here so it’s gonna track whenever you are in battle stance and
whenever you go back into and defensive and forth bounding strike is not gonna
be tracked second win is not really tracked it’s it’s useful but it’s not
relevant to know whatever whenever it’s on or not cleave is being tracked as a
specific spell so it’s right there you can simply use it when there’s three or
more target in your rotation war bringer is simply gonna over is simply gonna
replace sorry Colossus smash collateral damage is not
gonna change anything in for the kill is exactly the duration of Colossus smash
so there’s no need to track it if you respect into it you get bonus ace that’s
good for you avatar is being tracked as a cool-down
deadly calm also Ravagers just replacing bladestorm dreadknot is actually
changing the entire rotation so there’s a lot of conditions and trigger that are
based around if over power is out of cooldown or if it’s charges are down to
zero which is gonna make a difference anger management is not gonna be tracked
so that’s pretty much all there is to arms it’s a big roundup but there’s a
lot of new things at the AoE detection which is going to help a lot
and yeah so we’ll move on to fury which is pretty close to arms in terms of
mechanics and what it does so we’ll check my spec real quick fresh meat not
being tracked these are not being tracked war machine you can track the
buff storm bolt is being tracked right there impending victory saying same
thing as arms furious slash is getting tracked and if you’re not here is slash
it’s gonna show you will win so because you’re either gonna use fewer slash as a
filler if you are SPECT into it but otherwise it’s gonna be will win will
win in is gonna of course show over for your slash if you are close to three
target or more so I can press fear slash because I need to get the three stacks
because that’s the rotation and then I get thrill win because I’m close to
three target I can move away and get back to my furious slash so my rotation
will be blood thirst I’m close to rent page I’m not gonna use any cooldown this
is not a rotation guide this is just to show you how is the rotation working so
everything is pretty smooth it’s trying to detect if you are in rage or not for
certain mechanic I need to refresh this carnage and what filler do I need to use
at what time so this is if both of those ability are out of charge and out of
cooldown and you’re not able to use anything else you’re pretty much just
spamming furious slash or will win if you’re not SPECT into it this spec is
not gonna track anything this is not gonna track anything since frothing and
carnage are reducing or increasing the cost of rampage it’s not really gonna
change anything to your current rotation not right now at least so we’ll keep
that updated massacre is gonna change some trigger pretty basic white storm
and dragon war are being tracked me flavor is gonna be tracked also siege
breaker is being tracked as a specific so you’ll be able to line it up because
you need to use your you can if you need to use dragon roar into it and you need
to use your utter cooldowns into it also reckless abandon is not really being
tracked because it only just gives you rage pretty much so
that’s pretty straightforward anger management is not being tracked either
so that’s it’s for fury it’s very straightforward but the way I’m building
rotations right now is going a lot smoother into helping you out figure
what you need to press at what time so it’s a lot easier a lot more smooth let
me know if you guys like it I’ll definitely try to apply it to more class
and I’ll even go back and change some old weakauras that I did to make sure
that they are the same quality let’s move down to protection protection is
fairly simple and easy there is no dps rotation because it’s it’s always a
priority system based on what you need if you need a rage if you need to do if
you need Rage for mitigation or for damage so same thing there is gonna be a
second bar that is available as resources which is gonna track shield
lock and ignore pain we’re gonna go into combat the only ability that is gonna
glow is going to be shield slam because that’s pretty much something you always
need to it on cooldown then it’s pretty much up to you so if there’s a OE or if
you’re you need more rage you can thunderclap
go back into shield slam and then it’s it’s really up to you so depending on if
you need mitigation you can use shield block and ignore pain and if you need
DPS you can use revenge of course depending on your talent things may
change so impending victory same thing punishing into the fray are not really
being tracked into the frick could be nice let me know guys if you want it but
it’s just a cool buff I don’t think that it’s gonna really change your rotation
so it’s not really to consider right now bounding strike safeguard crackling turn
there are not being tracked dragon war is being tracked as an external specific
the other two are not being tracked bolster is not being tracked it’s simply
added to the the base of last stand never surrender is not being tracked and
indomitable also it’s not storm bolt interrupts same thing these two are not
trackable Devastator is not doing anything specific I’m not even tracking
the best data at all because pretty much you just a either
press it whenever you can between your major Global’s or you don’t if you have
Devastator so vengeance is being tracked so it’s gonna adjust the rage cost for
your abilities and yeah booming voice is there’s nothing to
track and disrobe either I’m just gonna track revenge as a DPS cooldown for
tanks your cooldowns are never gonna glow because they are situational even
Ravager because ravager gives you parry so it’s a defensive also as well as the
DP has cooled down avatar is a DPS cooldown but you know for tank
everything is situational so we’re gonna go ahead and show you how chill block
and ignore pain are being tracked so if I press ignore feign I guess this I get
this yellow orange ish bar with the number of absorbed than I’m getting so
if I keep pressing it it refreshed the duration and also increase the number if
I press shell block a new bar is coming over it but the number stays up so you
still know how many duration you have on ignore pain ignore pain duration is also
being tracked on the icon as well as the rage cost so you can pretty much manage
your ignore pain and chill block using the same single bar with the duration on
shield block and the amount on ignore pain which you also get the duration
here so I thought why not put them together we’re gonna track demo shout
shield spell reflect sorry and all of the other cool stuff that you need to
use as a tank in order to survive and tracked your mitigation so there you go
you can use anything everything is gonna be track your two charges of intercept
there you go everything is being tracked nice and
clean so this is gonna be it for this video if you enjoyed it if you want more
of these make sure you like this video make sure you leave a comment on which
class you want to see next I want to know what class you guys plan to Maine
in BFA so let me know in the comment you like this video subscribe to my
youtube channel you can go also over on Twitch follow me on Twitch that’s gonna
be amazing so keep it up guys keep watching keep tuning in and I’ll keep
making content this is it for me guys good luck


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