Watching out for cybersecurity amid 5G build-up

September 13, 2019 posted by

As countries around the world build up their 5G mobile capability, there are concerns about cybersecurity, in particular about Huawei of China building up that 5G capability. Let’s talk to Luděk Niedermayer of the EPP Group here at the European Parliament. How much is Huawei kind of a worry regarding cybersecurity? I would not relate the problem only to one firm. The problem is with the expansion of technologies, especially with 5G, there will be many more devices connected to the Internet. Much more key infrastructure will be depending on the high security of networks. And even the current situation without the 5G networks is showing some signs of concerns. There are recent scandals that some firms could be involved in espionage. In some cases we can see unintended mistakes in the system, like backdoors that allow other people to take control. And it seems that we are behind the curve. To some extent obviously it does, but we can see now different reaction by different countries to the elevation of some security problems, and this is far from being optimal. We must team up, we must use all our available expertise to address this threat. We must strengthen the exchange of information between the members, and we must also make sure that the market will not be distorted, because some unilateral actions banning some market participants and so on will not improve the functionality of the market. So we need some common joint appropriate action. People should be more worried about the data. But also we must also be concerned as consumers about the competition. If the market is dominated by one or two players, even the players that are directly or indirectly subsidised by the governments, it will hardly bring anything good for the consumers. And at the end of the dance, strategically speaking, it’s not good if key infrastructure of Europe is depending fully on external vendors.

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