Water Cooperation for a Water Secure World

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the world is full of water this is the blue planet as seen from space but nearly all of this is saltwater less than 3% is fresh and only half of that is accessible and it's unevenly distributed across the globe water is a finite resource what we have now is all well ever have but for perhaps the first time in history global demand may outstrip supply the world's population is around 7 billion people and by 2050 it may well grow to 9 billion and by that time 70% of the people will be urbanized cities may take less than 1% of the land but they can take up to 20% of the water climate change is bringing more frequent floods and droughts disrupting food production there are say line risks as sea levels rise the growth in bioenergy crops puts more pressure on water and as the world gets wealthier our diets demand more water intensive foods by 2030 the gap between fresh water supply and demand could reach 40 percent this water gap creates a potential for conflict among water users whether for food energy environment or hell history shows the disputes have been resolved when people share the benefits of water this requires trust and cooperation from everyone involved working together and investing in the sustainable development of our water resources established in 1996 the Global Water partnership is a network of over 2,700 partners worldwide as a broad-based organization we can bring together the different interests concerned governments civil society and the private sector from local through to global level we can share our experience and technical expertise sharing the benefits of water requires an integrated approach where every sector works together promoting economic efficiency ecosystem sustainability and social equity in Central Asia we are the main Network that can bring together the countries that share the region's water resources in Africa we are working on climate resilient development in eight countries and for trans boundary river basins in the Mediterranean we are promoting dialogue among the people who share the dryn River Basin in Central Europe we are supporting improvements in the management and development of the Danube River Basin shared by 19 countries in Latin America we are encouraging the creation of water government's frameworks at many different levels and in China we are working with water uses associations to influence policies on rural development and water saving these are just a few examples of how we are working through our partnerships in 13 regions and over 160 countries around the world 2013 is the International Year of water cooperation reminding us that water is a precious and vulnerable resource to be efficiently managed and equitably shared let's put water at the top of our agenda we invite you to join our partnership and help make the world water secure

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